Love 101

I do not know if it is just me, but I don’t like it when my boyfriend smokes or drinks. I know that his vices where already there even before he met me and I don’t want to be the girl or woman who changes him.

I know that I have to accept him for who he is and that I need to love him for everything that he is. But I can’t help it, I can’t help it why I feel so hurt and angry and I felt bad every single time that I learned he is into it again. There are times though that I allow him to smoke and drink but there are also times I don’t. It is not that I want to change him, it’s just I care because I know that it is not good for his health.

I know that he is trying to quit smoking and that he also tries to avoid his friends during drinking sprees and I am happy to know that. And yes I sometimes feel guilty that he misses his companions especially during birthday parties and events because I told him not to go to. But what do I need to do? I am such a brat and I don’t know how to explain to him sometimes that he needs to stop smoking and drinking to avoid health issues when he gets old.

Father and Son

“Like Father, Like Son” – this is another common idiom or statement or saying that I always encounter. Which has a Filipino counterpart “Kung ano ang Puno ay syang bunga” , which means ” A fruit-bearing tree will always bear its kind”.

My father is a chain-smoker and he told us that he got addicted to it when he was still in College and up until now, he cannot stop his addiction  to it. I even suggested that he might want to eat candies every after meal to avoid smoking but he said that it wont help either. I do not know if he had tried black & mild cigars because when I saw him smoking I think he is using cigarettes that are commonly sold in the small stores next to our house.

I have two brothers, one who just finished college (22 years old) and one who is still in grade school (11 years old). My 22 years old brother doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages too, so it is safe to say that the idiom above is not always correct.

Unlimited Call and Unlimited Text

I am a Globe subscriber and I own a lot of Postpaid plans. What I love most about the company is that they have a service which offers Unlimited Call and Unlimited Text to subscribers of the same network. As a business owner and an entrepreneur, this saves me a lot of money. Why this can save me money because I have to call and sometimes text a lot of people including my employees and even my business partners.

Another great invention of this generation or discovery is that we can use our phones to do conference call which means that we can call a lot of mobile of numbers using the same phone and we can join the calls together and then we can talk to each other like we are on one table. Sometimes I used it for business conference call because aside from it saves us a lot of money, it saves us time too. Because we do not need to wait for each other to a meeting place and then have a business meeting. We can do it with just one click and dial in our phone.

If you are a business minded person and you know that you need to have a postpaid plan that can lessen your money spent on loads then I think you should try unlimited call and text offered by telecommunications companies.

Commenting Etiquette 101

What is Commenting Etiquette? Are there rules in commenting on different posts? I have not seen one but I know that there are certain unwritten rules that I should follow. I am guilty of commenting “Nice One”, “Great Post” and the likes when I was a newbie blogger. I am also guilty of now reading the entirety of a post that I just comment right away without even thinking that I have written a different comment for a different topic.

I know that most bloggers, including me, wants to know that there are people who are reading our blog posts and getting comments from different people means they have read our blog posts. Honestly, I like leaving comments in different blog sites owned by my friends who blogged and blog sites whom I love to read but sometimes it is hard for me to comment not because I do not have the time to do so but my ISP fails me. That is why, I somehow understand if there are people who say that they visited my sites and haven’t left their footprint because of some unavoidable reasons.

I am sorry if I have left comments which are so short to be called a sentence, I just want to say “Hi, I have read your post and I was here visiting your site but my internet service provider sucks big time and I don’t have the power to change it”.


Charm Jewellery

I love jewellery which I think I got from my mom. My mother always gave me earrings and necklaces as gifts when I was young and even though I have lost some of the jewellery I received from her, she never stopped giving me her precious collections. Now I have bought gold jewellery of my own I keep them in a safe as, I believe, they are a good investment which will come handy when I need them in the future.

Another type of jewellery that is becoming fashionable these days is charm jewellery. Many women have learned to appreciate the value of owning jewellery simply because it enhances their beauty and sometimes it adds confidence to a woman wearing it. Charm Jewellery was made popular when famous people started wearing it.

Jewellery is always in fashion, whether it is made of gold, silver, tungsten or it has charms. Women have learned to appreciate the beauty of jewellery when they were young, simply because their mothers have taught them why it is a valuable and why it is good to wear.

Charm jewellery can be worn with any outfit; it is easy to wear in style. In addition to that some people believe that wearing charm jewellery brings luck in life, love and business. So it is wise to be fashionable and at the same time wear something that can bring good luck.

Winter and Thermal Underwear

Winter is fast approaching around the world and I am still wishing that I could experience winter first hand. There are people, like me, who have not experienced winter and have always dreamed of playing with snowballs and making snowmen. On the flip side, there are people who dread winter and wish it could be over as quickly as possible. I guess sometimes, people stop appreciating things because, for them, it is a normal experience and they take it for granted.

For me, living in a colder climate would take some time getting used to but I think I would genuinely like it. I imagine I would have to wear all types of clothes I normally never look at. No doubt Damart underwear would be a great help in easing the discomfort of having to face winter every single day for more than a month or two. Gloves, hats and boots would all help too! Living in a hot country gets boring which may seem odd to some. The thought of having cold air on your face when walking around is a refreshing thought in more ways than one.

Being a Filipino and a person who lives in the Philippines, I have not yet experienced winter but I am hoping that I will, someday. Throwing snow balls, drinking mulled wine and snowboarding look really, really fun. One day I am sure I will get the chance! 🙂

Mother Always Knows Best

“Mother always knows best” – this is a statement I always hear when I was younger than today. And now that I am a mother, I finally understand what this statement means.

I used to hate my mother for telling me what to do, for teaching me how to do the things I am up to, and for keeping me under her watch. I didn’t know that she only want me to be safe, to be able to do what is right, to be able to grow up as a good person, and to be able learn in life.
I just realized it now. Now that I am a mother myself because as a mother, we always want what is best for our child and we want them to have a good life and be a better person than we are. As a mother I always set my child’s needs as my number one priority and mine is second to his only. And in every single “Star” or “Excellent” that he shows to me every time he gets home from school is like a grade that I received and tells me that I am doing well on being a mother.

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