Petron Collectibles – Limited Edition Porsche

We are car-fanatics simply because I have 2 brothers and a son. I already told you about the Ferrari’s that we had from Shell, now I am telling you to fuel up in Petron too because they offer Porsche collectibles. You only need to gas up for about 1000php and then you can get a Porsche collectible for only 180php.

There are five choices for the Porsche cars : 1. Cayenne (silver color), 2. Cayman S (red color), 3. GT3 RSR (white color), 4. Carrera S (black color) and 5. Panamera (blue color).

We have the Panamera because it is the only car available as of the moment in the Petron station near us.

The car has:

  • Rev sound with lights if you press down its hood
  • Alarm sound with lights when you open its doors
  • It also runs if you pull it backwards

A Visit to my Former School

My son is already in Kinder 2 and his school is located in front of my former school in high school. So I went to my former school, took some photos of my favorite place and I shared it on my instagram and Facebook account. Truly, a lot of people who graduated from the same school liked and commented in my photo saying they also missed the place.

This is the photo that I shared in my Instagram and Facebook account, this is a photo of our library, mini-library. This is where I spent almost all of my free time, and this is where I have developed my love for books and reading. We have a small place for a library and sometimes it can’t cater to all the enrolled students in this school.

Looking at the photo above I am thinking of telling the people who manage the school to add some tables and chairs inside and outside the library. They can try out ca patio furniture for a slight and unique change in the school library. The students needs something refreshing while studying and reading their lessons so a furniture with a different look might enticed them to visit the school library more often.

I see schools that has great furniture and yes, I would say that it has a positive effect on the students. They spend more time inside the library than in the malls. Adding a little twist might be the answer to bring more students to the place.

ATM Machines

Do you know what this man is doing?

As for me, I am not sure, if he is cleaning the ATM machine or he is trouble shooting it. I was about to withdraw some money when I saw that the ATM machine is out of order, I took a photo of it though I do not know if it is not alright or not.

After taking the picture, I hurriedly went away.

Paypal’s New Site Theme

I seldom log in my Paypal account because of my slow internet connection. Sometimes the only time I could log in and check if my clients has paid me already is when it is in the wee hours of the morning. This should be posted two or three weeks ago but again my ISP have let me down.

Paypal’s site has a new theme and I was hesitant to log in my account because I am afraid it might not be the real Paypal. I wasn’t informed so I took a photo of it using my iPhone and uploaded in my Facebook account asking my friends if it is really the real site and not a scam site. After making sure that it is, I have finally decided to input my username and password without hesitation anymore just like when I was checking out swimming pool pumps online.

I am hesitant and scared at first because of so many instances online that people are robbed of their money through their noses. So in case you have not checked Paypal’s site out for a while , this is what it looks like now.

Boost Up your Immune System

I am a single mom to two adorable kids, I run my own business and sometimes I am even hands-on to it, and I work online in my free time, so it is so hard if I get sick. To keep myself healthy I take vitamins every day but after a hard day’s work, I could still feel weak because of too much stress from working almost 24/7 every year.

I am thankful that a blogging friend introduces me to CONZACE and explains to me why we really need to take it instead. Weak immunity is caused by weak white blood cells and as a mom who works with no sick leave I should boost up my immunity but I soon realized that taking up Vitamin C is still not enough. Vitamin C develops white blood cells but Zinc plays a more vital role in its production.

Taking Conzace once every day makes my (and yours by the way) white blood cells more stronger because it has Vitamin C (which develops white blood cells), Vitamins A and E (intensify the protection of these white blood cells) and Zinc (which multiplies white blood cells in order for us to have the right number of white blood cells to protect us from viruses/sickness).
As a mom, I am doing everything in my power to protect my kids but I should protect myself first in order to do my number goal in life.
By the way, Conzace is available in all leading drugstores such as Mercury and Watson’s for only 12.40php (SRP) and it is easy to swallow because it is a soft gel capsule. Check out their Facebook page : CONZACE.

Thinking about getting a NEW JOB

I have been thinking about getting a NEW JOB. It is not that I am getting tired working my butt off but the thought has been in my mind for more than a year now. Yes, you have read that right, for more than a year I have been thinking of working as an event organizer/wedding planner.

The thought of being one runs into my mind again after the Halloween because Nay Lalay (my cousin’s wife) brought the topic up. I was taking pictures of her with her husband and told her that the photo looks like a great post-nuptial photo. Then she blurted out that maybe I should open up a new business or gets a new job as a wedding planner. So I was thinking about having a wedding shop with lots of gowns for the whole entourage plus in one corner of the shop I could put some cutesy designs for the wedding giveaway ideas. And Nay Lalay would be the one who will be in-charge of the catering services (she is good at baking and cooking and she has all the kitchen tools and utensils that she needed already) and of course she will be the one who will decorate the place so I was thinking of telling her to get the best unique ideas for decorations, just like having a hanging votive holders which I don’t usually see in weddings. Then she told me that I could pursue my love for photography by studying it and learning it by heart by becoming a wedding photographer. Isn’t that just great idea? We could work together and we could help a lot of couples who wants their dream wedding happen.

