When SAHMone Speaks #1

When SAHMone Speaks

I do consider myself a SAHM, yes, I am a Stay-at-home-mom. Why? Because I don’t work for a company and I don’t have to leave the house for more than 8 hours just to work for somebody else. Though I work for myself and I have a business, I still consider myself as a SAHM.

When I was single, which is a very short period of time, I only need to think for myself and not for somebody else. I am still single now but I already have my JB (my son) to take care of. I have tried to work for a company before, in the company’s accounting department and it was a little bit easy. Because I just need to be there before 8 am and leave the office after 5 pm. I have to wake up everyday just to think of that schedule and I kept all my earnings for myself only. But when I got pregnant and gave birth to my little angel, I needed to earn more for the both of us. My salary back then was so small because I need to pay for the rent, for the bills, and for my meals. It is not enough to feed a family of 2.

Now that I have my own business and a sideline (blogging income), I am happy to say that it is more than enough for the two of us. Now, the things that I have to do are : I need to wake up early for my business especially if my warehouse woman is not around yet, then check on my son and prepare his things for school, then get back in my office (located just a few steps from my room, LOL) to check the inventory and sales for the past day, after my son’s school time, we play together and read together, I see to it that we have a quality time together.

The Perfect Basket

When I was young, my parents always take me to a picnic place outside our rural place. Somewhere more suitable for a family picnic, wherein we forget the things that make us stressed like work, business and school. My mother always prepares the food and brings with us her favorite picnic basket. Inside the basket are our favorite foods such as her home-cooked roasted chicken, leche-flan, “lechon paksiw” and rice. Fruits and drinks were also inside my mom’s basket.

When I get to grow a little older, and I am allowed to date, a picnic basket for 2 is one of my best-kept things. Going to picnic places and even to beaches, a picnic basket is always perfect to keep your foods in one place.

Cool and Chic Nursing Uniforms

How many times have I written about the fashion trends in nursing uniforms these days? For the people who kept on visiting my blogs, you can answer this question, but for those who are just visiting now, you probably cannot unless you check out my archive. Yes, I am a bit disappointed because I have not thought beforehand that being a nurse is cool and chic because of different nurses uniforms out there. Moreover I have comprehend that being an accountant gives me no choice but to wear the common uniforms provided by the company I work for.

Scrub suits, scrub tops and scrub pants has too many styles, colors and even prints available at different nursing uniform stores may it be online or offline and I drool every time I look at them. Why? Because they are so fantastic. Imagine wearing your favorite color, style and prints at work without violating company policies, that is super cool. What do you think?

Sati’s Birthday Bag

Look and check this out:

You guess it right. That is Sati’s Birthday Bag.

If you think that I was there during her birthday, well, think again because I was not. I am in Mindanao and it is very expensive for me to join Sati’s birthday party because I need to ride an airplane in order to be there but thanks to Mommy Peh because even though I was not there, she gave me a giveaway from Sati’s birthday party, the Sati Bag.

She gave it to me last January when we met, together with Fedhz at Greenhills.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February is a love month, for most people here in my country, the Philippines. Everywhere I look, I can see flowers for sale, malls displaying different gift ideas, chocolates and even red-colored hearts made of paper used as decorations in malls, stores and even restaurants. It is easy for a man to think of what to give to his girlfriend or his wife at this time of the year because normally, roses and chocolates are enough for a woman to be happy and feel loved.

But for a woman, it is so hard to think of different gifts for men simply because wallets and neckties are for Christmas gifts. Valentine’s gifts should be different from the gifts given to the boyfriend or husband last Christmas. It is always a question of what to give because a woman cannot just buy a dozen of roses and give to her husband without being asked why.

Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales

I am born to be in business, to be an entrepreneur, to be in sales. As far as I can remember my love for selling started when I was young, when I was in my grade school where in I sell every single thing that i know can be sold. From candies to chocolates, homemade sweets to cakes, mangoes and guavas, up to stationeries and different colored gel pens which are not easily available at my place.

Though I have no formal or basic education about sales and everything I succeed in generating income for myself but what I didn’t know back then was that there are ethics and manuals for Christians like me who were in sales. I have come to know about this when I was in College. My heart still seeks for more about this topic and so when I stumble upon a book entitled Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales by Christopher A. Cunningham in Book Sneeze I never let the opportunity pass, I grab it and ask for a copy of it.

