Merry Christmas :)

Oh My God, I forgot to greet my readers/viewers, avid fans and supporters a warm Merry Christmas. So I am doing it now, Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you had a blast last Christmas Day after going to the church and while eating your Noche Buena. I will never forget to greet you this coming New Year.

Christmas Gifts

This is a follow-up post for my previous entry. The Christmas gifts I have gave to my son, brother and to my mom.

My brother wanted an air gun, the one with pellet bullets but my mom won’t let him have it, so I just bought him a gun but with a bullet that could not hurt a thing. A Nerf Gun, the bullets are made of Styrofoam, it could take down a toy soldier but won’t hurt a soul. Rashid loves it! It costs me around $17 for the gun and $5 for the extra bullets.

My mom loves Havaianas. I gave her a pair last October I think, and she bought another pair last November but her grandson(son of my cousin’s) have cut the straps. Yeah, Lucas was playing with scissors under the table and he tried his luck on my mom’s jeans but can’t cut it so he goes for the slippers (ahaha).

And for my son, JB, a remote controlled Monster Machine. I already gave him a remote-controlled car during their Christmas party at the school but it was a small one. When I saw this one in Toy Kingdom, I can’t get my eyes off it, I fall in love with it. Okay, I am sorry, I was buying the toy for myself (LOL). But my son LOVES it too. I got it for $48, I think.

Yes, I was totally and officially ROBBED for Christmas.

Christmas Shopping

I am done with my Christmas Shopping 🙂

I have bought a monster machine remote controlled truck for JB, a pair of Havaianas limited edition slippers for my mom, a nerf toy gun for my little brother Rashid, and I have bought 6 new books for myself (all Nicholas Sparks).

When I get out of the Mall, I felt like I was robbed.

Looking for a Girlfriend/Wife

No, Not me! I am a woman 🙂 My cousin is looking for one and he sends me this message :

What I look for and need in the future mother of my kids.

My “Top 3” favorite ethnicity is Filipina, Spanish/Latina and Japanese.

So she should look Pinay w/ Spanish (look) Descent OR Pinay w/ Japanese Descent

I am a Christian so I want her to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

On the inside: Top 5 Qualities I look for…..Caring, Loving, Supportive, Understanding, Responsible,
Other qualities i like are Spontaneous, Optimistic, Cheerful, Modest and Helpful.

My Turn offs are women who are slutty, smoker, lazy, don’t know how to do anything, liar, spoiled and
talks too much and doesn’t listen, she thinks its all about her basically selfish.

On the outside:
-I need someone w/ beautiful eyes bcoz I love to
stare in the eyes of my lady.(Sorry no Chinitas LOL)

-I need someone w/ good str8 teeth good dental hygiene and a beautiful smile. (No crooked Bad yellow teeth!)

-I need someone w/ “matangus na nose” (I don’t want my kids pango! LMAO)

-I want a woman w/ small ears (this criteria is not so important, but its only coz my ears
are already pretty big…its not abnormal or anything LOL)

-Height: 5feet and 3inches or taller…i’m 5’10 so i don’t want
taller than 5’10…If she’s 5’10 that would be perfect, but as long as she’s not below 5’3

-Skin Complextion: Not too white and not too dark. Fair complextion is just right.

-Hair: I’m into women w/ long str8 hair. I think that’s a blessing from GOD! ;D
Black or Dark brown hair that’s either str8 or a little waivy is a turn on for me.
(Blonde is not my type and curly is a turn off.)

Physique: Healthy, not too skinny and not fat.

Age: 20-26 years old…too young not good and older than me no good either.

+ I’ve met all the signs and I’m attracted to zodiac signs LEO, GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS
+ Never been married or have any kids yet.

Thank You and May GOD bless you w/ love, happiness and success. ;D

-Anghel Tony Lumbres


Oh yeah, what do you think? Well, I thought he was crazy or he was just joking when he sent me this message but then again, I think he just wants to met someone to fall inlove with 🙂 so all the SINGLE LADIES, put your hands up and add this guy in Facebook 😀

Day 4:Power Surge

I have not posted anything for the 6 days because I have been very busy and yes I missed reading the book so I want to make it up now.

The topic for Day 4 is Power Surge. There is only One Great Power that keeps us all alive is God. God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We are here because of Him.

I admit that yes, I have been out of the loop for quite some time now. I haven’t visited the church or have gone to church for the past few months. But I have not forgotten why I am here; I still believe and have faith in Him. I recognize Him as my creator and that I am thankful for all the blessings that come to my life.

