Musical Instruments for our Baby Girl

Our Achi (Older Sister) will start her special classes this coming school year for Violin lessons. Last year she asked us to buy her a piano and that we enroll her for Piano Lessons but then again she changed her mind. This year, Violin lessons are offered in her school and she again asked us to buy her a Violin and enroll her for special classes, so before she can change her mind and ask us again for another musical instrument such as euphonium, we enrolled her immediately. The violin, I think, can wait. We are still looking for the right violin for her and checking out the differences with other brands and sizes.

Baby G’s Smiles

My baby girl turned 2 months last May 17, 2012 and just recently I have captured her smile. Believe me, I have seen her smile when we were still at the hospital, hours after I gave birth. But I only captured it just recently because it is hard to hold her while holding a camera. I’d rather keep her smiles to myself rather than capture it and might drop her while I am taking a picture of her beautiful smile.

I am one proud mother, all mothers are I believe. That is why we always show to the world how we love our children. And we want to show to the world the milestones that our children have passed.

One BIG package for Gerayah

My blogging career started when I met some friends online who blogs. After a year of blogging I finally met my blogging friends in Manila when we went there last year for a convention, namely Pehpot and Fedhz with darling yz. Of course, here is a picture to prove it:

I didn’t expect that I could gain real friends online the same when I thought I couldn’t order a discount macanudo cigars online. And just this year, I gave birth to my little baby girl Gerayah, and Mommy Pehpot send her love through a big package right here:

She gave Sati’s old dresses, onesies, pants and even a pair of swim suit to my dear baby girl. We loved the baby items she sent us and I promised to take a picture of my baby when she wears them.

Make-Up Session by Cheer Lei

I am no good in putting my own make-up. The only thing I know how to put on my face is a lip gloss and an eyeliner. The blush on and eye shadow part, I don’t have any talents. So when these girls asked me if I wanted a make over, I said YES immediately, and Cheer Lei had FUN in doing her part.

She put on the liquid eyeliner first (which I don’t know how to apply too but I really love to learn). Then the eye shadow and blush on follows. Putting the lipstick last. And after the make-up session, we posed and took a picture together:
Aren’t we so happy? By the way, I forgot to tell you that today is Ama’s Birthday.

Car Insurance

Just recently, we purchased (my father actually) a new car. But before we laid our hands on the new Limited Edition Montero Sport GLX-V we have a lot of things to settle first and a lot of requirements to prepare. When my father decided to acquire his new car, the bank has asked us a lot of requirements such as: Current ITR (Income Tax Return), two VALID IDs and bank statements. After that, when we were approved, the bank asked as to pay for the chattel mortgage and car insurance. For Mitsubishi on the other hand, they asked us for the down payment and the freight or shipping fee for the car.

As to the first requirements, we have no problem with that, because we are taxpayers, and we do have bank statements and valid IDs. The problem arises for the second requirement which is the chattel mortgage and the car insurance. The chattel mortgage is just right for the amount of the car loan we have applied for, but the car insurance was a big problem. The first Insurance Company we asked for has quoted us with more than 60,000php for a car insurance which only includes own damage and accidents and I believe it’s just not right. That’s why we looked for another Insurance Company that can give us a lower offer and yet a bigger value. It is not hard to determine and find the right deals on car insurance because we can compare their prices online and with other insurance company that we personally visited and asked. The bank has required us to get the car insurance which includes the Acts of God/Nature insurance because you don’t know when the next flood or earthquake will happen. And having the Acts of God or Force of Nature insurance for your car is an insurance that we should really pay for. When we have found the right Insurance Company for us, we have purchased the car insurance that includes the Acts of God insurance not only the insurance for own damage and accidents.

It is not easy to acquire properties these days, especially if you loan it, I mean if you will not pay cash for it. Moreover, we should not settle for less, we should not grab the first company that offers us something such as car insurance, because their might be other insurance companies that could offer us much greater value for our money.

Limited Edition Montero Sport GLX-V

My father has decided to buy a new car, a Montero Sport GLX-V. When the Mitsubishi office called us, we immediately went to Cagayan de Oro City to get our new car. Here it is(picture taken when the Montero Sport is still inside Mitsubishi):
Montero Sport is indeed a family car, the seats are good for 7 passengers excluding the driver. Aside from that, there are still room for the bag and luggage. One thing that my brother likes about it though is that it is a FAST CAR. Yeah, I was able to test-drive it, and with a little push on the accelerator, it flies, literally. From 40kph to 140kph. I am glad though that when you hit the brakes, the car would really stop.

After two days, we had it blessed by our Parish Priest (picture below is taken at the convent) and we celebrate the night with good friends.