I hope I could materialize this dream one of these days.



Micro-Propelled Ferrari Cars made from LEGO only at SHELL

I love to collect collector’s items from Shell, I had the Ferrari key chains, I also have the Ferrari cars 3 years or 2 years ago. And for this year, Shell partnered with LEGO. I am a LEGO fan and a Ferrari addict so I have decided to purchase one.

I choose the black one, the Ferrari FXX.

You have to assemble the car yourself and yes it was easy. My son loves it so much and he keeps on asking me to buy more but as of now, I can’t.

Here is the Mechanics in order for you to purchase one Lego Ferrari Car:

  1. Collect 1 of 6 unique micro-propelled Ferrari cars made from LEGO bricks or a set of LEGO Minifigures for only 140php with every 1,500php (single or accumulated purchase) worth of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing , Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline or Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.
  2. Gas up with 1,500php (single or accumulated purchase) worth of Shell FuelSave Unleaded or Diesel to drive away with one of these LEGO models for only 180php.
  3. Simply present the Original Receipt (OR) at the Shell station where purchase was made. Only transactions made until November 30, 2012 will be honored. Lost or damaged receipts will not be replaced or honored.
  4. Purchase of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels via bulk , PO and Shell Card (Fleet) are included in the promo. Single receipt purchase only, no accumulation. Purchases of Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Diesel via bulk, PO and Shell Card (Fleet) are excluded from joining the promotion.

I am not in any way connected with Shell, I wasn’t paid to this post nor compensated in any way (though I would love to accept FREE Ferrari Cars in exchange for a blog post or promotion post hehehe).

A Better Christmas for Everybody

I have seen this image many times already in Facebook because a lot of my online friends have shared it. I took a photo of it using my iPhone because I wanted to share the message to you my readers in case this photo have not reached you in your Facebook account.


After reading the message in the photo above, what are your thoughts? Will you do the things listed above? As for me, I WILL. Yes, my nephew’s wife knows how to bake cupcakes and chocolate moist cakes so this coming December instead of buying cakes in big bakeshops, I will order from my nephew’s wife for my son’s Christmas Party. And yes, I will continue buying the vegetable this certain Grandma who comes to our house everyday selling her fresh produce from her backyard. Moreover, I will buy most of the gifts that I need from a cousin who owns online shop.

Let us all be mindful of where our money goes, in this way, every body will have a better Christmas.

Cowboy Outfit For My Daughter

Having a daughter makes me happier because I now have a real-life baby doll. I mean, hey, having a daughter is great because you can dress her up with all the pretty clothes for little girls you can find in the mall and online shops.

Last month, my friends were so busy looking for different country costumes because their children needs to wear one in celebration for the United Nations event.

A friend borrowed these from me:

She said that her little sister represents a country that wears Cowboy costumes. I am glad that I keep the Cowboy hat that my grandfather’s brother gave me 15 years ago, and the Cowboy vest that my brother own which my mom bought from an Ukay-Ukay store. The Cowboy boots is not mine, I borrowed it from my cousin. And yes I cannot wait for my little girl to grow up and join events like this one.

Another EQ Diaper Promo

Promo Mechanics:
1. You can join by simply collecting EQ Plus Baby Diaper with Color Cottony Cover wrappers intact points. The point system based on packaging is as follows:

  • Mini Pack (S4, M4, L4, XL4) – ¼ points
  • Budget Pack (S12, M12, L12, XL12, XXL12) – 1 point
  • Big Pack (S36, M32, L28, XL24, XXL20) – 2 points

2. Collect the corresponding number of points to get one collectible item:

  • Animal Dish Set Pig – 24 points
  • Animal Dish Set Lion – 24 points
  • Animal Dish Set Dog – 24 points
  • Animal Dish Set Lamb – 24 points

3. Only the entire wrappers with intact points of EQ Plus Baby Diaper with Color Cottony Cover will be accepted.
4. Submit the required EQ Plus Baby Diaper with Color Cottony Cover wrappers together with the following information completely written on a piece of paper:

  • Sender’s Name
  • Detailed address
  • Telephone/Mobile Numbers
  • E-mail Address
  • Baby’s name and birthday
  • Signature of Parent or Guardian
  • Desired Premium Item

5. Entries may be mailed or hand carried to JS Unitrade Office from Mondays to Fridays , 8am to 5pm.

  • You may also send your entries through 2GO branches to enjoy up to 44% special mailing fee discount.

6. Your chosen premium item will be delivered FREE of charge by 2GO to the address submitted by the sender.
7. Promo period is from October 8 to November 7, 2012. Redemption period is from October 8, 2012 to January 7, 2013.
8. You may join the promo as many times as you want.

I am not compensated to write a review or a promo ad for EQ Diapers, it is just that my son and my daughter are using EQ and I have seen their leaflets when we bought their diapers yesterday.