People who are in sales are always in a battle field, not the kind which have guns and ammunitions but the kind where good and evil battles. Jungle Warfare helps a person not only in the aspects of selling but also in the aspects of being a good Christian who is involved in sales. Let us accept the fact that sometimes, as a business-minded person, we tend to break the rules in order to reach our goal or our sales target for this month or year. We have the tendency to forget what we have learned in our Church about the good ways in order to have a good battle against our competitors. Competition in sales or in business is a good way of improving our products and services, so as a Christian we should know what a healthy competition is, and how to exceed our target without comprising our beliefs as a good Christian.

Jungle Warfare is truly a 22-Day Power-Packed Battle Plan wherein the reader can ponder upon the things they have done and will do in their day to day living as a Christian who are in sales. The book is like the popular books available in the market which can help the reader understand more about themselves because they can write their feelings towards every day topics that they have read. I totally recommend this book to my friends who are in sales and in business because this book is a great way to re-discover our Christian values and maintain it. You can preview the product at BookSneeze.

I review for BookSneeze®

A Book made of Love

Last 2009, I have met a very beautiful lady and her name is Sarah. She is beautiful inside-out and I am happy to have met such an amazing person. Though our time spent together is minuscule, I am thankful that God and the universe have conspired in order for us to be friends.

This January, she have finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend (I guess) and I am wishing her well and a life full of blessings.

I have found out that during the wedding, they have gave away a book instead of the common giveaways we receive every wedding that we attend to. Aside from that, this book is a product of their love for each other and for the less fortunate in our country.

According to Sarah (I have copied this note in her album in Facebook where she has uploaded the pictures and inviting us to buy this book)

Exactly one month ago was our Prose & Poetry-themed wedding. Exactly one month ago, on that day of vows and promises, we also launched our first co-authored published book. Entitled Under the January Moon, it is a collection of prose and poetry on life’s nothingness and intimate meaning. As two separate individuals and as a couple, we… share the same passion for the written word. Nestled in the pages of the book are lush artworks created by our mom and uncle.

We gave the book as a token to our wedding guests and at the same time, encouraged them to buy another one or two for a friend. For each book bought, the whole amount goes to SAGIP (Sagipin ang Galing, Isip at Pangrap)- a child & youth development program of Gawad Kalinga and to Santa Maria Eufrasia Daycare Center, a school in the mountains of Sariaya, Quezon, practicing the Waldorf teaching method. Donations are made under the name of the donor guest. This advocacy angle of our wedding is our way of doing our share in making the world a little bit brighter for children.

Our book will be available in some bookstores soon but for now, you can place your order with us. The same advocacy applies: Every book sold, donation will be made under your name to our 2 chosen institutions. At P450.00/book, you will already be able to help little souls who, by learning, will hopefully be able to uplift their own lives. If interested, please send us a msg. via FB, email us at rocksarwedding@yahoo.com (Rocky&Sarah’s joint email) or contact us at 0917-5928460 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0917-5928460 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Sarah’s mobile #).

Thank you. This book is our testament to love and to God.

Polvoron with Love

When I went to Manila, I already had plans of meeting Pehpot and hoping to meet other blogging friends too, like Fedhz, Sam, Vera and Yapatoots. But I only had Pehpot’s number with me and so she is the only one I had contact with but I was shocked when Fedhz was also eager to meet me and so she gave me her number too.

When I was there, I thought we will not be able to met each other because of time constraints and I didn’t know how to ride a bus or jeepneys and I am afraid of riding taxis (thanks to television news for that phobia). But guess what, Pehpot and Fedhz have come a long way to met me in Greenhills. They even gave me tokens of love.

Fedhz gave me her specially made polvoron. It was the best Polvoron I ever had tasted aside from Goldilocks. My mom and my son loves it so much and they want me to visit Manila again in order to bring Fedhz polvoron back as a pasalubong. But I think probinsyanas like me could order that polvoron from Fedhz online. Why haven’t I thought about that? Hmmmm

Franchising Business

What is a franchise? What is franchising all about? I have learned about franchising when I was in College in one of my business management subject. Franchising a business is better than creating a new business though it is quite expensive because you don’t need to advertise anymore or market your business because they already have their market share. Franchising business works best for businesses that has a good track record of profitability and that can easily be duplicated. Franchise opportunities lurks anywhere and everywhere, there are expensive and less expensive franchise businesses and it depends on the business person to choose on where they will invest their money.

Paper Bills

I know, I have been campaigning a lot about the environment and how we can help it. But when I rummage into my drawers, I saw these:

These are the paper bills I received from Globe Telecom alone, I do not know why I can’t force myself to sign up online and go paperless bills, but I just cant. But now that I have these envelopes and papers which I cannot find anything to do with it but burn it, I am thinking again of going paperless. If only I could make something out of these envelopes, like feather flags perhaps? or kites, or something more usable and fashionable? Because currently I have no use of them.