Cloth Diaper

I am a sucker for FREEBIES so when somebody asked me if I want one, I’d always say YES. But, yeah there is a big BUT, if I don’t need nor like the product that is to be given for FREE, I will not sign up nor ask for it. Because I know there are far many more people or mommies who needs it and will definitely use the item.

But this one particular item here, I will not say NO. I have been looking for the perfect cloth diaper online but I just can’t seem to afford it (being the cheapskate that I am). So when somebody, ohh wait, not somebody, when Michell asked if anybody wants to review her handmade cloth diaper I immediately said YES without any hesitation (I just gave birth you know so I really, really NEED it).

I don’t like using disposable diapers, aside from the possible rashes it could give my daughter, it is also quite expensive to use. Imagine if I have to buy at least 3 to 4 diapers for everyday use, how much money will I save from not using it and how much garbage will I not throw away?

The handmade cloth diaper from Michell arrived last Thursday and here it is:
It is fashionable and it looks great. The cloth used doesn’t look cheap nor can be easily torn. Among other things, it is water proof, so when the inserts will be full, it wont leak. Because of its little buttons (I don’t know what its called, those white little circles outside the cloth diaper) it can be used even if my daughter will be a little bigger from now. I think she will be able to use it from now until she’s 2 years old.

And here is my daughter modelling her cute cloth diaper:

If you would like to purchase one for your child, head on to BUNNZOO or TADLE CLOTH DIAPER. They are way cheaper than other cloth diaper sold online and they have so many different and cool designs, and fashionable ones too.

Nursing Sash and Belly Band

I am a mother and I breastfed. This is one of my advocacy in life, to breastfeed my children.

When I gave birth to my first-born 5 years ago, I made the right choice when I breastfed him. I save a lot of money from not buying formula milks, and I saved our relationship. I am not saying that you will not have a good relationship with your children just because you didn’t breastfed them, I am just saying that breastfeeding your children will help nourish your relationship as a mother and child and it brings your child more closer to you. My son is now 5 years old and I am proud to say that I breastfed him for 2 years and 2 months alone. He met milks for toddlers after that period.

Five years ago, I was not into blogging, not into internet surfing, and so I didn’t know about Baby Bond Couture. When I breastfed in public, I cover my child and my breast from other people’s eyes by using diaper cloths. Or I run into our car and breastfed him there.

I just gave birth two months ago to my second child and thanks God I discover this new innovation to help mothers who are into breastfeeding cover their breast but not their child from the public eyes. A blogger friend of mine, Mommy Dharlz of Empowered Mom gave me this:

I am really thankful because now that I have this nursing sash/belly bond, I can keep my breast from the public eye while breastfeeding in public areas at the same time kept my eye contact with my baby because I don’t need to cover my baby’s face with a diaper cloth anymore.

I want to be a Firewoman

When I was young, I have so many ambitions in life. Remember those days when your teacher asks you “What you want to be when you grow up?”, I have so many answers for that particular question you see. I wanted to be a Doctor who saves lives, or a Teacher who molds children’s lives. I also wanted to be a soldier who help protect lives. And look where I am today, so far from who I wanted to be.

I remember that in one point of my life I also wanted to be a member of the people who save people’s lives by putting out a fire, a fireman/fire-woman. But I realize that it wasn’t that easy, I am skinny that I cannot even lift a body bag whose weight is same with mine. Moreover, holding that mill hose, which put out the fire, is not an easy task especially if the water is on its way.

I am an accountant, not a public one though because I have not yet passed the board exam. Accountant in the sense that it is the degree I got when I graduated from College. I am an entrepreneur and I run my own business. When I was young I never thought about having or running my own business but I guess this is my calling.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamita!

Happy Mother’s Day Mamita*!

Here in the Philippines, we are celebrating Mother’s Day today, and I believe some other countries in the World are also celebrating this event with us.

I am creating this post especially for my Mother. She is the BEST and she is the GREATEST Mother in the Universe for me ( for me because I know that all of us are very proud of our mothers and we all believe that our mothers are the BEST always for us, so I won’t be arguing with you about that).

Before anything else, I would like to introduce my Mother, she’s wearing her favorite blouse here and poses with her 2 grandchildren, my son JB and my daughter Gerayah.
I have made this status in Facebook : “I am my mother’s daughter. I have become a better person because of how my mother raised me. I have exceeded everyone’s expectation because my mother was there beside me. I will never be who I am today if not for her. Nobody else in this world would love me like the way you do.” And aside from posting this, I also send this message through her cellphone.

I know that my words couldn’t sum up everything that my Mother have done for me. I also know that saying thank you to her for everything she has done for me will not be enough. But for a mother like her, a kiss and a hug from a child as a means or way of saying thank you is good enough.

*Mamita – Grandmother , my son’s endearment for my mother