When SAHMone Speaks #17

When SAHMone SpeaksDo you make your kids finish their plates? Why or why not?

I do not force my son finish his food. I want him to eat because he wants to and because he feels and understands that he needs to eat. I do not know if it is just me but when I make my son finish his plate, he tends to stay away from the kitchen when its eating time. That is why I just let him eat what he wants to eat and when its time to eat. If he can’t finish his food at least he eat, if he can then very good.


JB’s Slippers

This is my first time to spend so much for a kid’s slipper. It’s not that I don’t like my son to have the best things in life but I just felt that he doesn’t need branded clothing and accessories when he was young because children nowadays grows up too fast. But lately I realized that I should spend some ka-ching on my son’s slippers now that he is Kinder 1 and goes to school everyday. His teacher doesn’t require them to wear uniforms and shoes all the time though he has a school uniform and a black shoes. Sometimes my son doesn’t like to wear his shoes because he says it hurts his soles or ankles. He is not just used to wearing shoes right now so I will not force him to wear one.

Piggy Bank, Pig No More

My mom taught me the value of money and of saving for the rainy days when I was young. And now she is teaching her grandson to do the same. That is to save his extra coins and the change from his baons at school. His money for snacks is 15php every day and sometimes he don’t need to spend much because I brought some snacks with us. So the whole 15php will be put inside his piggy bank which is not a pig. Obviously, it is a recycled can of Lays that we ate. This is another way of helping Mother Earth survive, by recycling some of the things we bought. Aside from avoiding spending money on piggy banks, we helped the environment by recycling.

When SAHMone Speaks #16

When SAHMone Speaks

If there’s one trait of your father that you’ve always loved, what is that?

I love my father so much and most people who knows us would say that I am my father in many ways than one.There were times when I have hated him so much but still, he is my father and I am my father’s daughter. I have forgiven him already and he has forgiven me for all the things I have said and done against him. And because yesterday was Father’s Day, I would like to make this entry as beautiful as I can for my father.

My father is a very good provider for his family, he knows how to make money for a living. He is a nobody but he tried and succeeded to make our life happy and fruitful. Our life story is not Rags to Riches kind, it is Rags to not so Rich. Even though it was hard, he manage to earn more money, that is why we can afford to buy our wants apart from our needs.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is still the best policy. Every now and then, I can read in the newspapers about criminals and petty thieves lurking in malls, public vehicles and even fast foods. I do not know if is because my country is poor or because the people are poor and that they have no choice but to steal. I believe though that a person who gets the money from stealing will not prosper and that even though they have stolen a lot of money, they will still stay in the dirt.

Last May, I went to Bohol for my cousin’s wedding, and right after the wedding, we (me and my nieces and nephews) went to the famous Sagbayan Peak because they have not visited the place yet. In Sagbayan Peak, you can see the famous Chocolate Hills which is always connected to Bohol. And also they have a butterfly dome full of different kinds and colors of butterflies. When we went there, I forgot to take my change from the restaurant which is about 210php. A small amount of money, I believe, but I wasn’t able to get it because we are about to go home to Bukidnon, which is in Mindanao.

But before May ends, I was about to visit Bohol again for vacation with my family. Luckily, we went to Sagbayan again for a tour because the kids have not visited the place yet. So, I asked the restaurant if ever I can claim my change back. I am not after the money but I am after their claim that they are honest human beings. Though the restaurant manager has not answered me directly because the event took place for almost three weeks already, so I just left him my number and hoping that if they will conduct an audit for May 9, 2011 they have extra money that would equal to my change. I haven’t heard from the restaurant manager but luckily I got the owner’s number through their lost and found wall. So when I get home I immediately texted the number and yes she said she will look into it. After a day or two, she texted me that if ever I could visit the place again, I could get my money back. Because on that day, there was a 240php amount of money that they have reported as other income.

Sagbayan Peak is indeed a place full of honest people.

