Water Filled and Gel Filled Teethers

I bought 2 Baby Kitty and Baby Daniel teethers last week. They are 10% off and my baby daughter needs it because she is 6 months old already and loves to put anything into her mouth. So I’d rather see her sucking these teethers than sucking our pillows.

The water and gel filled teether is designed to cool and sooth my baby daughter’s tender gums. What I like most about these teethers that I just bought are:

  • They are easy to hold and it wont just slip away from her hands.
  • They have attractive colors so my baby daughter will not look for other things to suck.
  • The water and gel inside these teethers are for safe play.
  • They are easy to clean and can be put inside the refrigerator to be chilled.

My baby daughter is loving her new toys.

Aircon Repair Service

Christmas season is in the air here and whenever I turn my head, I see Christmas lights and Christmas decors. I thought the air would be cooler when its Christmas time but it was the opposite. Maybe because of the climate change that is why instead of a cooler weather it is getting hotter each day that comes.

We bought our air conditioner last April because of the hot summer days and we still turn it on nowadays because the weather is still hot though summer is already over. Our air conditioner is still doing well maybe because it is brand new when we bought it. Nevertheless, a friend of mine who is abroad needs help in her air conditioning system. I gladly offered to help her look for the best company who could fix her AC and thankfully we found Cedar Park AC repair online. It was so easy to find an online company who can offer the best services in AC repair if you know the right keywords to search for.

Austin air conditioning service can be of great help too. In case you need some professional help in installing or fixing your air conditioners in your home or in your office do not hesitate to contact them because their goal is to serve you the best way they can and the fastest possible way. They have 1 year warranty, they offer 24 hours service and they have the certified repair technicians at their disposal.

Your air conditioners need trust worthy technicians, right? You should only contact the ones you can trust because it is hard to have a broken air conditioner in this kind of weather.

Baby Food Utensils

My baby daughter is 6 months already and it’s FEEDING TIME for her. I bought a lot of Gerber products for her and Cerelac too. But of course, she needs her own utensils right? So when we went to the Cagayan de Oro City to attend Angkong Ondoy’s birthday, we went shopping for her milling bowl. I saw this one and its on sale (10% off) so I bought it.I only paid around $1.90 for this Bebeta milling bowl which is BPA free and has passed or satisfied the national standard of health and safety inspection of FDA. It comes with a free spoon and I love its color, PINK.

Last Thursday we went to Davao City, I saw this Tommee Tippee travel cutlery set:

And I never hesitated to buy it! Why? It is ideal for travel and w are always on the go. I used to bring my daughter’s spoon and wrap it with table napkin but it can’t assure me if it is still clean before I use it. Having this travel cutlery set I don’t have to worry no more. It is quite expensive though, I have paid $6 for it.

Preparing for My Wedding

Just Kidding! I am not preparing for my wedding just yet. I am dreaming of walking down that aisle for so long already but no, I am not getting married this year. If you are an avid follower, you must have seen or read my posts about preparing for my brother’s wedding early this year and the wedding didn’t push through that is why I stopped posting about weddings here.

But as I was cleaning my room, I saw the wedding magazines I bought last January for my brother’s wedding and I cannot help myself but browse and read some pages of it. I will get married eventually though this is not the right time yet, so I might as well take down some notes on what to do and what to prepare and what to look for before the “Big Day” of my life.

I realized that it is hard to prepare for a wedding, you need to look for the right wedding florists, and the one you can afford yet can give you the best and elegant-looking designs for your wedding day. You also need to budget everything, from your wedding gown to your entourage’s dresses, from your preferred Church up to your choice for a wedding reception. Stick to your budget, thinking that getting married happens only once in a lifetime and that you should spend a lot on it is not the right way of thinking. Money is so hard to earn these days so better save up and spend wisely on your wedding day needs. It is not wise to spend extravagantly and though you think that you do not need wedding planners, think again. Wedding planners know who to contact, they know a lot of wedding suppliers that falls into your budget and they helped you lay down to the table all your wedding needs without forgetting something.

Jb is addicted to Crayons

My 5 years old is addicted to Crayons. He loves coloring his old books and his coloring books. When kids visit our home, he asked them to color with him, he gave them some crayons and coloring books. When my mom went home from Bohol, all my son asked is that his Grandma should bring crayons for him. And true, my mom brought 8 different boxes of Crayons. I can’t show you some pictures anymore because the boxes were thrown away already and the crayons are all mixed up and put away in a new container.

When I went to Cagayan de Oro City, my son asked me to buy him a 36 pieces Crayola but I haven’t found any so I buy a 48 pieces instead.

He loved it instantly. Telling me that I really love him because I bought a 48 pieces crayons for him.

Develop a Decorative Teen Room on a Budget

Most teens, especially girls, love to stock up on trendy decorative pieces, but may not understand how expensive they all are! If you’d like to make your teen’s room to look fabulous but still stay within a budget, it’s possible to be frugal and teach her how to be sensible about what she selects. Go on a shopping trip with her and visit décor stores that offer trendy pieces that are within both of your price ranges. Then you can watch your teen’s eyes light up when you both discover elements such as cheap corner sofas that she can now incorporate into her space at a reasonable price.

