Good House Lighting

I don’t have my own house just yet but I am planning to build one of my own. There are so many things to consider first when building your own house. Such as the size of the house, how many bedrooms do you need, where it is located and many more. It is also important to think of where you want to build your house, if you want it in the urban area or in the rural area. After deciding the location, you need to decide about its size, how big or small it is that would be enough to cater for your needs.

As for me, I want to build my house in my home town because it is where my business is located and I want to raise my children in my home town. The perfect location will be in the town proper because it is where the school, church, clinic, grocery stores and market are located. I don’t want a big house because bigger house means bigger expenses for the electricity and water bills, so I prefer a small one but just enough for my family.

One thing that I would love to choose myself for my house is the bathroom lighting aside from the lighting in the whole house. It is important for me because I want my home to be perfect and I would love to have a different style from the other houses in my home town. A contemporary lighting for the whole house will bring something unique and different I guess. My home will look great and cool at the same time.

I also want a big front yard and backyard. I want to have benches and flower garden in front of my house while vegetable garden at my backyard. We have different tastes I guess in building our homes but it’s not bad to check out other people’s houses for some ideas.

FUN RUN in Pangantucan Bukidnon

This is a very late post, I know. I have been busy last year and I have forgotten all about the FUN RUN for a CAUSE that we have organized. When I checked my drafts, I still have the uploaded pictures here but I have forgotten to make a post about it.

The FUN RUN was a huge success, it was our first time to organize such event in our small home town and yet there are people from other places who have joined the event. Aside from that, we were able to ask for sponsorship from generous people.

It was hard at first because I didn’t know what to do to have a successful FUN RUN. I am glad though because some of my town mates were there to help in organizing the FUN RUN.

I am the one who registered all the participants for the FUN RUN so I was there as early as 3:30 in the morning. With me are the Green Warriors from Malaybalay City who helped in organizing the FUN RUN.

Before they start the race, one of the Green Warrior members showed the participants how to properly stretch to avoid getting cramps while running.

Yes, they are finally getting ready here for the RUN.

Missing my Brother

He is marrying soon and yes I am starting to miss my brother now. It is not easy because I am used to having my little brother by my side, calling him every time I need someone to run some errands for me. Aside from that I also miss the times when we used to play. When we were young we used to play a lot of kiddie games, such as hide and seek, monopoly, scrabble and we even play with his tamiya models.

Though I am a girl and he is a boy, it wasn’t a hindrance for us to enjoy each others company. Though sometimes we quarrel over something, we always end up being okay because we always say “I am sorry” without hesitation.

Though he is taking another big leap in his life, from being single to married, I hope we could stay close forever.

Wedding Gown

I can’t help myself from not thinking about my wedding day and what kind of wedding gown I will be wearing. I am my brother’s wedding planner, remember, and because I am not married yet, I can’t help myself from not thinking of how I would look like on my wedding day too.

Planning the wedding includes looking for the best wedding dress for the bride. Checking out every gown designers who can create the best bridal gown that will suit the bride.

I also want my future SIL to have the best wedding of all time because she is going to marry my brother. Aside from that fact, I so love my brother that I want him to have the best wedding of his life too. He is the first one of the family to get married that is why we are all excited for this wedding.

Goodbye SmartBro Plug-It

It’s been 2 years since I applied and got approved for my SmartBro Postpaid Plug-It plan and I am saying goodbye to them now. Yes, I didn’t renew my plan because as of now, I am not quite contented with the service I am getting for the 999php I am paying them.

SmartBro plug-it is very convenient to use because I can bring it anywhere, but the problem is, the internet connection in my place is super slow compared to some places in Bukidnon.

I also sometimes lost the connection even when I am just in our own house, there is no SmartBro signal inside my room, but they have a signal in my mom’s room. I am not campaigning against them because from the start I already know that the internet connection in my home town is slow compared to other towns and cities but I was hoping that after two years they could improve their service in my home town. For now, I am contented to be not online 24/7 because I don’t have an unli surf connection anymore.

I am also thinking of buying a pc tablet in replacement for my laptops because I think they are more connection friendly than my laptops. I am still weighing the pros and cons of having one.