Posters and Me

My love for posters dates back when I was still in high school. Back then, posters were not that affordable because I do not have salary or personal income, all I have is an allowance from my parents that is just enough for my snacks. Imagine me trying to save from my meager allowance just to buy a poster of my favorite Hollywood singer and actors, so it goes without question that those who loves wrestling will try to earn or save in order to buy their favorite wrestling posters.

My posters back then was posted in my bedroom, just above my head and in front of me. Then when I went to College, I was able to buy life size posters of my favorite singer and I put it on my dormitory room. Up until now I still love posters and I still buy the, my room is full of posters already that my Mom would say she can’t see the wall anymore.

Back To School

My son has started his nursery last year at the age of 3, and now he is already in Kinder 1. When we went to Bohol last May, I bought a school bag for him; the Big Red Cars bag on the right side is what I have bought. I didn’t know that my mom had also bought a school bag for him, the one on the left. We know that JB loves the Disney Character Lightning McQueen so much that is why it is what we bought. He is ready for school, and hopefully he will wake up early now because unlike last year that his class starts at 10 am now his classes starts at 8 am which makes it hard for him. He is late for this past few days but his teacher says that better late than never.

Toy Stories #3 – Bike

Toy Stories

Toy Story again and of course I have a story to share. We bought a new BIKE for my son again, this is his 3rd bike from the time he was born. His old bike has said goodbye again, after months of serving its master. My son really loves to ride his bike and so he wont stop as long as it can be ridden. But his old bike cannot serve its purpose anymore because its chair was broken, the tires are not round anymore and its chains was broken into two. And instead of fixing it, I better get a new bike because it is already small for him. So this is his new bike:

When SAHMone Speaks #15

When SAHMone SpeaksWhat made you decide to be on your current mommy status (WAHM, SAHM, Working Mom)? Was it hard for you?

Being a mom is difficult. It is a new phase in my life and I just can’t ignore it. Having a child has made me a very different person, it made me realize that my son is the most important person in my life right now, even more important than myself. I do not know what is my status, I cannot say that I am a Stay-at-home-mom because I have a business, I am not a Working Mom either, maybe I belong in the Work-At-Home-Mom status.

I run my own business at the same time I work online and still I am juggling my time baby sitting my son. The decision was not hard. Because I really wanted to be with my son all the time and I don’t want to work away from home because I will miss the opportunity of seeing him growing up.


Jump for Joy

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This is my official entry for Mommy Levy’s contest.

“What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?”

There are so many things and situations that will make me feel like levitating. If I have to start when I was little, this post will be a very long one. So maybe, I will just start when I got pregnant with my baby JB. My tummy was three months already when I learned that I am pregnant, I was shocked, emotional and joyous. Even though we (me and the father of my baby) didn’t get married, it didn’t make me lose hope and I took up the challenge of being a single mother. From the time I have learned about my baby’s life inside me, I was levitating with happiness. My baby JB is a blessing from God and he became my lucky charm. Yes, I consider my son as my lucky charm because everything fell into places when he came.

Every night during dinner, I also feel like levitating, because this is where I and my family get to dine together and talk just about anything. We are a typical Filipino family, we tease and we love each other, we are so “lambing” to our parents and siblings that is why even though I have my own business already I still lived with my parents. Every night I am thankful that we are still complete, that we still have each other, and that we are going to face the world’s challenges together. After all, the family is the most basic unit of the society and whatever happens in your life, they are still there, loving you, praying for you, cheering you up.

Seeing my son grow up to be someone who is God-fearing, loving, caring and sweet, with full of hope and determination, it makes me levitate. Having my family, always close to me and though we have encountered so many problems, we never let it broke us apart, it makes me levitate. Being together with my boyfriend who accepts me for who I am, who loves my son and my family as his own, it makes me levitate.

Accepting everything that happens in the world and in my life makes me feel that I am still alive and that God loves me, this makes me levitate.

*The picture above is my bf’s daughter and my little brother, this was taken in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol.*

*The picture above is my son JB and m bf’s daughter Tpai, this was taken in Dao Diamond Hotel’s swimming pool, Bohol.*