Realization 101

Realization 101 – Yes, I realized today that I am getting old and I am still single while most of my classmates are married already. I enjoyed reading their Facebook statuses about their family lives and I also liked watching their family albums. I am envious because they have found their true calling and that is having a family of their own, kids to raise and a husband or wife to love and go through with their life with.

Gone were the days where the only thing that matters is school life and studying for exams. Gone were the days where we don’t have to answer to someone for our actions and we don’t have to ask permissions on the club wear that we used to wear when we go night clubbing. Gone were the days where our social life only includes having movie dates with our girlfriends and going shopping for our needs, just our needs which includes make up kits, nail polish and women’s accessories.

Why am I jealous? Because I also want to have a family of my own, a family that is a complete one. I also want to have a home of our own where we could raise our children the way we want to raise them, a home where memories will be shared and kept. I want to have a family that I can call my own, not a perfect one, but a family who stays together for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.

PMC keychain

Another token that I have received from a PMC mom last year was this cute little key chain. I am a key chain collector and though I haven’t shared my collections here yet, I am happy to say that I was ecstatic when mommy Peachy decided to give me one of her chosen tokens for the PMC GEB.

I am not using my key chains, I collect them, I put them in a place where they are safe and free from dust. Are you a key chain collector too?

Anniversary Gift Ideas

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary last December and the BF didn’t give me any anniversary gifts. But he surprised me with a bouquet of Pink Flowers and a Yellow Cab pizza when I woke up. I didn’t expect any gifts because having him in my life is a great gift already.

I want to share with you some anniversary gift ideas that I believe would make your girlfriends happy. If you can afford it, try to give her an anniversary diamond ring because diamond is a woman’s best friend and it will make her happy more than ever.

But if you don’t have that big amount of money, you can give her simple gifts that you don’t need to spend some money on. Try giving her personalized gifts such as cards and love letters, plus flowers that you have asked from your neighbor, it will make her smile too. And she would appreciate it more because you have worked hard on it just to make your anniversary more memorable.

PMC token: Cute looking Calendar

I got this cute-looking Calendar from the PMC EB last year. As I have said, I didn’t join the Grand Eyeball last year but the PMC mommies sent me some tokens through Mommy Rubz.
As for today, I want to share this token from Mommy Levy. At first I thought this is a make up kit but no, this is a Calendar with different colored post-it-notes plus a pen.

I love it so much and I am happy that Mommy Levy gave me this token.

Bunk Beds

It has always been my dream to live independently; away from my family. And now that this dream is about to come true, I have started looking for some nice pads or apartments to rent and live in. However, since I still couldn’t afford to pay solely the rent, I decided to invite my cousin and a friend of mine to live with me in the apartment or pad in order to divide the rental fee, electricity and water bill.

We have found a nice pad somewhere in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, which could cater for a maximum of 10 people. It is a very nice pad, with tiles, bathroom and kitchen inside it. My siblings were delighted with the pad’s capacity because they wanted me to find a place where whenever they come to Cagayan de Oro, they will have a place to sleep in.

Since I wanted to have a spacious and organized pad, which could cater for visitors to sleep, we decided to buy a bunk bed instead of our ideal beds (King size, etc.) in order to save some space and have more beds available for the visitors.

Apparently, bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of the other. Examples of bunk beds are those that we can commonly find in dormitories, prisons, ships, cabins, hostels, etc. However, I, on the other hand, wanted to have a unique bunk bed which could bring comfort and warm on my mind and body. In such a way that I would like our bunk bed to be personalized and made by a carpenter, and designed by me in order to have my ideal unique version of bunk bed, which could also attract my visitors.

Journal and Ledgers

I am very busy this week, I have been trying my best to remember what I have learned in College. I am an accountancy graduate and I am trying to keep my records as organized and as clean as accountants do.

I am checking out my old textbooks for some help and some ideas on how to keep my records straight and correct. I am back to posting on my journal and ledger. Back to thinking what debit and credit means. And I am back into the world of trial balance where everything needs to be equal.

Online Shopping for my Needs

Have you tried online shopping? If you haven’t, you should try it. Three years ago, I have learned about blogging and I also learn about online earning. At first, I don’t know how to get my money online so I just used it to shop online. I have checked out different online stores and shops for my needs and wants. There are online stores who offer lower prices and free delivery, there are also online shops who offer freebies and “buy one, take one” promos. Almost everything is sold online and as a consumer or buyer you need to verify the authenticity of the thing you are going to buy and with other consumers or shoppers’ help you will also be able to distinguish the real sellers from scammers.

You can also check out some retail store supplies online. The good thing about shopping online for your needs is that you will be able to save money in fuel because you don’t need to go out of your house and buy your household needs. Another thing is that it is not time-consuming, you don’t have to go from one aisle to another to look for all the things you need for the week or month. You only need a computer or laptop that you can connect online then voila, you can shop online for your groceries, wardrobe needs and even toys for your kids. If you are buying in bulk, you can save on the delivery cost and you can even get some freebies too.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

I haven’t received any Valentine’s Day card for this year and it didn’t surprise me. Why? Because I don’t usually receive cards for Valentine’s Day, I used to give a lot of cards during Valentine’s Day when I was in high school but nobody gives me a card. Some Valentine’s Day cards are hand-made, some are bought from stores and some are uniquely created by me.

Here are some nice ideas for a unique Valentine’s Day cards you can make at home at give next year to your loved-ones and family.
• Heart-formed cards made from red cardboards – this is easy to make, personalized and cheap, you only need cardboards (cartolina) and you can create a lot from one sheet.
• Cards made from bond papers pasted with cut-out hearts and designs from old cards – you only need bond papers, a paste and old Valentine’s Day cards that you have received, you can cut out the design and letters then paste it unto the bond paper and you have created a new Valentine’s Day card.
• Valentine’s Day card made from Cross-stitch – I used to give this kind of card to my parents, yes it is easy and more personalized, there are many ways to create different letters using the thread and cross-stitch cloth.

Wedding Band Types

There are many different wedding band types. The amount of metals now being used in jewelry is at an all time high. There seems to be new innovations every year. More people are using these new resources to make the wedding jewelry industry explode with new ideas. The most sought after are wedding bands platinum. These wedding bands are the most pure so it is a good sign for your love for each other. They are also made of the rarest precious metal on the planet. So you are going to get quality and value from the. There are many new alternative metals being used. If you have a metal allergy there are even wedding bands for you. The different types can be counted by the dozen. Sometimes it makes it difficult to find the right one.

If you don’t really feel like breaking the bank for a platinum wedding band you have other options to get the same look. You can look at palladium ring bands. These are going to look and feel the same as platinum at a fraction of the cost. It is a good idea to try several on first before committing to one ring for your wedding. Different styles will fit differently. They will also wear in their own unique way as well.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Its 5 more days to go before Valentine’s Day hits the town. Most couples will spend their Valentine’s Day together and some will be contented with seeing each other through Skype or video calls because they are long-distance lovers. Nevertheless, men and women alike are trying their best to show their other half that they loved them truthfully by giving those gifts of love such as:

• Stuff toys carrying messages of love in their tummy.
• Bouquet of flowers with chocolates.
• Valentine’s Card.
• Couple T-shirts or Couple Watches that matches.
• Valentine’s Cake with words of love.
• Something unique and personalized like a set of framed led lights saying “You’re my only one”.

The list could go on and on but the main reason why people give gifts of love on Valentine’s Day is Love itself, wouldn’t you agree?