Christmas Wish #1 – New Cellphone

Today is the last day of November and tomorrow I will start my countdown for Christmas Eve. Moreover, I have Christmas Wishes for December and I would love to share it with my readers.

On top of my list is a new cellphone, its not that I don’t like the one I have now because I love it. I just want to own a blackberry phone for a change because I haven’t tried using one. The one I own now is the Samsung Corby II which is WIFI ready and small enough to fit in my pocket. I used to have NOKIA cellphones but I don’t like it anymore because it always hangs.

I want to own a blackberry cellphone because some of my friends invited me and wanted to add me in their BBM list which I don’t understand. In order to know more about it, I think I should have a blackberry phone.

Sticker Tattoo

The kids are into sticker tattoos these days. When we went to Valencia City last month, we went to a store near Gaisano Mall where they sell a lot of items for the kids. From toys to candies, and from stickers to sticker tattoos.

The kids asked us to buy 3 sets of sticker tattoos and because it is on sale we bought it. They enjoyed putting tattoos on their bodies and yes, it is not permanent and it goes off easily. I even tried one on me.

We are not encouraging kids to have real tattoos on their bodies, but we let kids to be just kids. As of now, this is the “in” thing, so we let them play with it.

The Good Old Business : Restaurants

Philippines is a FOOD CAPITAL. Everywhere I go I see restaurants, food carts, food chains and everything else that sells food. The people who sells food varies, we have the finest restaurants for the elite and rich people, we have the fast-food chains for those who have salaries enough to spend on them, and we have the food carts and food vendors along the highways for the people who loves to eat but couldn’t afford to eat at the restaurants.

It is easy to manage a food carts because there is only one person who handles everything, from the cooking to the selling of the foods. The usual foods sold in the food cart are “Squid Balls”, “Tempura”, “Camote Cue” and “Banana Cue”, and other food that are easy to prepare. While the fast-food chain and the restaurant needs a lot of people, from the restaurant manager to the service crews and the people who cooks the food. Restaurant System is a big help to restaurants and fast-food chains in order to have a clean and good record of their sales and everything else that matters about the business.

People eat. So selling food is always a good business.

Foldable Water Container

I can already smell Christmas, I can feel it in the air, and somehow I feel that I am slowly being robbed. Why? Because I have so many godchildren and it would be shameful if I don’t give them something this Christmas. So when Cei tagged me in Facebook, I checked her FB store out and I have found the answer to my problem: Collapsible Water Container.

I immediately ordered 20 pieces of the said item with different designs which includes “Angry Birds”, “Hello Kitty”, “Sponge Bob” and “Mickey Mouse”. These cartoon characters are loved by kids so I know they would really appreciate the gift I will give them and they can even show it off at school because they can use it as their water container.

The package arrived through the help of the reliable “Hari ng Padala” LBC, and I am so happy that it arrived earlier than December.

These are the things that are inside the package:

Cleaning My BF’s Room

Cleaning is not my thing but I hate it when everything is a mess. Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I forgot to buy a gift for him so instead I cleaned his room for a change. There is nothing to arrange because he only had a bed, a TV rack, a cabinet for toys and a built-in cabinet for his wardrobe. But I want to clean out his closet because it is full of t-shirts and short pants that he is not wearing anymore. Aside from that, his TV rack and cabinet is so dirty, it needs to be wiped clean and I wonder where his yaya is.

I am planning to give him a computer cabinet because it is what is lacking in his room. He needs something where he can keep all his files for his business and other important documents. Aside from that he also needs something he can use to place his laptop because he has no table or desk in his bed room.

After a day’s work in my boyfriend’s bed room, I have found at least 30 t-shirts and 10 short pants he is not using anymore so I am thinking (and yes, I told him about it) of giving it away to people who needs it this coming Christmas Season.


Better to be Safe than Sorry

We are on our way home when I noticed something, the man who is riding at the back of a pick up vehicle right in front of us, is wearing a motorcycle helmet. I don’t know what this guy was thinking when he wore it.

I know this is funny but sometimes we can ponder, maybe it is better to be safe than to be sorry. What if an accident happens and the only thing that will protect him from harm is that motorcycle helmet. I am also thinking maybe he is wearing the helmet because it is for FUN, or it is stylish? Aside from the fact that there is already a national law that has been passed that all motorcycle drivers will now wear a helmet when traveling.

LEGO Keychain

I have so many collections and to name a few, I have stamps, postcards, key chains and Coca-Cola Memorabilia but I can also try collecting eyelash enhancer for a change. For now I want to share with my dear readers this cute LEGO Key Chain I ordered from a friend when she went to Lego Land last month. This is an addition to my key chain collections and I am so happy when I received them.

When I was young, I used to play with LEGO and though my parents couldn’t afford them back then, I have godparents who gave me a set or two during Christmas Season. As you can see above, I have 6 lego key chains, one for me, one for my mom, one for my son, one for my bf and one each for my two little brothers. Our names were embossed on it to avoid losing it.

Tokens for the Mommy Bloggers

The PMC Grand EB is fast-approaching and I am sad that I cannot join it. Meeting the people behind every blog is one thing I would love to do because I feel different towards the blogs they own if I can put faces behind it. Maybe next Grand Eye Ball I will be there but as of now I am contented sending my love to every member of the Pinay Mommy Community. I would be sending each of those who will join a token and it looks like these:

I made these with my own hands and I hope the mommies would love it.

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Manny Pacquiao WON again

I am FILIPINO, I am proud about what Manny has done so far, for my country, for his career, for his family. But for today, I am quite disappointed with the judges’ decision. I am not a boxing fan, I don’t even know how the judges give their scores to the boxers during the event but I have watched it with my own two eyes and I believe Juan Manuel Marquez should win the fight.

If, like me, you have watch the fight for today, do you think Manny Pacquiao deserves to WIN? Because for me, I think he don’t deserve it.

Juan Manuel Marquez put up a good fight and he throws a lot of punches to Manny Pacquiao for the last 12 rounds. But who cares what I think, anyway?

Manny Pacquiao have won so many fights, and have lost some, there were fights he doesn’t deserve to lose and I think Juan Manuel Marquez and all the Mexicans out there felt what we felt when Manny Pacquiao lost a fight in which it was clear that he should have won.