Loot Bag for the Moms

Last April 24, we celebrated Jb’s 4th birthday and yes, I have prepared a different giveaway for my son’s birthday.

Instead of the usual, baby figurines, little jewelry trinkets and the likes, I have prepared an Eco-Bag. Yes, I have no ORIGINALITY. I have seen this one and receive one for Sati’s birthday last year from Mommy Peh that is why I have thought of spreading the news and help Mommy Peh in her desire to help make Mother Nature clean and green.

I have asked Mommy Peh’s help in order for me to have these Eco-Bags before Jb’s birthday. So, you could imagine that Mommy Peh is the one behind all the Eco-Bags I have distributed to our guests last Easter Sunday and to some friends who were not able to attend the event.

When I distributed the Eco-Bags, the mommies appreciated my effort and the kids shouted with joy and said “even Mommies have loot bags”. Because the kids thought that if they attend children’s party, they are the only ones who are entitled to have loot bags and they are wrong.

Thank you Mommy Peh for opening not only my eyes but other people’s eyes to what is happening to our world and that there is something we can do to make the Earth a better place to live in.

A Mother Like No Other

This is a Tribute to my Mom.
Ma, you are the best mother of the world for me.
Without you, I will not be who I am today.
Ma, I may have hurt you so many times,
But again you didn’t give up on me.

You give up your dreams for us to be called a family.
You leave your princess-like life and you welcome your new life as a housewife.
Being a housewife and a full time mother to us you did without hesitation.
You clean the house, cook the food, prepare our things, do the laundry, and everything else.
Though we know it was hard for you, we didn’t hear a thing or two from you.
You became our first teacher, our mother, our friend.
And up until now that we are old enough to fend on our own, you are still there for us.
Telling us to reach our dreams, to achieve our goals, to be who we want to be because you love us and you want us to be happy.

Thank you Ma, thank you so much for being the perfect mother the world could offer.

Started by Dindin’s Mama

When SAHMone Speaks #9

When SAHMone Speaks

Was there a time in your life when you thought “running away” was the only solution to your problem?

Yes. There was a time in my life in which I thought of running away in order to get away from the problems that I needed to face.

When I become pregnant, I know right there and then that I needed to find a solution but getting married was not one of the choices. When I gave birth to my son, I thought of working abroad in order to send enough money to raise him. But then again I choose to be with my son. To be the one who sleeps with him, to be the one who feeds him, to be the one who will help him identify right from wrong. I am glad that I had found the courage not to ran away and take the easy way out because now my hard works have been paid.

I realized that I need not run away from m problem because it wont solve a bit of it. It is always good to face the problem and ask some people some advices in order to help you solve the problem you are facing.

Lovely Blog Award

My blog is having a problem and I cannot sign in for 3 days already and thanks God it was fine now. Pepper chooses me from MILLION of blog sites all over the word and gave me this AWARD:

Thank You so much Pepper because sometimes I thought I don’t write what other people would love to read. I only write what is important to me and I do not know if they have value to other people too.

But receiving this kind of Award makes me feel that I am special and that I belong to this blog-universe.

I am passing this Lovely Award to these AWESOME BLOGS that I know is worth it:

Pinay Mama


Chris Chronicles

Mom Fashionista




Happy Birthday JB

Today is my son’s 4th birthday. The day in which I was born again, I became a mother.

I can still remember my pain and my happiness when I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. And now, he is a toddler already. He knows how to talk, to walk, to change his clothes, to ride a bike, to eat on his own and he can even say what he wants and what he likes. I miss my son when he needed me to be able to live. Yes, I miss it when he was still a baby in which he needed to depend on me. When he needed me to feed him because he cannot eat solid foods yet, when he needed me to bathe him and change hid clothes, when he needed me to hold his hands and body because he cannot walk.

But every child needs to grow, and this is part of growing up. Every year he changes for the better, and every day he learns something. This is how a person is made. And I am happy that I am still a part of my son’s growing up.

I love you JB.

When SAHMone Speaks #8

When SAHMone Speaks

Do you tell your significant other everything about your worries?

Nope. Not all the time. Though I tell him if it is about him or something about us that we needed to talk about in order to be okay. I am an independent person and yes I am emotional too, but I try to find all the answers to all my problems and if I can’t then I will tell him my worries and maybe he could help me solve my problems.


Jb had a PSP when he was 2 years old. It was a gift from his godmother Lori. But recently, I just found out that he lost his battery. He cannot play with it anymore. I am glad that I have an Ebay account and I tried to search for original batteries and battery cover available at a reasonable price in an Ebay store and glad that I have found one.

So, I have ordered, not online because I have so slow internet connection. I just send a message to the seller and after sending him the money, I got what I ordered in just 2 days.

And now, all I needed to buy are UMDs.

PVP – Play Vision Portable

When we went to Davao City last week, I brought Jb’s PSP because he wants to have more games in it. And the only thing we could do is to have it modified.

But while we were waiting for the technician to have his job done, we saw this one:

I asked the sales lady for the price and it was quite cheap, though it is just an imitation, the games in it are awesome. We used to have a family computer and if you also had, you probably know how to play Super Mario, Clu clu land, Excite Bike and Pooyan, not to mention Tanks. So I bought it for my son. And sometimes when he don’t play with it, I borrow the PVP and play my favorite old time games in our family computer.

When SAHMone Speaks #7

When SAHMone Speaks

How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?

I cannot rate myself when it comes to this. My son is just 3 years old turning 4, and I am a mother to her for almost 4 years only. I have my share of sleepless nights, change diapers days, cleaning poo-poo night and day and crying for him when he is sick. But I cannot say that I am the best mom in the world just yet.

Yes, I do earn for a living and I really word hard in order to fed my son and give him all he needs. From all his immunization vaccines to school fees, from diapers to milks, from his needs to his wants. But I cannot say that I am a good mother because I am a good provider.

I have so much to learn and so much to do in order to be a good mom. I am not saying that I am not trying to be one, because I am. I just feel that I needed to do more like being with him all the time, which I cannot easily do or I am just good in finding lame excuses in order to get away from him. I am young I know, and sometimes I tend to be rude on him, like scolding him easily when he shows his tantrums just anywhere and anytime he wants. I need to work on my patience.

But there is one thing I know, I love him more than anybody in the World.

Wedding Sponsor

That hand is mine. Yesterday, I attended Jojo and Mira’s Wedding and yes, I am a wedding sponsor. They are older than me, Jojo is 30 years old and Mira is 28 years old, while I on the other hand is only 25 years old.

I have known Jojo since high school because we were neighbors. But he works for me now, for almost 3 years already. I thought he was joking when he asked me to become the godmother for their upcoming wedding last January,  guess I was wrong. So yes, I am a wedding principal sponsor at the age of 25.

I am still single so I cannot share anything to them about married life. But I am a mother so maybe I can tell Mira all my experiences of being a mother in order for her to learn about it.