Harry Potter

I am not a Harry Potter FAN. I think the only Harry Potter movie that I have watched was the first one, when I was in high school because we had a film showing.

I haven’t read any of JK Rowling books and I am not much interested on it until now. Yes, I have bought a boxed set of Harry Potter books because I wanted to read it.

After two days of owning it, I already finished reading the 1st book and currently reading the 2nd one. I will definitely upload pictures and maybe make a book review about the books I have read.

A Decent Post

I have been thinking about this blog of mine. Because it seems that I have not posted a blog entry which is more than 250 words. And people might think that I am just posting nonsense things here because I always make a blog entry which is all about me, my collection, my son, my relatives, my all, my etc. Well, as of now, I cannot think of a decent post for a certain topic that can tickle my readers mind. It is not a writer’s block because I am not a writer, sometimes a dozen of ideas came running into my mind but suddenly I have forgotten to write all about it. So here I am, writing nonsense again. I don’t know what my readers would like to read that is not all about me.

Little Las Vegas

When I went to HK last May, I had the chance to visit Macau too. We just ride a ferry boat to get there and though we only have half of a day to spend some time in the place, we enjoyed it. Macau was called Little Las Vegas for nothing. In here you can find many Casinos.

The only thing I have bought from Macau is this one:

A very nice additional to my collection.

New Blog

I have a new Blog. Yes, I have another blog. Well, I won a free hosting for One Year and Domain Name from Georyl through her October Daily Giveaways, that is why I have new one and I chose to make a Fashion and Travel blog out of it.

I have not put GFC, Entrecard and Adgitize widget yet on the blog but I hope you could visit it though I have only posted a little entries in it yet.

My new blog is called : StylishVoyager.

Yoma’s 2nd birthday

Yoma is my cousin’s youngest daughter and she celebrated her 2nd birthday last November 11, 2010 but I forgot to post some pictures and make an entry about it.
You might wanna ask where does the name Yoma came from because it is unique and you only encounter it, today. Well, my cousin’s father is named Yolando and her mother’s name is Maria Paz, that is where Yoma’s name came from.

I was asking Yoma if I could take some pictures of her and look what I got, a very cute pose of Yoma.

JB on a Pocket Bike

JB looks like a rider here. Yeah, he really loves this pocket bike but it is not ours. If only I can afford to buy one, I would, because he loves to ride it. But the price of that pocket bike is out of my budget for a toy.

So, I just bring him with me every time we visit my Uncle’s house in order for him to try and ride it.

Maybe if I won the lotto 6/55, I will buy pocket bike for my son one in each available color (hahaha).

Seagate 500GB Portable Drive

I am not a gadget fan, I have flash drives to keep my pictures but last year my PC got a virus so I lost every single thing that I have kept for so long. To make things worsts, my flash drives crashed, so the back up of my pictures and files were also lost. I have learned my lessons.

After so much thinking and deliberation, I finally decided to buy myself a portable external drive. I was convinced and I know I need it to keep my laptop working faster and to free some space in it.

So I officially welcome my external drive to my life. Do you have an external drive?

Shopping Paradise

Last May, I went to Hongkong for a Group Tour. According to our tourist guide, Hongkong is a Shopping Paradise in Asia. Well, I cannot say if it is true because I didn’t went there to SHOP but to visit the different tourist spots they have and relax.

It was exciting, fun and tiring. Tiring because we always run out of time everywhere we go and it rained when we went to Disney Land. So there were no fireworks, fun rides, and no parade. But still I did enjoy my visit in Hongkong and I love to visit it again with my family.

So before I forget, I bought a memento from Hongkong.

Reader’s Digest Magazine

My mom is a huge RD magazine fan. She used to subscribe to Reader’s Digest when I was young so we have so many old Reader’s Digest magz in our house. But she stopped subscribing to them and I don’t know why, maybe because we don’t have the budget anymore or she just get tired of sending postal money order to them.

I surf the internet last month searching for Reader’s Digest web site and I am glad that I can subscribe to the magazine using my Credit Card to pay for it. The first issue arrive yesterday and I am glad because it was very prompt. My mother is reading it now and I know she is very happy with what I did.