I am a MOM, again!

I just gave birth to my second child last March 17, 2012 and nothing feels different. I am still ME, I still have the heart of a child who believes in dreams and hopes for the best in life, I still think that I am young, that age is just a number, and I still think that I have a lot of things to learn from my mom (or other moms out there) to become better in my profession as a mother, myself.

I have been a mother for 5 years already to my eldest, JB, and yes I can proudly say that I did my BEST to be a good mother and father to him at the same time. I was a single-mother and I am still now, because I am not yet married, but somehow I can say that this time around it’s a different story. I now have someone who can help me raise my two kids; I already have someone who can help me show them the right and only way to become a good person in the future.

I am a proud mother again, to my daughter baby G. And I am a proud mother, still, to my eldest child JB. Though I have two children now, my love is undivided; instead it is multiplied by two. My love for my first-born hasn’t changed, I know that it shouldn’t be, and my love for my daughter is just the same for my son. Being a mother of two, nothing has changed, I am still a mother, I am still me, and I am still striving to become the BEST MOM for them.

JB turns Five

My son just turned 5, and I still can’t believe that it was fast approaching. By now, he’s into toys, playing PSP, watching cartoons and just being a kid. Soon, he will become a teen, finish high school and get into college and meet some girls. After that, he will get a career that he wants, might be having a business of his own or enter the corporate world. By then, I know that getting a mens leather briefcase for him will be a perfect gift that I can give. I’m sure that whatever career path he’ll choose he’s going to use it wherever he goes.

Happy 5th Birthday JB

Yes, my son turned five today and I never thought that children could grow up so quickly. It felt like yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday and now, he is five. I am busy for the preparation, so I will just make another post about his day next time. This is just  a quick and short post to greet him.

Music and I

I am a music-lover; I enjoyed watching bands perform live. They play good music; I bet the bands right now are using high-end electric guitars. One that I know of is the PRS guitar, a product with good quality and made to perfection. Every detail is crafted carefully with personal touch. Aside from the electric guitar collection, they also carry amplifiers, accessories, and guitar parts. They may be a bit pricey, but I’m pretty sure that you will not regret having this type of guitar. If I’m going to have my own band, I will definitely save for this guitar.

Nanay Saring’s Birthday

Nanay Saring celebrated her 85th birthday with her family. Nanay Saring is a simple mother who gave birth to 10 children. Today, the doctors and even the government encourages us to use birth control pills to avoid giving birth to too many children but 50 years ago, family planning wasn’t enforced yet that is why Nanay Saring has many children.

My Metabolism

I guess I am lucky when it comes with my physique, with a superb metabolism, I can practically eat whatever I want without worrying of gaining weight. I have a friend who tried a lot of diet practices, including the after-6 diet. But to no avail, it didn’t work out. Well, I hope that she would get to learn more about apidextra and see if it will be effective for her. And when all comes well, we can hit the beach together and have a great time relaxing.

A Sunny Day

This is just one of the sunny days in my life. Being a WAHM (work at home mom) is not easy. Obviously, in the photo below, you will see how I managed to watch over my one month old daughter while having my snack (see the “suman”?) in front of my net book (working on my blog) and checking my text messages for a possible blog event.

Own Resort

Isn’t it amazing if you own a resort? May it for private or public use. Last year my cousin decided to build her own resort here in Pangantucan Bukidnon because her kids love the water and the pool.

Two pools can be use already now but the resort is not yet finished. There are so many things to build, such as cottages, dirty kitchen with undermount sinks, and shower rooms. But still the kids love to visit the place and go swimming.

Me and My Bestfriend

Friendship. Friends. How do you keep your friendship alive even though you are far from each other? I have a lot of friends, and I have different categories for them. You see if I join a pageant I would be Miss Congeniality. I categorize my friends into 3 – best friends, long-time friends and just friends.
I have many best friends, am I supposed to have only one? When I little, I used to have only one best friend and that is my neighbour who lives next to our house. We play together, we eat together, and sometimes we even sleep together. We grew up together in our town and we were classmates from day care to primary education. And every time I check my old album, she is there with me, having the same dress, eating the same favourite food and playing our favourite game.
During our secondary education, we lost in touch. I went to private school and she enrolled herself in the public school. I found another girl whom I can call my new best friend. And I am sharing with you our newest picture below.

She has been my best friend for more than 10 years now. And though we are far away from each other (she went to another country for work) we still find ways to communicate through yahoo messenger, email, social networking sites such Friendster and Facebook, and we do spend money on texting and phone call. And just recently she went home here in the Philippines and we met again. I have 2 kids now and she has one. I live in Bukidnon and she lives in Davao City which is 5 hours away from my place but we still find time to meet and spend some time together. I consider her as my best friend not because she approves everything that I do with my life but because she accepts me for who I am.

Building Stairs

If you have searched for an article online on how to build stairs you will notice that there isn’t a lot of complete information out there. There are a lot of videos and tutorials out there that will teach you a few different aspects of building stairs but not too many have everything you need all in one place. If you haven’t done it before and you consider yourself to be handy it is a project that you can probably complete. You will first need to design it and then you will need to make the plans and then you need to follow your plans. You will need to calculate everything. You need to calculate the distance between the balusters and the height of everything. There are sites that sell stair parts and a lot of times you can get good information from them on building your staircase.