Can’t Get Enough

Yes, I can’t get enough of Fedhz Polvoron and these yummies arrived just before we headed to our vacation. That is why I was able to bring a pack of polvoron to the CDO bloggers grand EB last May 21, 2011. I have met Mommy Rubz and other Bisdak Bloggers too.
After tasting Fedhz polvoron last January, a gift from her when I went to Manila, I ordered this month because I miss her polvoron and because I promised her. The 150 pcs of polvoron lasted only for a week, so sad. Now I want to eat Fedhz polvoron again when my bf is asking me how much are swisher sweets, the word sweets reminded me of the cookies and cream flavored polvoron of Fedhz.
So, for those who have not tasted Fedhz polvoron yet, common and try it. Satisfy your wants and needs, buy now.

When SAHMone Speaks #14

When SAHMone Speaks

As a mom, will you let your daughter/son live the life you’ve lived?

As a mom, Yes I would. I have a a very colorful life and a happy one. Every parent wants their child to have a life that is close to perfect, because every child deserves one.

I have lived a life that may not be perfect but it was a life that has no regrets. I have a very happy childhood and every child must have a memorable one. My parents have provided me with everything that I need, material or not. And they have mold me to be who I am today. I would say that they have done a good job raising this woman. So yes, I want my son to live in an environment where nobody judges him and where everybody is encouraging him to be who he wants to be and to be the best that he can be.


Photography by JB

The picture below is taken by my one and only son, JB. The title post said so. Yes, he is good at taking pictures though he just turned 4 years old. I guess I should start saving money now in order to buy him  a set of SLR cameras and the printing machines in order to saved in printing his works.

This picture could be a good postcard right? But I need to find a cheaper company who offers printing postcards because I want to print many copies and send some to my online friends. I am happy that my son is loving photography at a very early age because I am a camera whore and I needed a professional photographer to do the work of taking my pictures but I guess I don’t need to find one anymore because I already have my son.

Havaianas Mood Bracelet

My mom bought my little brother a pair of Havaianas Slippers and she also bought one for herself. Though she didn’t bought me a pair, she did give me this:

This is a Mood Bracelet. My mom knows that I like having fashion jewelries, I love to wear everything that she gives and even though this one would definitely give away my mood for the day, I would still wear it.

It does look good on me.

Tarsier and Me

I was searching for the best eye cream for dark circles because my mom told me so. It is not for me because I am not facing that kind of problem right now. You can check out for yourself if what I am saying is true.

This picture is taken at Loboc, Bohol. The tourist spot has no entrance fee and you can have your pictures taken with the tarsier with no fee. This is the closest that I can get because tourists/guests are not allowed to hold the tarsier for their own benefits. They have donation boxes put beside the tarsiers for their food.

When SAHMone Speaks #13

When SAHMone Speaks

How different are your views about love and life now that you’re a mom?

Now that I am a mom, my views have shifted but it is not the kind of a 360 degrees turn because I am  not the kind of person who is so selfish that I would only think of myself only. Ever since, I may not be a good daughter but I am a good sister. I always look upon my little brother’s well being and when I went to college in the city which is faraway from my hometown, I always see to it that I have gifts or “pasalubong” for my brothers because I know that they are expecting it. I mean from that little things, I realized that really love them and I always wanted the best for them. So from being the spoiled brat that I am (because I am the only daughter), I became a dependable big sister who always gives way for her little brothers wants and needs.

And now that I am a mom my views about love and life is totally not different, there is just a little change. Instead of thinking of me, myself and I only, my son always comes first now. I love my son more than myself and I want to give him all he needs and wants before I buy what I need. I always see to it that I am there every step of his life, every journey that we travel together is so precious that I wanted to capture the moments always.

Moreover, because of being a single mother, it is so hard to find again a man that I would love and trust. Because I wanted to have a man in my life who can accept me for who I am and who can love my son as his own. But then again, I have found him now and we are happy together.

Being a Bridesmaid

On being a bridesmaid, which I always am, all I can say is that you needed to prepare a lot of things. I mean, hey, let us all accept the fact that we needed to be beautiful and sexy and we want (together with the couple) to be perfect for the wedding.
Some girls even went to different saloons and spas to get prepared. In order to have an outcome like this one:

Isn’t that a pretty pose? (yeah, I am just trying my luck on being a model.teehee)
So, back to the main reason of this blog entry. For me, these are the things you needed to prepare in attending a wedding : a clean teeth, no eye bags (make sure to sleep early before the wedding), a good shaven/plucked underarm (you don’t want the guests to think that you came from the outer space do you?), and a perfect shoes womens. I mean hey, look at this picture, and tell me if I don’t have it.

Anicycle in Kampo Juan

I am adventurous at heart , though sometimes I am scared of heights (just feeling dizzy, you know, the usual). But I just can’t let this opportunity of trying out the first Anicycle I have set my eyes in Bukidnon.

At first I thought I was going crazy because why would I try something that I only see in Circus but then again, I changed my mind and took up the challenge. So if ever you visit Bukidnon, do not and I mean DO NOT ever forget to visit Kampo Juan in Dicklum, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon and enjoy the rides of your life.

Cool Chic Cheque Book

When I went to Bohol three weeks ago, I happened to visit my Aunt who is a wife of a Mayor at the same time a Doctor too. We were talking about health, insurances and other stuffs aside from the common topics we always had which is about our family. They also explained to me what is Medicare part D plan because I have never heard about it before.

Because we have not seen each other for a long time, we have spent so many hours talking and catching up all the events that have happened for the past 2 years. Aside from that, my Aunt gave me this cool and chic cheque book keeper.

I love it so much and I easily put my check and other important papers and notes inside it. I bring it anywhere with me now.

Coloring Books

I bought my son, JB, a new set of coloring pens and coloring books because he loves them. These cool “Clear Clean Color” pens can only be used on the specific brand of coloring book to get the best result. My son loves it because the first time he puts the color to the paper, it doesn’t show any color or just a little of it, then afterwards, the color becomes so vivid and clear and it is so hot.

We both enjoy coloring books nowadays, and what can I wish for? I have my son with me and we both enjoy our time together and I just hope that even though the time will come that his father will claim paternity and his rights to my son, my son will still chose me.