2012 Newest Fashion Trends

It’s already year 2012, and I am pretty sure that most people who are into fashion are looking for some new clothes and get-ups to be worn in order to attract the attention of the public. Last year 2011, there were a lot of fashion statements that became famous worldwide such as tattered and skinny jeans, loose shirts, etc. Now that it is 2012, will these clothes still be on the “hot” list to the world of fashion? Well, I guess the answer lies to the public on which clothes or style they will patronize and adapt.

Among the clothes and styles, I noticed on television and some movies, I frequently see high-visibility clothing. Although this type of clothing is only for emergency purposes, I find good and comfy. I could not remember the title of the movie I watched, but I was really attracted to the leading actor of the film who wore this type of clothing. Maybe the bright and attractive color of high-visibility clothing has enhanced and emphasized the hotness of that actor. Although, I am not quite sure if this will be a hit in the public, I just noticed that it has some potential. However, it has to be worn by someone who knows how to carry himself or herself gracefully.

Setting aside the “new” stuff, I also think that Koreans will still have a great influence in the public when it comes to “cute” and “sexy” clothes and dresses. They have already influenced most countries in Asia, and I think this year they will still continue to dominate. I don’t know what is with their dresses and styles, but I was also attracted to their fashion statements, most especially when I watch Koreanovelas.

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