Bebang’s Frontline

Bebang have fleas and ticks from our other dogs, so when we went to Vet Annabelle 1 month ago, I asked her for something that will help me kill the fleas and ticks. She suggested that I should buy a Frontline Spray. ll I have to do is to spray the entire body of Bebang and I should spray it only once a month.

So far, I am happy with its results. Though the 100ml is so expensive (725php or $18 more or less), it could last for almost a year or more. Besides, I could spend more for my Bebang’s health. I am scared that if I allow the ticks and fleas to stay in her body for so long, Bebang might get sick and worse of all the fleas and ticks will attack us too aside from the fact that they might cling to aston martin custom floor mats which we might have in our room and living rooms.

So if you have puppies and dogs or cats, I suggest you buy something like Frontline to keep them healthy and away from ticks and fleas.

Construction Working Ahead

I don’t know if it is just me or some other people might have noticed this sign too:

The road to my hometown is under construction and I guess the people who are working on it, needs a review with their English 101. A simple mistake on spelling or they just don’t know how to spell it?

Bebang’s Vits

What I like most with my pet’s Vet is that she is so kind and honest. Two weeks ago, I went to her with Bebang because Bebang needed a de-worming. Vet Annabelle gave us a bottle of Calcium Lactate because Bebang is getting old already and that Vet Annabelle has seen that Bebang is hunching. She’s scared that Bebang might get hunch back in the future if its bones will not be strong enough for its size. So she gave this bottle of vitamins for free sometimes its like you are reading the best diet pill reviews online because you can get free knowledge about it.

The only problem is I am afraid of letting Bebang take this vits because I do not know how to put it into her mouth. But Vet Annabelle said I could just mix it up with her dog food.

Puppy Shampoo

This is Bebang’s Shampoo. The place where we bought Bebang recommended this shampoo and so far, I am contented with it. It smells good and it help Bebang’s fur maintain its glow. Aside from that, Bebang loves to play with water and he wanted to smell good too.

I told Bebang’s vet about this shampoo and she said that this is a good shampoo for the dogs. So there, I am happy that I have made the right decision in buying the right shampoo for my pet.

As of now, my dog takes a bath every week and sometimes we miss it especially if Bebang gets to be vaccinated because according to her vet, she needs not to be bathedfor five days after the vaccination.

I might look into to find out how I could help my pet more.

5 Reasons To Get Your MFA

5 Reasons To Get Your MFA

Why would you want to get your MFA?  You can do it for a number of reasons although you may not realize all the benefits when you just think about what classes you’ll be taking.  Here are 5 reasons to get your MFA that show you just how much it can give you.

Be Around Other Writers

It is a wonderful thing to be a writer around other writers.  You have people who share your passion who will understand exactly what you are going through as a writer and what you hope to accomplish.  You can discuss the matters of writing endlessly when you have those who think of almost nothing else just like you do.  You can be a member of a community of writers when you get your MFA and you can be understood.  This is a priceless reason to get your MFA.

Get To Meet Great Writers

Not only will you be able to spend quality time with aspiring writers but you will also get many chances to meet great writers who have already proven their writing mettle.  You can hear what these great minds have to say and perhaps even be able to ask a question of two of your own.  These famous writers can provide inspiration, direction, and just the pleasure that you will feel when you hear these writers talk about their works and their journeys to get where you want to be. 

Become A Better Writer

When you get your MFA then you will become a better writer.  This is, after all, what you will be there to do.  You will hone your craft and understand what it is that separates good writing from great writing.  You will also have the benefit of all the writers and teachers around you giving you feedback on how your writing might be improved.  While pursuing your MFA you will have countless opportunities to make yourself a better writer.

Learn How To Get Published

Getting your FMA is an excellent idea if you want to get published.  There are endless numbers of writers out there who want to get published but most of them have absolutely no idea how to make that happen.  One of the valuable lessons that you will learn while pursuing your MFA is how to work toward getting your writing published.  You can learn this not from a theoretical perspective but from those who have actually had to go through the process themselves.  You can learn this from your teachers, from the famous writers you will meet, and possibly even from other students. 

To Get More Time

Getting your MFA will give you time to do everything that you need to do before you make it your sole focus to attempt to become a professional writer.  You will have time to improve your writing and time to learn what being a writer is really like.  On top of this, you will have time write without being distracted by a full-time job that may not be your ultimate career goal.  Time to work on making connections in the world of publishing is yet another benefit that you will receive from pursuing your MFA. 

T. Rheinecker is very knowledgeable about how to earn an MFA degree online.

Hire an Attorney to Survive Bankruptcy

I have never experienced bankruptcy but I know why these kinds of problems occur and how a businessman should act upon it when the problem arises. Let’s face it, business is a gamble, you are not always earning from your business and sometimes you fail in it. If you want to run or you are currently running your own business, to earn a lot of money means having a higher risk in your investment. If you are a risk taker then probably you are earning a lot but take heed because you might lose big time.


If ever you are on the verge of bankruptcy it is always safe to hire nc bankruptcy attorneys because they know a lot when it comes to these things. The government will decide if you really are on the verge of bankruptcy and you are not just faking it. Moreover you need to hire someone who knows a lot about laws and how to deal with it. Because when you have gone bankrupt it goes without saying that you cannot pay all your accounts payable anymore, you have no assets to liquidate in order to be able to pay all your debts and accounts. Sometimes businessmen only knows what to do with their hard earned money or their net income and that is maybe to spend on something they always dreamed of or to invest in another business, often times they do not know what to do when they go bankrupt and how to deal with the people or banks that they needed to pay their debts off.


Hiring somebody who is knowledgable when it comes to Bankruptcy and the law that guides it is the perfect and the best decision that a bankrupt businessman can do to survive bankruptcy.

Disclaimer:I am participating in a blogger campaign in behalf of nc bankruptcy attorneys and was compensated. But this post is written according to my own opinion and views with regards to this matter.

Recreational Vehicle

I am an RV fan from the time I watched the movie “RV”. The movie RV doesn’t mean Recreational Vehicle instead it means “Runaway Vacation”. I cannot do a movie review about RV because I have not watch it again, but I can still remember that watching the movie was FUN and a person can learn a lot from it. A person can learn why is it important to save the family relationships and why is it important to know what matters most in your life.

Speaking of saving family relationships, having an RV and spend some vacation in different locations with your family can make strengthen your family ties. An RV is a vehicle which is like a home. It has a sleeping area, living room area and cooking area. So if you have an RV and travels with it you do not need to rent a room wherever you stop for the night. But of course just like any other vehicle, you need an RV insurance to be on the safe side.

From my point of view, RVs are expensive and only the rich people can buy and perhaps use it. But I wish someday, RVs will be available for rent for those who cannot afford to but the vehicle but wants to experience driving in different provinces with it.

Cars – A Jigsaw Puzzle

This is my latest hobby because my BF bought me two sets, a jigsaw puzzle. You see, I love puzzles even when I was a kid. I used to solve crossword puzzle and find the word puzzles. My mom used to buy me books with different puzzles in it. But just lately when me and my BF went to the mall, we saw these awesome bargain stuffs, jigsaw puzzle sold for less than 100php only.

My son loves cars so we choose this one and yes I was able to finish it.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20

Again I am joining this week’s WBFC. Just this week I added up on my widget a GOOGLE PLUS ONE because Mommy Rubz has given us a heads up on what to expect for this week’s Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.

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