Stieg Larsson’s Novel

I have been reading a lot lately and I forgot to share about my book escapades already. So for now, I want to share my love for Stieg Larsson’s novels. I really liked his characters and how he portrays each one of them. The twists and turns of events were so amazingly written and every time I flip or open a page it brings me to another world.

While I was reading his novels, it feels like I am watching it in 3D. Yes, my imaginations are so colourful and sometimes it is horrible, maybe because of the story line. Believe me; I cannot just put the BOOK down even for a minute. There was even a part where in I have thought about serial killers and all that but no, it was different. There were so many places shared in the book, cities, vast farm lands, mansions and castles, even CSI like offices and hospitals which makes me think about point of care cart.

All the things I have expected to happen didn’t happen, all the people I expected to be alive get killed and the people I suspect who were dead already were alive. The three novels were so GREAT and it feels so bad that Stieg Larsson died after delivering the 3 manuscripts because if he is still alive up until today, I expect more novels from him.

Pink Crumpler Backpack

It is not everyday that I spend money for myself and if I do, I sometimes see to it that it is cheap. But when it comes to my love ones, I could spend so much on something more than my budget.

When Fedhz, offered me this backpack, I easily fell in love with it and I didn’t have second thoughts about buying it. It is second hand but  I know that it is in GOOD CONDITION still because Fedhz loves her things and she keeps them in a good shape. As what she also said, she just can’t let other people have her things because it is precious to her. Do not worry Fedhz, I will take good care of the things I have bought from you.

As of now, this PINK Crumpler Backpack is my buddy anywhere I go.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #19

WBFC #18 was a SUCCESS! Yes, I have subscribed to 98% of the blog sites who joined, except those 2 or 3 blog sites which cannot be opened yesterday, so in case I haven’t left a comment in your welcome post then I haven’t subscribed to your blog yet. Don’t worry, I will go check the comments left in my welcome post to the favor back for those who have subscribed to my blog. Thank You friends, thank you so much for being my reader.

WBFC #19 is UP and RUNNING and I am joining again. This week we are going to LIKE the FAN PAGE of a blog site and FOLLOW the blog site through Google Follower Connect. This is my welcome post and you can LIKE MY FAN PAGE HERE. And you can FOLLOW me through GFC right there in my Side Bar. Please leave a comment if you have done the two things in order for me to know 🙂

When SAHMone Speaks #19

When SAHMone Speaks

How do you get your child sleep/take a nap during the day?

I usually let my 4-years old son play during afternoons then when I am not busy, I ask him to go to the room with me and we go storytelling after awhile he goes to sleep. Though it sound so easy, sometimes it is not especially when my son is so engrossed with his toys and games. Though I don’t take afternoon naps, I am there beside my son in order for him to feel that he is not alone. Sometimes I also do the bribing thing, I tell him that he can play with his PSP or my laptop if he will sleep for at least an hour or two.

Bebang’s 5-in-1 Vaccination

Bebang just had her 5-in-1 vaccination today and she has met her Vet for the second time around. Though I really want to take a picture of Bebang while her Vet is vaccinating her, I can’t, simply because I was the one who held her and there was nobody around who could hold the camera for us.

Just like the Vet said, puppies like Bebang will not feel too much pain when they are vaccinated, so I just held Bebang softly and gently caressing her head. After the vaccination, the Vet cleaned Bebang’s ears and she played with her for a while. Graduates of vet tech schools know that even though it is painful for the owner to watch, vaccinations are so important for pets.

Bebang will not take a bath for five days after her vaccination, her Vet told me. So I will follow the Vet’s instructions for Bebang’s safety. Bebang is a big girl now, she weighs 3.7 kgs already.

Birthday Giveaway Winners

There were 17 bloggers who joined my giveaway, 2 got the correct answer so they got 8 points each, and 15 who got 6 points each. I have cut 106 small pieces of paper in order to write each participant’s name in it. I have not made a video of the way I have raffled it because I do not know how to upload it here in my blog, I only took some pictures and God have seen who WON. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the winners.

The Main Prize winner is none other than :

Main Prize Winner: Lucky Ruby

The 2nd Prize Winner:

The 3rd Prize Winner:

Congratulations to all the WINNERS. Please leave a comment here using your email address where I can contact you. In case you haven’t read the answer to the giveaway question, read the post before this one to know about it.

My Pet Name

My contest/giveaway has ended and I need to draw some winners. At first I was about only to give all the prizes to one winner but when I saw that many have joined my little giveaway, I decided to have 3 winners. The main prize will be the Victoria set plus 2 key chains, 2nd prize will be “Make me smile” EDT from Avon plus the lucky angel charm for cell phone and the 3rd prize will be the Avon necklace plus 2 key chains. The key chains that I included in the prizes came from 2 great places that I have been to – Tagaytay and Bohol. Though I have thought of giving away ironing boards at cleanairgardening for special winners, they might need one to help them with their chores.

