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Knowing that someone is ignoring you hurts. Finding and giving some time for someone is not an obligation, it is a form of love.

Time is gold. Why? Time that is gone already will be lost forever. SO if you have the time now, tell your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them, tell your family that you care for them, tell your friends that you are thankful for meeting them, tell your enemies that you forgive them, and tell God that you are sorry for all the sins you have committed.
We cannot turn back the time; you can’t live your life thinking what could have happen if you have said this and if you had do that. You can’t live your life full of regrets, for “if onlys” and “what ifs”.
Now is the time. Don’t wait. Just do it.

a message in a bottle

I’m Here. Not because I am supposed to be here or because I am trapped here. But because I would rather be with YOU than anywhere else in the world

A nice message indeed. We are where we are because we wanted to be in that place, not because we are forced to be there. Because if you are not happy with your life anymore, it is easy to move on, to leave the place where we were and be somewhere else.

Being in a relationship is not a roller coaster ride in which everyone is shouting, happy and laughing your hearts out. Being in a relationship means you need to hold each others hands and be strong for all the trials that you will encounter. It is like surfing, just go with the beaches waves and don’t go against it to lessen your load or burden.

Pinoy Pa Rin Ako

Kahit na ano man ang sabihin ng ibang lahi,
Kahit na ano pa man ang mangyari,
Ipagmamalaki ko pa rin na isa akong Pinoy.

Hindi ko kailan man tatalikuran ang aking lahi,
Hindi ko kailan man kakalimutan kung saan ako nagmula,
Hindi ko kailan man mamaliitin ang aking sarili na ako ay isang Pilipino.

Pilipino ako, at ipinagmamalaki ko yun.
Pilipino ako, at hindi ko ipagkakaila yun.
Pilipino ako, at yan ang mga salitang isisigaw ko sa buong mundo.

Alam ko na Pinoy ka din dahil naintindihan mo ito, sana huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa,
pagtulungan nating itayo ang ating bandila.

SuperMODEL wanna BE!

I just visited Niko’s site and gosh, I can share her sentiments. And so, I thought of making a post about my dreams of becoming a supermodel too.

I love to pose, I love to take my picture, I love to see myself in pictures, albums, anywhere. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you will definitely come to a conclusion that I am indeed is a camera-whore. And this one picture above is one of my favorites, simply because I looked like a ramp model, walking that catwalk (minus the smiles though).

If only I have the guts to take that road, that road that leads to being a model, then maybe I am one of the top models Philippines have right now (hahaha and you believed me). This is just a dream.

Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging?

I’ve been blogging for more than six months now; I have started in WordPress and created a Blogspot, and now this one, a dotcom. The main reason why I started blogging was when I joined an online contest and in order to qualify or gain more points, the contestant should have a blog. It was the only main reason back then, I kept on visiting Boy-Kuripot’s blog site for more contests to join and well, I won in some and lose in some.

However there is something that keeps bugging me, my blogging friends that I met in my WordPress blog doesn’t visit my Blogspot blog, and my blogging friends in my Blogspot blog doesn’t even know I have a WordPress blog. My WordPress blog is called Jongskie’s blog; it is a Tagalog blog about my rants and whines that only Filipinos could understand. But in there I also posted why I love being a Filipino and what are the reasons why I love my country, the Philippines. My Blogspot blog is called LuckyZoan, it is a blog about contests that I have joined, about my winnings, about Memes that I am a member of, about life in general.

But in this dotcom that I own now, I want something more than contests, more than ramblings, I want to write something not only on how life affects me, but how the world changes before my and your eyes. And for starters I am thinking of challenging every Filipino bloggers out there to write something good and great about our country, about our culture, about our history. Let us all be patriots.

Top 3 Things to do when Kids get bored

Top Three Things To DO when KIDS get BORED by JB

First thing to do is to get inside a box, whatever box you can see in your house and try to hide. This one right here is the box for Eight O’clock juices.

Second thing to do is to use the best before seals and product stickers on your stockroom.

Last but not the least, try on your Tito’s helmet that is lying around the house. Will it fits your little head? You think so? Try it then.

ZoWander Walk

This picture was taken at Chonbunri District, Thailand last March. If there is a moon walk created by Michael Jackson, this one right here is what I call the ZoWander walk.

ZoWanderer is BORN

I am not much of a writer and I am not much of a blogger but I wanted to share my life’s journey online and offline to everybody across the web.

This own domain will not be possible without Mommy Rubz help and without my winnings from Janette Toral’s writing project.

ZoWanderer came to life because I wanted to have a travel blog, but then I again I realized that I don’t travel much anymore because it’s “ber” months already and the business is going well and I don’t have anyone to manage it so I will not exchange my luxurious vacation over managing my little business which provides for my family’s needs. ZoWanderer will be my online diary for all that happens in my life and for things that are happening around the globe which I think needs to be blogged about.