Reasonable Ideas – Start out by setting up a plan of what she’d like to add to her room and ask her how she plans on revamping the space. If she wants a chandelier in her room that’s great, but is she aware of how much they cost? Have her save up and decide if a chandelier is really what she desires to place in her room. Once she starts putting away money to get a sparkly chandelier she may change her mind and decide to use the money for several elements as opposed to just one.

What Does She Need – What she needs and what she wants are two different matters. Of course there are always more elements to add to a beautiful space, but if she takes the time to write down what she really wants as opposed to absolutely everything she’d like to have, she may discover just how much she’s asking for. Hopefully this will help her understand how much stylish décor costs and she’ll come to the realization that it is important to decide on just a few pieces as opposed to many that add up quickly in price.

Room Vision – If she seems sporadic in her decision making or on the other hand knows exactly what she wants, either way it’s still okay to guide her through the decision process. Her plan may undoubtedly include a brand new set of bedroom furniture, but going for the cheap corner sofa is a better idea because it will still look nice with a trendy room with modern elements that suit her taste. Then she can add to it with a few patterned pillows of her choosing and a throw that’s bright and colorful!

Sierra always looks forward to decorating and showcases this on her blog Ocean Dreams. However, decorating on a budget is always on her mind and she recognizes that this is a great goal to have during any decorating process.



Do you have a Driver’s License? Participate and Win in this Survey!

Do you have a Driver’s License? Do you think that our Driver’s License should stay as it is or it needs a slight change? We acquire a Driver’s License in order to have the right to drive, aside from that we can use it to be identified in certain situations. But do you think otherwise?

Even if you have no Driver’s License, you can still take part of this survey, we really need your honest answers. This is what our current Driver’s License looks like:


1. Fulfill the survey below.
2. In order to qualify for the raffle, you should only enter with one comment per household or IP address. Same IP addresses will be considered as one (1) entry.
3. The survey and giveaway will start September 27, 2012 at 12 NN and will end on October 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM.

Take our ONLINE SURVEY, we need your OPINION, you honest OPINION about this matter!

Answer this here:

* One comment per household or IP address.

Where Will You Celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

Where do you usually celebrate your New Year’s Eve? Most Filipino celebrates the New Year’s Eve in their homes with their families after the New Year’s Eve mass. But some couple and family that can afford to celebrate it somewhere else would prefer to celebrate their New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Why in Times Square, you’d ask? Because New York City’s Times Square has always been the centre in celebrating every New Year. Other people also celebrate their New Year’s Eve in vacation/tourist spots with their family and friends. But let me focus on the first choice first.

Times Square New Year’s Eve is always in high spirits. People are elated to celebrate their New Year in a place where everyone is having FUN. Preparing for that vacation in the Big Apple is not easy; you seek that perfect online company that can provide you with the best offer with the lowest prices. Aren’t you glad that you can check out all the possible choices and read reviews from people who have experienced it? You want to experience NYC Times Square Ball Drop with your family, doing the countdown and waiting for the fireworks in the best possible way.

Book early to avoid the holiday rush, check out and compare prices and freebies to enjoy fully your money’s worth and prepare all the things that you need ahead of time. New Year’s Eve is that time of the year that you leave all your bad memories behind and welcome the “New Year” with a new “you” and hoping for a bountiful and joyous year ahead of you.

Milestone Checklist

My baby Chicay’s baby book has a checklist for milestone in her life. So far, she is doing so good or better I believe. Let me share with you the checklist for milestones that we had in her baby book. My daughter is six months old and she can all do the things that are listed below.
First Month

  • Moves head from side to side
  • Turns toward familiar sounds and voices

Second Month

  • Smiles on social contact
  • Tracks objects with eyes
  • Listens to voice and coos

Third Month

  • Raises head and chest on stomach
  • Grasps and shake hand toys
  • Listens to music; says “aah, ngah”

Fourth Month

  • Reaches and grasps objects and brings them to mouth
  • Enjoys sitting with full body support
  • Laughs out loud
  • Excited at sight of food

Fifth Month

  • Holds up arms to be lifted
  • Reaches for and holds small objects

Sixth Month

  • Sits without support
  • Transfers object from hand to hand
  • Monosyllabic babble

My daughter rolled over when she was 3 months old, she learned to crawl at 5 months old and she stands on her own at 5 months old. She is indeed ahead of her age I believe.

Rainy Season

It is rainy season here in the Philippines already and it will not be possible for you to have a tan when there is no sun. You can get sun-tanned skin if you visit the beach and lay there for an hour or two to have that tanned skin. But it is hard to have a perfect sun-tan look skin so going to the saloon is a good choice if you want to have that tanned skin.

The tanning store sells spray-on tans and machines that can be use in saloons and spas. If you don’t have the time to go and visit a saloon, you can buy tanning sprays in online stores and apply it yourself.