Wedding Themes and Concepts

The wedding planner in me keeps on thinking what is the nice wedding theme or concept for the coming wedding of my brother. So far, I have made this list:
1. Garden Wedding – because they are planning to held the ceremonies at the wedding reception venue, I am thinking of garden themed wedding. They can have butterflies flying above their head after the wedding rites. The lovely bridesmaids will bring fairy wands instead of bouquets and the cute little flower girls will wear butterfly wings.
2. Beach Wedding – I am thinking of a beach themed wedding for my brother and his girlfriend. The bride will wear a simple white laced dress and the groom will wear white polo and pants for a perfect beach wedding. No more stilettos for the guests, they could wear flip flops instead. And the bridesmaids? They can wear swimsuits if they want to.
3. Cartoon Characters themed Wedding – My brother and his girlfriend loves to watch cartoons and anime’s perhaps they would like to have a cartoon/anime themed wedding where in everybody who wants to witness their wedding could look like their favorite cartoon character, yes, I mean why not Cosplay for the wedding?

I have made this list and I still have lots in my mind right now. Will try to share some for the next coming days.

2012 Newest Fashion Trends

It’s already year 2012, and I am pretty sure that most people who are into fashion are looking for some new clothes and get-ups to be worn in order to attract the attention of the public. Last year 2011, there were a lot of fashion statements that became famous worldwide such as tattered and skinny jeans, loose shirts, etc. Now that it is 2012, will these clothes still be on the “hot” list to the world of fashion? Well, I guess the answer lies to the public on which clothes or style they will patronize and adapt.

Among the clothes and styles, I noticed on television and some movies, I frequently see high-visibility clothing. Although this type of clothing is only for emergency purposes, I find good and comfy. I could not remember the title of the movie I watched, but I was really attracted to the leading actor of the film who wore this type of clothing. Maybe the bright and attractive color of high-visibility clothing has enhanced and emphasized the hotness of that actor. Although, I am not quite sure if this will be a hit in the public, I just noticed that it has some potential. However, it has to be worn by someone who knows how to carry himself or herself gracefully.

Setting aside the “new” stuff, I also think that Koreans will still have a great influence in the public when it comes to “cute” and “sexy” clothes and dresses. They have already influenced most countries in Asia, and I think this year they will still continue to dominate. I don’t know what is with their dresses and styles, but I was also attracted to their fashion statements, most especially when I watch Koreanovelas.

Wedding Photography and Videography

I have been posting a lot about wedding but no, I am not getting married, its my little brother who is getting hitched this coming March. But I am the one who’s been so very busy looking for all the things they need to have a great wedding.

As of now, I am still looking for the perfect wedding photographer and videographer for my brother and his future wife. Checking all the possible people that is right for the job, somebody who can give me the best package available at a possible price too. So far, I have checked more than 5 people who offers great services with regards to wedding photography and videography. I even checked out their sites and download video to compare them from one another.

Aside from that I am also asking people I know if ever they know somebody who can do the job best. I have a lot of friends who got married last year and maybe they can help me decide who to choose as my brother’s wedding photographer and videographer.


One thing I cannot forget from my PMC family is my PMC mug. Every time I drink my milk or my coffee, this is my perfect partner to start my day, my PMC mug.

Though I didn’t join the PMC Grand EB last year, I have received so many tokens from the mommies who joined the event (Thanks Mommy Rubz for bringing them all the way back from Manila).

Will be posting more tokens soon.

Wedding Planner

I am acting as the wedding planner for the upcoming wedding of my brother, I know, I am such a sucker for weddings. I love weddings, I love to attend weddings and I can’t even wait for my very own wedding (but it is still so faraway from reality though).

And because my little brother is getting married this coming March 2012, I want to help them organize their wedding. I am not a wedding planner and I haven’t even planned my own wedding just yet, but I know I can manage the responsibility of organizing the best wedding for my brother.

So bear with me because from today, I will be posting a lot about my brother’s upcoming wedding on how I prepared for it. Planning weddings is not my cup of tea, just yet, but it will be, I know it’s not as easy as having log cabin decor in our house but with my friend and relative’s help, I know I can manage to pull it off.

For starters, I am thinking and scouring the internet for possible wedding theme and wedding concept. We have their motif already and it is royal blue mixed with silver.