My Office Equipment

As I sit here in my office, I am able to see a lot of things which I am not using anymore such my printer, scanner, desktop, and my books. Well, from time to time I browse my books but I don’t read it from cover to cover anymore. I see a lot of things which have no use for me anymore and yet here I am still thinking of buying new things that I want and love to have such as hewlett packard toner cartridges plus an hp printer to use it with.

And now I am thinking of what to do with my old gadgets that would help the environment and lessen my carbon footprint. I will try to ask the stores who sell computer and gadgets if they will accept my old gadgets and recycle it.

Tokens for the GEB

This is what’s keeping me busy these days:

If you are not quite keen, you will not understand what I am doing. I am personally making my tokens to be given away this coming GEB of the PMC members. So for all the mommies who confirmed their attendance for the GEB will receive a token from me.

Anniversary Gifts

The hardships, trials, sufferings and pains, including the joyful experiences, are the spices of every relationship and marriage, which make it worth fighting and living for. However, these things become even more significant upon celebrating Anniversaries. Indeed, nothing is comparable to the entrancing feeling of celebrating the things which brought out the best and worst of us.
Anniversaries are special occasions, which are celebrated once a year. As a woman, this is one of the events that I am looking forward to whenever I am in a romantic relationship. Since it is a special occasion, things need to be exceptional also including gifts. Anniversary gifts for him, on the other hand, need not to be that luxurious, but somehow other people tend to associate the value of gifts to the degree of their love to the person. Well, gifts are really up to the person because things like this are very subjective. However, as for me, Luxurious or not, it is still the thought that counts. The essence of it is just making your day very special and memorable to nurture your love to each other.

10 Things Men Should Do

Basically, I am this type of girl who loves to appreciate the little and simple things. Showing you care to your girl may not always require money or expensive materials. It is through your efforts that make a woman feel loved and special. These are my sweetest day ideas and hope this could be of help.


1. Always communicate with her. Women feel important when they are remembered, and they feel special when you constantly check on her.

2. Always compliment her. A woman loves to be complimented, from the way she dresses. She looks and even to the microscopic details of her body and figure. Furthermore, she loves to be praised with her achievements and accomplishments.

3. Give her the little things. Girls love to keep every little simple thing you give to her. They find it sweet.

4. Listen to hear complaints and worries. Girls love to be heard, and they find it sweet when a man is willing to lend his ears for her.

5. Surprise her. Women love unexpected things from guys.

6. Always keep track on the dates and moments you’ve shared together. Girls tend to treasure and remember things and events, as if they have a diary on their head.

7. Be a gentleman.

8. Kiss her on the forehead.

9. Learn to love her faults.

10. Be honest.

Fun Run for a Cause

Our Town Fiesta is fast-approaching and in line with this, we have created a FUN and HEALTHY ACTIVITY for all the people who are sports enthusiasts and not. We have been planning to have a “FUN RUN for CAUSE” this coming Fiesta and thanks God, the Committee de Festijos have agreed and gave us a free date for the said activity.

The registration has already started and for 100php only, people can join our FUN RUN with 2 categories, 3KM and 5KM. The registration fee is inclusive of Certificate, Race Bib and Key chain.

There are 6 winners in each category and their prizes includes a t-shirt and a trophy. This is for a cause so the money that will be raised will be used for our project this coming December for our indigenous tribes in our town.

Aside from that, we also accept SPONSORS for the said event, you can contact me here if you re interested.

Thoughts on Having my Own Home

It just dawn on me. I have been living with my parents for so long already and I have never thought of buying a home for me and my son. I haven’t thought about it maybe because it is uncommon for Filipinos who are not yet married to leave her/his parent’s home to have her/his own. So up until now, I still ask for my parent’s approval whenever I bought something for myself or for my son that is more than the budgeted money and I also ask permission if I want to go out with some friends at night or perhaps a weekend over night at some place.

Back to having homes, actually I have been thinking of having a rest house somewhere near vacation and tourist places in our country. I know it is quite expensive but maybe I could do something about that. I have been checking out some furniture that could go so well with my chosen vacation home. I also checked out log cabin decor online because I have been thinking of choosing between bungalows and log cabins.

I know that having a new home or rest house is costly nowadays. The building and the lot are already expensive excluding the furniture that you need to buy to complete your home. And of course let us not forget that aside from the furniture such as dining set, living room set and bedroom set that you really need, you also need to decorate your home with some decors that would make it look more of yourself and make you feel at home.

Celebrities Posing for Magazines with Cigarettes

Last night, while I was watching the television, I was able to catch the news about Nora Aunor and Anne Curtis posing for magazines holding cigarettes. Nora Aunor is a great actress in her time and has a beautiful singing voice, and yes she poses for the YES magazine with a cigarette in her hands simply because she smokes. She said during the interview as to why it was the cover picture, she just said that why should the people make a big deal out of it when everybody knows she is a smoker. Anne Curtis on the other hand poses for Rogue magazine holding a cigarette in her hand looking so fashionable in a way. Anne Curtis is a great actress of this generation and I am one of her fans.

And yes, when I saw the news, I was disappointed with both of them. I can’t even stop myself from not posting a status in my Facebook account stating that I am a fan and at the same time disappointed with their poses. Why? Simply because posing for a magazine, knowing that you are famous and those teenagers who idolizes you thinks everything you do is cool and just right for everyone who is at your age or somewhere close to it, is like encouraging them to do what you are doing.
Many people have reacted in my FB status and said that it is their right, having the freedom of expression, and the parents should guide their children to back away or stay away from smoking, or that it is their life so why bother. Look, I am a parent, but cigarettes in our country are sold like candies in every Sari-sari Store next to your house. The teenagers can buy them easily, the store owners, thinking that they need to earn too, will not bother ask the buyers for whom it is bought for. Children and teenagers spent most of their time during the day outside their homes, outside their parent’s watchful eyes, so how can the parents know that their youngsters are on the verge of getting addicted to smoking? Smoking is not healthy and smoking kills. And yet a lot of people are addicted to it, simply because they have started to smoke at a very young age and even though they wanted to quit they just cannot do it because it is so hard to quit that habit. If we can help it, we should not be curious and try it and regret it afterwards.