Instagram Fever

Instagram Fever! If you don’t have an Instagram account, I think you should throw away that iPhone/Android Phone now!

Instagram is a photo/social network where you can interact with your friends, shared with them all your old and latest photos, and where you can like the photo easily. Aside from that you can edit your photos with just one touch with your thumb. There are so many applications available for iPhones/Android phones now, there are those which are free and there are also APPS that comes with a cost. Speaking of costs, you can check out  to compare the costs of different insurances online.

You can upload your photos in Instagram and you have the choice if you want to share it in your Facebook and Twitter account too. One of my friends is so addicted to my photos that she keeps on liking my posts and I am so happy every time my phone beeps because when people likes your post/photo it just means that they appreciate your post/photo that you have just uploaded.

My Birthday Cake

My bf gave me a birthday cake, you have seen the box beside the flowers from my post yesterday. But I want to share another birthday cake that I have received from my cousin.
I love chocolate rolls that is why I am so happy when my cousin arrived with this cake:

I celebrated my birthday in my cousin’s private resort and I was surprised when he arrived with the cake. My cousin is a very busy man that is why I am happy that he could still enjoy some of his time with us. Being the father of our town is not easy I guess, but still he knows that the family should come first.

Reviving the Reader in Me

Ever since I was a child, books/magazines/comics were my best friends. My mom told me that I learned how to read by flipping on some Comics. And now that I could afford it, I have a vast library of books already. Sometimes I do read them again and I encourage my friends read too. I let them borrow some of the books I owned.

Now that we are on the age of computers, iPods, iPhones, laptops and kindles I think I should adapt to the changes. Though I would still buy books in bookstores, I am thinking of trying out reading e-books but first, I need to check out kobo versus kindle, because I needed some means to read my e-books right?

Even though I have two kids to take care of, even though I have a business to run, I still want to fit in my busy schedule my love for reading. I will find the time to read some books or e-books for that matter. And I do encourage everyone to READ. We learn a lot from reading, believe me.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me! Last July 21, 2012 I turned 27. Yes, I am in my late twenties already and I am not ashamed to admit my real age because getting older means getting wiser.

I didn’t prepare for a luxurious dinner party, I just celebrated my birthday with the people that I love dearly. I didn’t even expect the birthday cake and bouquet of flowers my better-half gave me. I was surprised and at the same time so grateful, thankful for the man than I have found.

Piggy Bank (Coca-Cola Truck style)

Coca-Cola is celebrating their 100 years here in the Philippines this year that is why a lot of Coca-Cola collectibles have been out in the market. Last June, I have collected 3 Coca-Cola canisters from Chowking, and right now, McDonalds have partnered with Coca-Cola for the Olympic Glass.

Just recently, the Coca-Cola Company is giving out this Coca-Cola truck collectible for their loyal customers/sellers. It looks like a Coca-Cola truck but it is not a toy, it is a piggy bank.

It looks cute and a great addition to my collection.

The Fairy Hobmother paid me a visit

I have seen a lot of bloggers blogging about a visit from a certain fairy, The Fairy Hobmother. So I was waiting, patiently waiting for his visit in my blogs. I have followed his steps, I have visited and commented in different blog posts that talked about him, I even followed him on TWITTER. Luckily, he didn’t fail me.

The Fairy Hobmother has his fairy overlords at Appliances Online , I checked it out and guess what I have found, the perfect washing machine for our home. We needed a new washing machine now that our good ol’ laundry woman will leave us for good. I know everybody needs a good washing machine so go on, check their site out  maybe just like me, you’ll find the one machine for you too.

He said that he was sorry, he’s been busy spreading his fairy dust to everyone. I am sure he won’t miss your blog, just leave a comment below, with your email add and blog sites, be sure to follow him on twitter (FAIRY HOBMOTHER) and tweet something nice to him.

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A new craze is sweeping the nation, and it has got all the kids singing, dancing and chewing. Yes, you read that right—chewing! But don’t be alarmed Moms, this is one craze you’ll surely approve of.


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To further the excitement, Ceelin has been visiting elementary schools around the nation. Along with their Cool Chew Crew, they travel around teaching kids the importance of eating right and drinking vitamin C through the Cool Chew Song.


How do you join?



You can also watch the video mechanics to get you all set :

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Girl’s Guide? Definitely!

I am ONE BUSY-BEE but I cannot turn down a book that is offered for FREE. My cousin’s wife owned this book but when I saw it, I ask her if I can borrow it and she said yes. So here I am, holding this one great book in my hand. Trying my best to read it, understand it, and follow everything that is written on it. But it is not that easy you see, the book has 320 pages and it is quite thick, I am not finished with the first chapter just yet. But I will share with you the things that I will learn by reading it.

If in case you get your hands on it too, try to read it, you might learn something I couldn’t understand. Will be posting a lot of things from this book once I finished the first chapter.

How I spend my time on the internet

I am an internet-surfer. I am member of different social networking sites and blogging groups. I usually spend my time checking out my Facebook account, updating my status, posting new photos, checking out what my friends are up to. And while I am doing that, I am thinking of new things to write about my blogs, updating my blogs from time to time gives my readers a fresh new post to read.

How about you?

Admit it, I know that most of you is a member of at least one social networking sites. When you log on to your computer, you spend your evening signing on to your Facebook account, Twitter account and Email account. After that, you also checked out the news online, read some interesting sites, checked out the latest videos on Youtube and maybe tried your luck in to win any amount. It is not easy to earn money nowadays and sometimes we tend to hold on to our hard-earned money so long that we forgot that we need to take a risk to earn more. You could try out this site because they offer no deposit bonus. It is not that scary to lose big amounts of your hard earned money because you can play with their sites for free chip bonuses.

Not all casino sites offer casino bonuses. So if you are interested to try it out, you can try without spending a penny yet. And if luck comes your way, you can win and cash out real money. Sometimes I do try this out, because posting different statutes in my FB account and twitter account bores me and playing casino online is one way of de-stressing my self from too much internet usage.