It’s not too late to give Christmas Gifts

Yes, it is not too late to give Christmas gifts just yet. Just because December 25 has passed by means that we cannot give out gifts anymore, but we still can. Sometimes we are too busy with our daily lives that we tend to deliver the Christmas gifts we have prepared for our god children and relatives.

I have prepared different kinds of toys for boys and girls as well as dresses and colognes for my relatives which I could give out this Christmas season. I have bought them on malls and some I bought online and while browsing for gifts I have seen advertisement for l.l. bean coupons as well.

With this post, I am reminding you my friends that we could still give out gifts that we have prepared for this season though December 25 has passed us by.

Merry Christmas HO-HO-HO

I once believed in Santa Claus and up until now, I still do. Sometimes I wonder if all grown ups have the same thoughts as mine.

Yes, Santa Claus for me is real and though I haven’t seen him in real life, I would still believe in him just as I believe in the spirit of Christmas. Children believes in Santa Claus and they also believe in Jesus Christ even though they have not seen them in real life.

Santa Claus may have not given me all my wants for Christmas but Jesus Christ have given me all my needs. And having no gifts from Santa Claus doesn’t mean I was naughty for the past year, it just mean that more children needs him most than I need his gifts.

Giving out COINS this Christmas

Christmas is on its way and I am still half way with my Christmas gifts. I am thinking of giving out custom challenge coin for a change though.

I am checking my list for all the people I need to give out gifts to and I don’t have enough resources (money) to buy for all the things they wish for Christmas. It’s hard when we are tied up with our budget but still we need to show them that we love them by giving them gifts, right? But the gifts need not be expensive.

White Christmas

“I’m dreaming of aa White Christmas…” – this is one of my favorite songs way back in high school. In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas with Christmas Carols, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees and we even have the Christmas Spirit but we don’t have White Christmas.

I really, really, really want to have a WHITE Christmas. Experience life at its best, dancing with the snow, throwing snowballs at my friends or perhaps build my very own snowman, or learn snowboarding using burton snowboards. But living in a tropical country, I really doubt if I can experience all of these dreams here.

Someday, maybe someday, I will have my very own White Christmas in another country.

Coca-Cola MUG

I love to collect things that has Coca-Cola on it. Just recently, Jollibee has offered to give FREE COCA-COLA MUG to their customers who ordered 3 LARGE COKE.The promo only runs for 15 days and I couldn’t let the chance just pass.
So when we went to Jollibee-Valencia, I ordered 3 value meals plus 3 go large coke to get the mug that I really want.

There were two designs but only one is available and I’d rather have one than not having any at all.

The mug is cute and it is not made of plastic, another great addition to my collection.

Old and New Coins

There are people who loves to collect different things, I have learned that there are people who collect earrings, shoes, pillows, guitars, and even paper bills and coins.

My mom has her own collections of old and new coins too, though it is not much, it is enough to be called a collection. She used to buy silver coins from different sellers and now she stopped, maybe because she has no time for her hobby anymore or maybe because she has find another one.

But there are people who devoted their time finding the most unique addition to their collection. Searching the world for every old coin they can find in antique stores. I think coin collection is a hobby for the people who can afford to buy them, as for me, I am contented collecting stamps and postcards because it is much cheaper.

Help a child become an “e.Studyante” with P&G promo packs

School children in the Philippines face many challenges; sometimes, even the simple walk to school in the morning can be an arduous journey. Students cross rivers, traverse mountain peaks, even go through battlegrounds just to go to school. And when they arrive, they are faced with meager resources – overcrowded classrooms, the lack of books and school supplies – which all make for an uninspiring learning environment.

That is why starting on its 76th year, Procter and Gamble (P&G) Philippines is setting out to make these students’ journey more worthwhile. Taking its commitment to education to the next level, P&G will provide technology and connectivity to Filipino students nationwide with its e.Studyante program.

Along with partner Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Synergeia Foundation, the e.Studyante program will provide kids from selected schools with an XO Laptop from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Association. The XO laptop is a rugged, low-power, connected laptop especially designed to make learning more engaging and more fun for students.

Students can use their laptops not just to learn but to share and connect with each other, with their communities and with the world – helping them all become an “e.Studyante.”

The goal is simple: Give out 1,000,000 laptops in time for P&G’s 100th year. And you can help.

“For children all over the country, the challenge of education begins even before they step into the classroom. Some have to wake up at the crack of dawn and walk miles through unpaved roads, through woods and rivers, just to get to school. We are doing this for these students. We want to make this journey worthwhile for them by giving them the tool that will place the world’s knowledge at their fingertips – through a laptop and internet connectivity,” said Chad Sotelo, e.Studyante Country Marketing Manager.

“But it’s not something we can do alone,” Sotelo added. “To help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 students, we would like to invite moms all over the country to support the e.Studyante program by buying P&G promo packs.”

Through the “e.Studyante” program, you can help give a child a laptop by buying specially marked P&G promo packs available nationwide. You not only save up to 40% on your favorite P&G products but you also help provide a child with a world of educational materials and fun activities that will inspire them to learn and achieve even more.

Participating brands include Safeguard, Tide, Pampers, Downy, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Joy, Rejoice, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Vicks and Ambi-Pur.

Helping those in need has never been easier. You can help make each child’s journey to school more worthwhile. Support the e.Studyante program and help gift each student with a brighter future! Isang laptop, mas malawak na kaalaman, mas magandang bukas.

“Pinay Mommies Community supports the P&G e.Studyante Program”