iPhone 4S Applications

It’s almost 3 months now that I got my iPhone 4S and I can finally say that I am satisfied with it. This is my first time to own an Apple gadget and yes, it is the best phone that I have ever owned.

Among the things I love the most about my iPhone 4S are its applications. These are just the few applications I love about my iPhone 4S:

  • Instagram – YES, I admit I got hooked with Instagramania. Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that let me share my latest photo updates to my friends/followers. And I can share it directly to my Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Aside from the sharing options, I can also edit my photos.
  • Temple Run – A game that I enjoy playing the most in my iPhone 4S. At first, I wasn’t that good, I kept on stumbling and falling because I forgot to jump, but hey, my current high-score today is 2M. If I am angry, I just play with Temple Run, and I forgot why I was angry in the first place, LOL.
  • Tap Tap Revenge – This game reminds me of Guitar Hero, the game we used to play in my brother’s PS2 and my son’s PSP.
  • Facebook and Twitter for iPhone – Yeah, I am a certified social network addict so I downloaded these apps, FOR FREE.
  • iLlulaby and Baby Soother – If you have babies, this one is a great application, there are songs that keeps my baby from crying.

Dryper’s Weewee Dry t-shirt

Aside from using EQ baby diapers, I also tried Drypers WeeWee Dry. I have been joining a lot of online blogging contests two months ago, when Drypers have been giving away baby love wearable’s and sad to say I didn’t WIN in any of the online contests that I have been joining. So when I went to the grocery stores to buy my son’s diapers, my heart jumped when I saw this:

Yes, a free Drypers baby love wearable’s. So, I didn’t hesitate to buy at least one pack of the Drypers WeeWee Dry diapers and get a wearable for my baby while checking out some lag screw in the mall.

Fluffy Friends from EQ

EQ Dry disposable baby diapers has a new promo and I love it that is why I am collecting EQ Dry wrappers now as I always do before. You and I can exchange EQ Dry wrappers now for their fluffy animal toys and it runs from May 7, 2012 to August 6, 2012.
Promo Mechanics:
1. You can join by simply collecting EQ Dry Baby Diapers with Magic Tape wrappers with intact points. The points system based on packaging is as follows:
a. Mini Pack (NB4, S4, M4, L4, XL4, XXL3) = ¼pt
b. Travel Pack (NB22, S20, M18, L16, XL14, XXL12) = 1pt
c. Econo Pack (S40, M36, L32, XL28, XXL24) = 2pts
d. Jumbo Pack (S60, M54, L48, XL42, XXL36) = 3pts
e. Mega Pack (M84, L72, XL60) = 4pts
2. Collect the corresponding number of points to get one collectible item:
a. Animal Plush Toy Cow – 26points
b. Animal Plush Toy Dog – 26points
c. Animal Plush Toy Duck – 26points
d. Animal Plush Toy Tiger – 26points
3. Submit the required EQ Dry Baby Diapers with Magic Tape wrappers together with the following information completely written on a piece of paper: sender’s name, detailed address, telephone/mobile number, email address, baby’s name and birthday, signature of parent/guardian and the desired premium item/s enclosed in an envelope.
4. Entries maybe mailed or hand carried to JS Unitrade Office. You may also send your entries through JRS branches to enjoy a special mailing fee of up to 13%discount.
5. Your chosen premium item/s will be delivered FREE of charge by JRS to the address submitted by the sender.
6. You may join the promo as many times as you want.
7. Animal Plush Toys are not convertible to cash.
*Only EQ Dry with Magic Tape wrappers are valid
*Only entire wrappers with intact points of EQ Dry Baby Diaper with Magic Tapes will be accepted.
*Entries containing cut-out points will NOT be honored.
*Entries with soiled wrappers (wrappers contaminated with feces or mud, discolored or faded wrappers) or unused wrappers will not be honored.
I was not paid by EQ to advertise their product, I just want to share this information to all Mommies, Daddies, or Grannies out there who are using the products and are interested to exchange their wrappers for these cute and adorable plush toys.