Memories . . .

I have been cleaning my room for a week now, and LOOK what I saw:

This photo was taken 18 years ago, when my brother celebrated his 5th birthday. Looking at that photo makes me remember a lot of things in my childhood. There I was, 3rd girl from the right beside my best(est) friend in my childhood years which up until now is my friend. Some of the children in this photo are married and they already have their families. And look at that, we had our favorite Lechon and yes, the popular brand of soft drink which up until now I still love “Coca-Cola”.

We still see each other a lot, yes, I am speaking of the kids in the photo. We still see each other because we still live in the same house, hometown. Isn’t it great? When you have a fun-filled childhood?

Healthy and Hydrated: Skin Health During the Winter Months

The changing seasons bring with them different requirements for skincare, and winter is the most challenging. Not only does the weather get colder, which can dry out your skin and cause blemishes, but your diet changes with all the tempting holiday goodies available for consumption. Most of us are busy moms, taking care of families, babies, households, and various holiday obligations. We don’t have a ton of time or money to reinvent our skincare practices every season. Here are a few hints for improving your skin to create a great foundation no matter what the season.

Saw palmetto is an all-natural supplement that revives the skin and can even bring shine to the hair. It helps revive hair follicles and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory elements. Some case studies have shown that it helps with acne as well. Before spending the big bucks on designer skin products, give the age-old remedies a try. You might be surprised at the amazing results.

Use a few different moisturizers to balance your skin. A heavy moisturizer might be a great element to add. If you’re prone to breakouts or oily skin, don’t use it every night. Use it once or twice a week to revive the moisture in your skin, and a less oily option to lock in and preserve the moisture. Sleep with a humidifier on in your room to restore the moisture in the air (this will also help with dry sinuses), and drink plenty of water. Use tough astringent and face wash sparingly. Drying out your skin can actually cause more breakouts than oily skin, because if your skin is feeling parched, it naturally tries to produce more oil to hydrate the skin. Use a gentle face wash regularly. If you feel like you need an extra cleanse, use the astringent or harsher face wash once a week.

It’s tempting to take scalding showers or baths frequently in the winter months to warm up, and even though the warm water may feel moisturizing while you’re standing in it, it can actually strip your entire body of its moisture. If you do take a hot shower or bath, take a bit of extra time afterward to liberally apply a moisturizer. Use a moisturizing body wash while you’re in the shower. Consider taking fewer showers during the winter months. You’ll be sweating less, and your skin will likely benefit from its natural oils.

Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness. Keep your skin hydrated during the winter and maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Happy Birthday Tsik

Dear Tsik,

Thank you for coming into my life. I already have a colourful life and yet you didn’t fail to add more colours on it. I may sometimes act so childish and yet you never fail to understand me. You always see to it that all my needs are answered first before you go on with what you needed to do for the day. You always make me feel special.

You are always good with the kids; you always make sure that they are always attended to. You are a good provider and a great father. The kid’s needs’ are always on your top priority. You never fail to answer their questions with a laugh and a smile, and you play with them whenever you have the time.

I love you.

I love you because I love you. I don’t know how or why or when, I just know that I do love you.

I am sorry if I cannot cook for you because I don’t know how, sometimes I try, you know it, right? But maybe I will learn, eventually, because I know that I have to cook for you and for the kids in the future.

I am sorry if I sometimes lose control of my emotions. I am sorry if I get mad so easily for something that you do, but I am thankful that you always keep your cool and I hope that you will stay that way and that you will not get tired of doing what you always do, understand me.

Happy Birthday Tsik!!!


Once again, Fres-C ®, the powdered juice brand of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC), teamed up with the Department of Education (DepEd) in staging the 2nd Batang Fres-C® Hataw School Caravan.

This campaign was launched last year to promote proper diet and physical activities and help reduce the growing number of Filipino school children suffering from malnutrition. Statistics from the DepEd Health and Nutrition Section show that among the 12.9 million elementary pupils weighed in school year 2010 – 2011, more than 2 million of them, or about 16% are undernourished; while more than 356,000 of them, or nearly 3%, are over-nourished.

“We want to bring together faculty members and parents to support students in their battle against the double burden of malnutrition.” said Usec. Ethelyn P. Nieto MD MPH CESO III, Technical Working Group Chairman of the Batang Fres-C® Campaign. In the first run of the Batang Fres-C® campaign, it has successfully engaged 36 public schools reaching 62,000 pupils and 8,000 mothers across the country. More public schools will gain access to this worthwhile activity this year. The School Caravan includes interactive lectures and fun activities, designed to raise awareness in addressing nutrition issues of students. The highlight of the event is the pupils’ performance of the “Batang Fres-C® Hataw Exercise”. This is a mix of cardiovascular exercises and calisthenics developed by the team of Professor Hercules Callanta of the UP College of Human Kinetics, which can be regularly performed in school grounds.

