Healthy Bodies Need Sleep

Mother and Baby Sleeping
Lack of sleep and energy are the two biggest complaints heard, all the time, from most Mothers. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the two are clearly connected.  Sleep is vitally important to our health. While the amount of sleep needed can vary from person to person most people need at least seven hours every night.

Sleep gives our body the time needed to repair tissue, allow for cell growth, recharging our batteries, and the release of nutrients. While there are a variety of multivitamins that can help, Co q10 in particular has been termed the “energy sparking vitamin.”

Developing a healthy lifestyle includes doing things you enjoy to relieve the stress experienced every day. Increasing sleep by one hour will also increase energy. We can promote better sleeping by slightly increasing daily exercise, just be sure any exercises are finished at least one hour before bedtime.

Most of us think we do not have the time or energy to exercise. Making the time needed to develop healthy living skills can be as simple as taking a short walk every day. Since the alternative is to make time to be ill, most people choose simple exercises.

There are numerous reasons for a lack of energy these include overwork, poor or long term dieting, illness, stress and of course lack of sleep.  It is a catch-22 cycle lack of sleep makes us lack energy. Maintaining a healthy balance of activity, nutrition, and sleep fortify our bodies.

Eating fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates give us a stable energy supply. Nuts are rich in magnesium and protein, which helps maintain energy levels. Drinking plenty of non-caffeinated beverages (especially water) keeps us hydrated and our blood sugar levels stable.  Without those highs and lows to blood sugars, we have more energy.

While a short 15-minute walk will increase energy, the good news for the millions of chocoholics is that a little bit of dark chocolate really can boost energy and mood. This is partially for the caffeine, but also for another stimulant that is called Theo-bromine.

Think of the millions of dollars someone would make if they found a way to add veggies to chocolate without altering the taste. With a little dash of creative cooking, the closest we have found is to add small amounts of vegetables to burgers, pasta dishes like spaghetti or mac n’ cheese and desserts like muffins, brownies and cupcakes.

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December Twenty, Twenty Twelve

Today is supposed to be one of the most unforgettable happiest days of my life.

My daughter turned 9 months old last Monday, December 17, 2012 and aside from that, I had a very bad memory for that day and I will never forget that. I will never forget that on that day, the most special person in my life turned away from me. I cannot blame him and I know that there is no one to blame but myself. I am not a perfect person, a perfect lover nor a perfect friend. I have lapses, I forget things that I should have been doing and sometimes, I do things that I knew I will regret eventually.

And just like any relationship, it was FUN while it lasted. Last night was also a very memorable night. I never thought I could act up so stupid and call DJ Mo and ask for an advice. There I am, the first caller in Line 2, waiting for an honest advice from a man’s point of view. Erwan was cool and DJ Mo was totally frank and honest.

I know I shouldn’t be writing about these things but I miss writing on my diary about my heart aches. I need someone who will listen to me without judging me or judging the situation I am in. It’s funny because this is not the first time that I have a break-up, I have been into these situations too many times already and I know that I will be okay after a month or two.

Cheap Pre-loved Books

I’m fond of reading and one of the best places for me is a bookstore. Being in front of books seems like heaven for me. However, we have to admit that most of the books are expensive enough that you can already buy 2 sets of meal for that very same price.

I’m just glad that there are stores that sell pre-loved books for a very cheap price. You can find pre-loved or back issue of guitar magazine that features volume pedal and MXR, recipes books, comics, and a lot more. You just have to be patient enough to dig in those tons of reading materials to find what interest you most.


I Love Cetaphil Giveaway Winner

I know you have all been waiting for this announcement. I have finally finished tabulating the points and gosh, it was so hard , I should have stick to rafflecopter but then again I have a very slow internet service provider which cannot even load a single page and I cannot even log-in into the rafflecopter web site.

There were 30 people who joined my “I love Cetaphil Giveaway” and there were 650 total entries. I randomize the list that I have made then proceeded to use True Random Number Generator.

And the WINNER IS :

CONGRATULATIONS PINAY MAMA!!! Please send me a message in my email ad ( or send me a PM in my Facebook account.

Non-winners do not worry, I have a very nice giveaway prize for my #DecemberTreat watch for it at this blog.

Celebrating With Loved Ones

Celebrations come in small or big packages. Some people prefer to have a big party where everyone is invited; others would just want to have an intimate dinner in a restaurants Lehigh Valley style.

Regardless of the way a person celebrate an occasion, it is best celebrated with people who are dear and close to their hearts. But of course, it would be a blast with scrumptious dishes served on the table, added with a nice music in the background. I’m sure no one would ever forget a fruitful celebration like that.


Chicay’s Sleeping Position

What is your child’s sleeping positions? I know they have weird sleeping positions because I am also a mother of two kids. My first-born can sleep anywhere, anytime, even though he is not comfortable with the area and he is dead-tired of playing games. My daughter however is so keen in having pillows.

This is her current favorite sleeping position:

I know you will not be surprise and I am sure that once in your kid’s life they have slept like this and even you, if you can still remember. I can still recall when I was young and I had a tooth ache, I would sleep like this. My daughter on the other hand didn’t experience having a tooth-ache just yet but I know she loves sleeping like this right now.

Avoid Christmas Rush

Christmas gifts don’t need to be expensive, and buying for one doesn’t need to be stressful. If you want to avoid the Christmas rush, then you can start shopping month before December.

However, if you’re too busy and don’t have time for it, you can do online shopping. There are a lot of trusted online shops with quality products. Most offer free shipping and free gift wrapping services. If you want to have something personalized, well you can find cheap labels online too.

So if you’re too caught up from work, start shopping online and just wait for those Christmas gifts to arrive at your door step and place them under your tree.


My Chicay and My Barbie

I love playing with dolls and my favorite is the my Barbie doll. I only had one Barbie Doll because it is quite expensive and my mom would not buy such expensive toys but thanks to my godmother Mommy Azon for giving me one. Up until now I still have my dolls tuck in a box with all their dresses, accessories and cute little things that they need. But last year, a friend have sent me another Barbie Doll. The Barbie Basics collection. I had it on display in my room and my baby girl wants to play with it.

I gave her the box and look, she just run over it.

Maybe it is not yet the time for her to play with dolls.

Looking for Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve been helping out my aunt to fix her place. She said she needed to remodel her house especially the kitchen area, since that is her most favorite place around her house. She assigned me to order stock kitchen cabinets here in our province, and told me to get the best deal that I could get.

I may not be an interior designer but I’m sure enough I could get the best design that my aunt would love. So right now, I’m getting my schedule full for the kitchen cabinet hunt. And soon, my aunt’s busiest place will be filled with delicious aroma of cooked food and baked goodies!


Do I Look Like a BAG to YOU?

I don’t look at the mirror in my wall every day but I do know that I don’t look like a “bag”, a “shoe” or a “dress”. I have spent 2 hours today “UN-TAGGING” myself from different photos in Facebook which doesn’t look like me at all.

I am exhausted and my fingers hurt so much and I didn’t had FUN at all. It is not that I hate it when people tag me with what they sell online, it’s fine with me actually because I do like shopping online but please, please DO NOT TAG ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU SELL ONLINE ON YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. I get it, I know that you are an online seller and that you have an online shop but if I am interested in buying, I will browse your online site or your Facebook page for that matter.

My Facebook Profile looks like an ONLINE STORE already that is why I am un-tagging myself from so many photos of different Facebook shops. I do appreciate it when you tag me with something that I am interested with but let me say this again, do not tag me with all the photos in your Facebook album.