Bathrooms and Faucets

I woke up today with the sound of water splashing inside the bathroom. I really hate it when our faucets give up after so many years of usage. I mean, they have served their purpose but I hate it when their life spans are so little because aside from losing too much water instead of saving for the environment, it consumes a lot of time and effort to change it too. So I am thinking of replacing all our faucets inside the house with Moen faucets instead of buying the cheaper ones which don’t last long. I cannot wait to choose from different styles available in the faucets and fixtures stores.

Laser Hair Removal

I am thinking of laser hair removal for so long now. But I am still weighing the pros and cons. I think I have it bulleted here:

The Pros:

  • I will not worry anymore when I raise my hands up.
  • I can wear short sleeves, tube tops, spaghetti-straps, and even swimsuits without thinking if my underarms look good or bad.
  • I can show off my underarms anytime I want.
  • I will no longer be scared of people watching my underarms.
  • I will no longer go through the pain of pulling my underarm hairs using a puller and I will no longer shave it.

The Cons:

  • It is quite expensive.
  • I am still scared what if I will not get the results I wanted.


So, I guess, I will go for it. What you think? Have you ever had your unwanted hairs removed? Where?

What Course to Take?

There are so many courses available right now in different schools and colleges, there are diplomas only and there are with degrees. Now that the school year has ended, a lot of high school graduates who can afford to go to college would definitely enrol this coming June 2011. But many of these young aspirants didn’t know what courses would really fit them. When I was 16 and fresh from high school, I also encountered this kind of problem. There are so many choices nowadays and it is so hard to choose what course would really suit me. At first, I wanted to be a doctor then a lawyer, and then I thought I really want to be a flight stewardess so I need to take up DevCom or MasCom instead but then again I am good at numbers so I enrolled for Accountancy. I didn’t know about chiropractic school yet but if I did, I think I would also include it in my list of school on where to go after graduating in high school. There are things I wanted to share to my young readers who face the same problems with me when I was young.

• Ask yourself what you really want to do in your life after school. Would you like to be in the medical field, marketing or in the administration? Do you see yourself working in the office or in the field?
• What are your talents and capabilities? Are you good in talking to people? Are a good seller, marketer? Do you have artistic talents aside from good speaking and writing abilities?
• Are you good in analysis? Do you have a leadership potential or you are good at following rules and orders?
• Then navigate from different courses available, check every course in each department and if ever you have finished college where will it land you?

These questions may help you find yourself and what courses really suits you, but if you already have chosen your course, then GO FOR IT.

When SAMHone Speaks #5

When SAHMone Speaks

When you were younger, did you set an ideal age to marry? Yes, I did! When I was young, I thought life would be very easy. I need to finish school, find a good work, find a good man then marry at the age of 25. But it didn’t happen. I got pregnant right after graduation but before the board exam. I did not pass the board exam but I found a work, but before I gave birth I resigned. I didn’t marry the father of my son because I feel that I am not yet ready and plunging into marriage just because I am pregnant is not right. I do not marry for the wrong reasons, you see. But still, I did not regret my decisions. I am happy right now, with my son, with what I have. Maybe someday, I will marry. But for now, I am happy being a single mom.


My little brother caught me sleeping while on dextrose and I look so bad. I mean hey, look at me, I look like I needed to eat more food every day in order to gain weight and in order to get cured fast.


And while I was on dextrose at the hospital, I said to myself I cannot afford to get sick. I mean it is really expensive to get sick these days. You need to pay for the room, for the medicines, for the professional fees of your doctors and for your food. Prevention is still better than cure. So now, I have learned my lesson and that is to be careful in the things that I put into my mouth (food and water) because they can cause sickness at times (germs and bacterias). I am glad that I am not working outside my country which sometimes can lead to Offshore Injury and boy I am happy that the only things I needed to face are not so serious sickness such as cough and flu. I mean, every body needs to take care or we better start saving money for out hospital needs.


I hate to say this, but my Mom loves watching Willing-Willie on TV5. We didn’t have TV5 in our Cable before and we ordered to have it in order for my mom to watch Willie when he jumps from ABS-CBN to TV5.

I really, really, really, HATE Willie ever since he mock Sucaldito at ABS-CBN’s Wowowee show. I mean, hey, he’s way over his head. He thinks he is God and he thinks he can make a change in every poor person in the Philippines who believes in him. And every time my mom watches Willing-Willie, I had no choice but to watch it too unless I sleep outside. I hate Willie. For the reason that he is using the people for his popularity, for his fame and fortune, for his own motives. Those people who are lining in order to get a shot of a lifetime and maybe WIN a house and lot, car and 1 million pesos are so crazy that they just do anything even showing and telling the world that they have a broken family, that their husband are sleeping with another woman and that their father has left them for another woman, or that they are just too poor to go to college and that they cannot even afford to buy a fine dinner for the whole family. Willie is rubbing insult to injury. These people weren’t told to say those things out loud but they just do in order to get 3000 or 5000php from the show. But then again, who am I to oppose Willie? I am just nobody. A nobody who cares. These children should not be used by their parents to gain money. I pity those who let their children join contests in Willing-Willie, because the show oppresses them.

SUN LIFE – Canada

I have signed up and started paying my Sun Life Plan last year and I think having a life insurance is very important nowadays. I just remembered that this coming 30th of the month is my due date and I will really hate myself if I miss paying for it. There are more to life insurances than what we already know and I am thinking also of buying cheap auto insurance because our cars need that too. But for all those mommies out there and people out there thinking Sun Life is just another scam, probably it’s not. What you think?

Kcat’s T-shirt – New Batches

I ordered another 2 t-shirts from Kcat for my brother and my mother. I love them dearly and I felt that these t-shirts would make them happy. Here is a picture of my brother trying out his t-shirt and I haven’t caught my mom wearing it yet.

KUDOS to Kcat for designing these t-shirts, they are awesome and great.

Highway Traffic

Last Friday, I was really upset because I have been waiting for our stocks for 2 days already and it hasn’t arrived yet. The truck driver said that he is on the way but still I feel awful because when he arrive at our warehouse he cannot even manoeuvre properly his truck. He was stuck in highway and the car machine died that causes a highway traffic in our little town and in these days I wished I am a member of a roadside assistance club. So that there would be people who will help me when I encounter problems like this one.


I just remembered today that my son JB has watched Tangled on the big screen and on 3D. He is just 3 years old but he enjoyed the movie and he wasn’t scared when we enter the theatres. I mean, I was able to watch movies on theatres when I was 12 years old for the reason that we don’t have Cinemas here in our municipality. The nearest Cinemas to us are 5 hours away and located in Cagayan de Oro City. I am glad that my son will not be ignorant when he enters grade school, he can share something about the Cinema and the big city but I doubt it if he can still remember the movie.

Tangled is a great movie, it was derived from the Rapunzel story but with its twists that makes it amazing to watch. If you haven’t watched it yet, try to rent some home DVDs and check the movie out.