2 Accidents just for today

I am very busy today so I missed to post any reply or new thread at Adgitize’s Forums and I also missed clicking ads but aside from that I have seen two road accidents in just one day. The first one happened in front of my Aunt’s house, I went there before I went to the City because I need to pick something from her just when I was about to park my pick-up, a motorcycle crashed. There were two of them but I know the other one is not at fault as what the man who had an accident claimed because I saw what really happened. He flew out of the road on his own, maybe he tightened his grip on the hand brake which is not the best thing to do (I know how to drive a motorcycle that is why I know).
Then on the way to Valencia City, another motorcycle accident occurred at Musuan Bukidnon. It was really bad, I mean I thought it was bad luck or something, I might get an accident on the way too because it happened twice already, in front of me.
Luckily I got home unscathed so, it is not bad luck at all maybe the drivers were not driving carefully.

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  1. Superstitious belief…!!

    You believe at it? I thought those were the days of great grandparents. lol Kidding aside, you are right that it’s not connected with you but to those drivers alone. We all know that motorcycle is lways prone and have higher risks of accidents.

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