10 Things Men Should Do

Basically, I am this type of girl who loves to appreciate the little and simple things. Showing you care to your girl may not always require money or expensive materials. It is through your efforts that make a woman feel loved and special. These are my sweetest day ideas and hope this could be of help.


1. Always communicate with her. Women feel important when they are remembered, and they feel special when you constantly check on her.

2. Always compliment her. A woman loves to be complimented, from the way she dresses. She looks and even to the microscopic details of her body and figure. Furthermore, she loves to be praised with her achievements and accomplishments.

3. Give her the little things. Girls love to keep every little simple thing you give to her. They find it sweet.

4. Listen to hear complaints and worries. Girls love to be heard, and they find it sweet when a man is willing to lend his ears for her.

5. Surprise her. Women love unexpected things from guys.

6. Always keep track on the dates and moments you’ve shared together. Girls tend to treasure and remember things and events, as if they have a diary on their head.

7. Be a gentleman.

8. Kiss her on the forehead.

9. Learn to love her faults.

10. Be honest.

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