The answer to the question “Where does the name Bebang came from?” is – Bebang is my Pet Name when I was young. My mother’s brother Luis is the one who gave me that pet name during my vacations in Bohol. And every year that I went home to Bohol, I always hear them call me Bebang and when I grew up, my Uncle teases me and calls me “Babes” because I am a lad already but it is still connected to “Bebang” (hahaha). As the years went by, I sort of hated that name because it is so “mabantot” (bitter smelling?) but some people find it cute and unique just like my boyfriend that is why we call our new puppy “Bebang”.

Among the 17 bloggers who joined, 2 got the correct answers and though I really want to give them special prizes I cannot think of anything. Some answers were amusingly funny and yes, I was laughing my heart out while reading some of the blog posts. Some were meticulously made and I loved them. I will announce the winners tomorrow, so STAY TUNED.

Hello Aspire One D257

My laptop which turned a year older last June 11 crashed last Sunday, July 17. I do not know why or how it happened; maybe somehow I visited a site which has a virus so that is why my laptop was affected severely. I just hope that my laptop will be okay and that I will not have to pay so much for its recovery because as of now I am on a tight budget.

And because I needed a computer to continue working online, I bought a netbook, Aspire One by Acer. Yes, I know I have said that I currently am on a tight budget but I used my Credit Card for buying this netbook, 0% for 12 months. And besides I have been itching to buy a netbook for my little brother and my mom so that they will know how to use Facebook and the internet. Hoping and crossing my fingers that my old lappy will get okay, this new netbook I am using will fall into my mother’s mercy.

I forgot to take a picture of my netbook but its color is maroon, but according to my mom its burgundy, but to me, it’s something reddish by the way. It is so little, not that heavy and so far I love to use it as a replacement to my old lappy.

I am glad when I opened my blog to see many comments in my dashboard, yeah, a lot of them for my contest and some are for the WBFC entrants. For those who join my contest, it will end tomorrow because tomorrow is my birthday. I am so happy when I read different answers/guesses I mean, I never expected different and unique answers, teehee.

Birthdays always make me reflective. What are we doing to improve ourselves? I’m thinking Computer Forensics Degrees would be beneficial! For more information, see Guide to
Online Schools

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #18

Yey! I won again for the 3rd time in WBFC $5 giveaway and I’d say I have received all that moolah from Mommy Rubz. Well, for this weekend, we are going to say goodbye to following through GFC because we will be going to do some subscribing. Yeah, we need some subscribers to our blogs right? And sometimes it is hard to convince other people to subscribe to your blog in order to find some readers.

This is my welcome post, please comment below if you have subscribed to my feeds and I will be glad to do the favor back. I just had set up my widget up there in the left corner of my blog thanks to Kaye’s post here because it was a great help to my part.

Our Newest Baby

Last Monday, July 11, 2011, we went to a Pet Shop in Malaybalay City to get my boyfriend’s birthday gift to me, a Labrador retriever puppy. I didn’t expect for a puppy though I know that my boyfriend has been thinking of what to give me for my coming birthday. When I saw the puppy, I fell in love with it. I love dogs and my love for them started when I was still young. My first dog was called Saddam and true to his name, though he is not that big, he is very brave. Brave enough that when another dog was about to attack me, he defended me and he got bruises all over his body. The next dog I had was “Kokey”, a black dog and not of any known breed. It was a gift, and yes she was brave too, very brave that she was poisoned many times already and thanks God that I was able to save her every time it happened. Having new addition to the family means we need to do some birth announcements for the new baby just like as having new puppy.

And now, our new baby girl is called “Bebang”. She is a cute little puppy which I know will grow up to be a big dog eventually. Of course, we bought some of her necessities such as shampoo, a lease, puppy food, and toys. Glad that I still keep my Pawnacea all natural paw balm that I have won from Yapatoot’s contest last year.
I want to share some picture of our little puppy and I will continue writing about Bebang here or in my other blogs for some updates.

And because my birthday is coming up, I would like to celebrate this with a little giveaway with very easy mechanics.
1. Answer the question “Where is the name “Bebang” came from? and post it as a blog entry with a link to this giveaway. (5 points if you get it right, 3 points if not).
2. Subscribe to my feed. (1 point)
3. Like my FB page. (1 point)
4. Follow my blog through GFC. (1 point)

Comment below with your blog entry url, email ad, FB name, and GFC name. (Note:Winner will be chosen randomly. My relatives cannot join the said contest.)

The Prize? No, you will not get a puppy. I will give away these beauties: