Email Marketing and Databases

Email marketing is a new way of reaching to potential clients and customers. If you are a business owner who sells products online you know what I am talking about. But if you are a business owner who sells products yet you do not know how to market your products on the internet, you are missing a lot of sales. Why? Because most people nowadays are into internet, and they can easily know or learn about your product when you advertise it through social networking sites or you can directly email them about your products and services.

If you are into pharmaceutical companies, you need a doctor marketing list. A database that is complete and with confirmed email lists is a great help for entrepreneurs and/or people who needs a physician’s help. Databases that are complete are precise are not easy to find. And I am glad that though it is not easy to find, you can still find one. A physician’s database which is categorized by location and specialization can make your email marketing successful.

I am a business owner, and yes I do market my products and services online, especially those products and services which can be of good use to other people. Having a database is great tool for a business owner like me. Though some databases are sold online, you do not need to worry because you can earn a hundred fold from it. You can meet clients who will become your patriots in the near future.

5 Things You Want to Do before You Get Old

5 Things I Want to Do before I Get Old

  1. Walk down the Aisle – I am not getting any younger anymore, and just like any other girl I also want to walk down that aisle wearing that laced bridal gown before I turned 40 years old. I want to have the perfect elegant wedding that I have been dreaming of before I get too old. Because when I am old, it will take forever for me to walk down the Church aisle if I don’t get married before I am 40.
  2. Have my Honeymoon in Paris – After the wedding rites, I want to have my honeymoon in Paris. Yes, Paris is the place to celebrate my honeymoon because it is the most romantic place for me. Aside from that I want to visit their Museums in see first-hand the works of Leonardo da Vinci.
  3. Walk around Disneyland with my kids – I have visited HK Disneyland two years ago and I can safely say that it is the best place to visit during family vacation because your kids will definitely enjoy it. So right now, I am thinking of getting my kids Passport so that we could visit HK when we have the money or budget to travel.
  4. Tour the whole Philippines – I love to travel, and yet I haven’t travelled my own country just yet. The Philippines has a lot to offer, we have a rich culture to share and learn, we also have white sand beaches scattered in the archipelago, and yes we have old churches located in different locations from Luzon to Mindanao. I have a very long-list of places/towns and municipalities that I would love to visit if I have the money and the time to do so.
  5. Bungee Jump and Sky Dive – I have tried the Asia’s longest zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park, I also tried their zorb ball ride, but I still want to try Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving which is not available here in Bukidnon. I am a little adventurous and that is quite an adventure for me. For those who have tried it, would you recommend it?

Otter Box for my iPhone 4S

I didn’t know about Otter Box when I ordered for an iPhone 4S. I had my iPhone 4S for 3 months already and not until my cousin’s wife, Jennifer, came home from the US. She is using an iPhone 4 and she had it fully protected with an Otter Box. She asked me why I don’t have a case for my iPhone and that I should really invest in something that could protect it because it is expensive. I told her I don’t know that there are cases which can protect my iPhone from damages in case it falls. She told me she had two Otter Box, and that the other one was left at her home in the US, then before she left for the US she gave me the Otter Box she is currently using.

I checked it out online and the Otter Box I had with me is the “Commuter” series which according to The Philippine Beat that “This series is stylish but features a sleek and tough case that prevents potential damage. The device is first enclosed in a silicone skin followed by a durable plastic case, front and back.”

I am so happy with my Otter Box and I think I don’t need to pay for an electrosurgery even if I want it now. Because somebody might give it for free. Just saying.

1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge

Our “Araw ng Pangantucan” is fast-approaching. When I visited our Municipal Hall I have seen a poster about the “1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge. Oh how time flies, I can still remember that last year during our Fiesta Celebration, I have organized a FUN RUN as a fund-raising activity. It must have paved the way for this Trail Run Challenge created by the Municipal Tourism Office.

The 1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge will be on June 30, 2012 here in Pangantucan Bukidnon. Categories are:
• 2K – Registration Fee 250php, this is for the kids (boys and girls) ages 12 years old and below
• 5K – Registration Fee 300php, open for men and women
• 10K – Registration Fee 350php, open men and women, 2 hours cut-off time
• 21K – Registration Fee 400php, open for men only, 4hours cut-off time
There are cash prizes for the top three runners in each category plus 7 consolation prizes.

For more info, please contact:
 Municipal Tourism Office
o Mr. Renato Sabado,CPA (09184407805/09177077805)
 Registration Centers
o Pangantucan – KALTREKS (Hardtrail Outdoor Shop – 09177171207)
o Maramag – LAKBAI Outdoor Shop (09195251799)
o Valencia – BIBWAK Outdoor Shop (09195251799)
o Malaybalay – PANAHIK Adventure Centre (09178226260)
This event is sponsored by:
 Office of Jesus Emmanuel M. Paras
 Office of Sangguniang Bayan
 Hon. Antonio M. Garces

For those who are interested, please join this activity/event and I know you will surely enjoy the view here in our place.

BC Bloggers Meme:Things That Make YOU Happy

I am a BC BLOGGER and I  am joining BC BLOGGER’s MEME, if you like you can join us too, check it out here.

For today, the topic is all about the Things That Make You Happy.

I am not in a good situation right now, my mind is all cluttered up, my business is crumpling in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything about. But still, there are things that make me happy.
• Every day that God gave me makes me happy. Every time I wake up into this world, alive, complete and breathing makes me happy. If this doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what is.
• Every sun rise or sun set that I am able to see and experience makes me happy.
• Every rain drop that falls into my head or in our rooftop makes me happy, after all, we need the rain once in a while.
• Every time I am able to see my son and my daughter, to be able to carry them in my arms, to be able to hug and kiss them, to teach them and scold them, makes me happy.
• Seeing my family still intact, my parents civil to each other after all the things that has happened between them makes me happy.
• Having my boyfriend who takes care of me and our children makes me happy.
• Drinking a cup of my favourite cup of black coffee makes me happy.
• To be able to wear my favourite clothes makes me happy.
• Seeing my friends happy with their own lives in FB makes me happy.
• Playing temple run makes me happy.
• Taking pictures of me and the people I love dearly and upload it in Instagram makes me happy.
• Blogging makes me happy.
• Approving comments in my blog posts from my old and new online friends makes me happy.
• Joining online contests and giveaways and winning from them makes me happy.
• Receiving text messages and calls from friends who seems to forgot me already, makes me happy.

And the list could go on and on and I will not stop here.
What are the things that make you happy?

Loss Weight, How?

How to lose weight? I haven’t tried losing weight, I have not been into diets and I have not tried any weight loss pills. But I have a lot of friends who have weight problems and I believe they really need help.
There are weight loss pills available over-the-counter and there are also available upon a physician’s prescription. But if I would be the one who’ll take it, I’d rather ask my physician first because I would love to know the pro’s and con’s about it. Checking out made me realize that all diet pills really needs to be prescribed.

Bradley Won

Today is a very historical day for Filipinos worldwide, for the first time since 2005, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao loses in a boxing fight. Yes, he lost to Timothy Bradley even though this photo says otherwise:

Congratulatios Tim Bradley, but for me Manny Pacquiao is still the WINNER. I may not be one of the Judges, I am just a spectator, so my vote doesn’t count but for my whole  country, Pacman is the winner.

Happy Father’s Day 2012

Father’s Day is celebrated every June of the year here in the Philippines. And I must say we, the children, must be thankful for our Father because they are after all our Father. We will not be here if not for them. We will not be who we are today if not for our Fathers. They provide us with all our needs from the time we are born, and they guide us as we grew old.

Now the time has come to give back to our father, daddy, “ama”, and “tatay”. Sometimes, we hate our fathers, especially if they have done something that we don’t like, but nevertheless, they are still our father. As for me, we have been into different situations, to the part where I almost tried to kill him, but in spite it all, I realized that I love him so much, and no matter what happens, he is still my father.

As for this coming Father’s Day, I am thinking of giving him a fleuriste à québec. It is different, unique and I know he will be thrilled. We seldom give our fathers gifts of flowers because we believe it is so girly or feminine but I believe that our dads will really appreciate it, because they will realize that we do love them and that we go to this extent to show them our appreciation, our gratitude and our love for them.

Somehow, telling them we love them and that we care, I believe is ENOUGH.

JUNE – Photo a Day

I love INSTAGRAM, yes I joined the bandwagon, so who cares? I like sharing my photos to my followers and friends.

And this month of June, I have joined #fatmumslim’s Photo a Day mania in Instagram. Believe me, its FUN and after the month have passed, you could check back at your photos for the month and see how your life passes you by.

Back to School

Summer vacation is over and the kids will be busy for school again. We went shopping for the kid’s school supplies and it was hell. I mean, there are so many people buying for their children’s school supplies at the mall. I made sure that I only bought the things that my kids really need because we are on a tight budget nowadays. I already made a list before we go to the mall in order not to forget anything but I have forgotten to include in my list the bf’s beer brewing kits.

For JB, we bought a backpack, paper pads, and a raincoat (it’s rainy season already). He still has his pencils from last year and he doesn’t need a notebook yet because he is in Kinder 2. For Tpai, we bought socks, notebooks, and 2 sets of new uniforms, black shoes, a violin, and pens. We didn’t buy a new bag for her because her bag is still okay and she doesn’t need to buy a new one just yet. Unnecessary expense should be avoided nowadays because it is not that easy to earn money and we still have to pay for their tuition fees.