Batang Fres-C® Cheer Dance competition and Drink Up & Ride Project will also be launched in previously tapped public schools to sustain the interests of school kids in staying fit and healthy. Mr. Altair Penetrante, APC’s Category Manager for Sweeteners, explains, “We want to help teach our school children that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. Just like Fres-C®, kids can enjoy a refreshing and delicious juice with the taste of natural fruit juice low in calories and packed with Vitamin C.”

Busted Speakers? Invest in a Good One

Do you love listening to music while surfing the net, but you can’t enjoy it much because of your busted speakers? I can definitely relate to it! I’m sure there are musicians who also had the same problem. They’ve been playing music with their band but their audience cannot enjoy the show because of the low quality sound of music that they’re hearing. One great solution for them to produce good sound is the m-audio buddy. A little box that serves as a preamp for both instruments and vocals. This is such a good tool for beginners. Just like my cousin, I would let him check this out.

Safety Tips : How to make your Queen Size bed safe for your Baby

Now that my Baby Chicay can crawl on her own I made sure that she is safe. She sleeps beside me; I am not the typical mother who put their babies inside their cribs during the night. And because I have a Queen Size bed which is too high from the ground, I need to improvise. I used to put pillows all around us so that she will not fall, head first God forbid, but I still worry that she might so I thought of another way to keep her safe.

The bf suggested putting the bed-top on the floor, so we decided to divide the bed into two, which is easier because the Queen Size bed has almost the same width. And now, I do not have to worry anymore because I know that my baby is safer than before. I still put some pillows though just in case she falls off from our bed.

Connectland Music Box Giveaway Winner

I know you have been waiting for the announcement for my Connectland Music Box Giveaway. My ISP is acting up on me and I am sorry that I was not able to announce the winner promptly. But worry no more, I have drawn the winner already and here she is:

I have checked her post on Twitter and yes she is still a follower and a liker (I hate people who joins my contest then unfollow and unlike right after the contest so I really make sure that winners still follow and like me).

Please email me with your contact details at jongskie721(at)gmail(dot)com in order for me to ship the prize to your doorstep.

Moving Out? Check this OUT

Up until now I am still living in my parent’s house and yes, I am scared of moving out from our home. I am not scared because I cannot live on my own or because I cannot afford to have my own home but I am scared because I may not see them every day. I am used to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with the whole family and I just can’t bear the thought of eating all alone.

But I know someday, I need to leave my parent’s home because I need to build my own family and raise my kids in our own home as well. I know there are people who are also scared of moving out from their home not because they will lose their family ties or they will lose the memories they had with their old home but because they are scared of losing some stuffs and also they don’t have the ways and means to moving from one place to another. But they do not have to worry no more because demenagement longue distance montreal is here. This company has been on the field for too long already and they know the ins and outs of moving from one house to another. Customers and clients do not have to worry because they know how to keep your things safe while transferring them from your old house to your new abode. Aside from that their company offers insurance for all your things that needs to be taken into their custody before moving out. Having this kind of company can make you feel easy while moving out. You only have to deal with your feelings towards all the memories you have shared in your old house but you don’t have to worry no more about the lifting of all your appliances and furniture and the packing it to safety.

All you have to do is to trust them.

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Pure Honey for Chicay’s Gums

My daughter turned 8 months old last Saturday and yes she already has a tooth. She started teething a month ago and we had a hard time finding pure honey to sooth her gums. Her gums was swelling and I know that it was sore so I asked my mom on what to apply to my precious little daughter’s gums to help her sooth the bad feeling that she is experiencing. When my first born was teething I bought a soothing gel that is quite expensive and yet he still acted as if his gums really hurt him so bad so I am trying to find another remedy aside from that expensive gel.

It is so hard to find a bottle of pure honey here in my place because there are no bee farms here only sugarcane farms. But I have nothing to worry about because I can always ask my relatives who lives in Bohol to bring me a pure wild honey from Bohol Bee Farm.

And I am glad that Gayle brought me a jar of Pure Wild Honey last October. The jar of Pure Wild Honey costs only 165php compared to soothing gels which usually amounted to 400 to 600php.

My mom is the one applies the honey on my daughter’s gums and yes it soothes her gum pains.

Equestrian Costume for Halloween?

It’s been weeks since the Halloween craze! I’m so amazed with all my Facebook friends posting pictures of their Halloween parties with wonderful costumes they wear. There are those who looked stunning with their fairyland inspired costume, and looked cute with their cartoon character and superheroes attire as well. But there’s one picture that caught attention, a friend of mine wore equestrian apparel. She’s got the show shirt, the show coat, riding chaps, and a riding helmet. She looked so good in it, that she seemed like a true equestrian. The only one that she needed was a horse to complete her attire. Very unusual for a costume party right?! This made me think of what to wear for next year’s party. Well, no rush, I still got 1 year to think for a unique one.