But I have learned more in reading the topic for this day, I have learned that there are two ways I can maintain my connection with my God: communication and confession. I don’t need to go to the Church daily in order to communicate with God; all I have to do is to talk to Him every day when I wake up and before I sleep. I can make a confession through talking to Him, telling Him my faults and shortcomings and that I admit I am mistaken and that I am willing to change for my own good and for the benefits of the people who are around me.

I Love Printed T-shirts

I love printed T-shirts, for the people who have been reading my other blog (the one about online contests and making money online) already knows this because I have been posting different printed T-shirts that I have bought from different stores.

Aside from the design, I also check the garment’s quality and the quality also of the silk screen printing. I have found this amazing site about T-shirt Printing and aside from the available products they already have, a customer could also request for a personalized T-shirt. Another great thing about this website is they also have testimonials from their buyers which can make a new customer or interested buyers feel more secure.

One of the nice T-shirts they have is the one with their company mascot, the Cheeky Monkey mascot. For more info about the website or for those who interested buyers, check out the Tshirt Printing site.

Day 3:Time Squared

If you have wasted your time, you cannot have it back again. So you better spend your time well because once it is gone, it will be lost forever.

If people know that their days are numbered, people will spend their time on things far more important than their work or anything else. They will set different priorities in their life. Some of them will probably make a U-turn in their lives.

Now, I have realized that I have wasted some of time on not so important things. But now I want to leave a legacy far more better than being the best entrepreneur, I want to be remembered as a good daughter and the best mom for my son.

So I will spend more time with my family.

Day 2:Roller Coaster

Am I going to take the risk? Or will I just live my life as safe as I can get? Day 2 of reading One Month to Live and I can clearly see the picture Kerry and Chris wants me to see. They are explaining the “Someday Syndrome” in this particular topic and yes I may have tried to live my life like that. Working so hard in order to earn money, trying everything in order to earn more money, in order to have a good life, a rich life, but money is not everything. I am losing my life, day after day that I forget to live my life because I am focused on earning so much money in order to provide for the family’s needs, in order to buy every single thing that the marketers are selling, in order to have a good future and yet I do not know if ever I would live to that future. They were  right, I should live my life now, because that “someday” is “NOW”.

I would like to answer this Question by Kerry and Chris : If you were certain your life as you know it would end in a few weeks, what would be your biggest regret? Why?

  • If my life would end in a few weeks time, my biggest regret would be that I have not spend my life appreciating all the good things I have in my reach.

One Month to Live

I don’t know how many days left before I die, because nothing is certain and nothing is fixed in our life. What am I talking about, is the book by Kerry and Chris Shook: Anyone with a librarian degree who buys titles for their library should look into this book, entitled One Month to Live. I have this book for some time now but I have forgotten all about it until I arranged all my stuffs and books in my old office table. I have read this book up to 5 days only, and now I have decided to start all over again and I will share everything in this blog of mine starting from the very first day.
Today mark’s my first day for reading “One Month to Live” by Kerry and Chris Shook.
Living the Dash – Your time on earth is limited. Shouldn’t you start making the most of it?
I know, my time is limited and yet even though I do not know when I will die, I am still living my life as if I have 100 years to live. I am living my life as if I still have the time to make up for the lost times and I still have the time to ask for forgiveness and gave people my forgiveness. But what if I die today? Or tomorrow? Thus I will never find the time anymore for all the things I should have done earlier.
I will answer the questions posted after the introduction of the book, and my answer are these:
• List of Five things I will change about my life if I knew I only had one month to live:
1. Spend more time with my son that is to attend his school activities, play with him, and show him my love and care.
2. Tell my mom and dad that I love them so much, and I am sorry if ever we had misunderstandings and if ever I had been so bratty that I feel like I am above them, because I will not be here if not because of them.
3. I will avoid and prevent quarrels between my little brothers.
4. I will spend more time with the church and the people who are special to me.
5. I will help my family build a better future.
• So, I am asking you now to mark in your calendar the day that I have started reading this book.

Knee pads and Skateboard Helmet

I recently bought a skateboard helmet and knee pads, cars movie inspired, for my son. He is practicing to drive his bike and well, he already knows how to ride it though but sometimes he misses the stones in our yard so he crashes. In order to avoid getting cuts in his knees I provided him with this protective gears.