Grade School Fair

When I was in grade school, we used to have different contests during our school fair. There are quiz bowls, little miss and little mister search for the best, sports, and even different “Identify these things” contest. In the identifying part, there are different participants from different schools who compete to identify kitchen utensils, beans, tools and even knives are included. What I cannot forget was that I won because I was able to get a perfect score in identifying knives from bowie knife to a utility knife, butterfly knife and paper knife.

I hope that my school still do these things until now because it makes the pupils/children learn more things rather than sitting in the classroom listening to their teachers.

Accident in our own Front Yard

For the past few weeks, I have been very busy. Why? Because I need to renew my business permit before January ends. There are so many requirements with regards to renewing a business permit that is why it consumes a lot of my time and I wasn’t able to update my blog sites regularly. This blog site has been down for a day or two also.

Last week, an accident happened in our front yard and 101,400 pesos worth of Coca-Cola Products have been damaged excluding the repair that must be done with the two trucks that collided. Luckily, the owner of the truck who is at fault promises to pay for the Coca-Cola products and for the repair of the Coca-Cola Delivery truck.

This is just an update and I hope I could get back to blogging soon.

Coca-Cola Cars toys Collection

Okay, so you thought I haven’t bought anything for myself last Christmas?
I have bought these four little cars for myself:

I love Hot Wheels, Match Box, Tomica, whatever you call them 🙂 I love to collect them and display them in our house, so now, these are the things that caught my eyes last December.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!!!

Let us all welcome 2011 with a smile and happiness in our hearts!

As for me, I am leaving 2010 behind me and though I can always look back, which I think I will always do, that is the only thing I could do. Looking back and be happy with the decisions that I have made.

I am happy to welcome 2011 with a full heart 🙂 and hoping that this year will be prosperous for me and for my nation, the Philippines.