Romantic and Refreshing: Small Details to Build a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Many couples use Valentine’s Day to refresh and renew their love for one another. On a holiday full of red, hearts, and chocolate, take a bit of time to pamper yourself as well as your spouse. When you feel sexy, put-together, and rested, you’ll cultivate a happy Valentine’s Day for him as well.

Valentine's Day

Take a Long Weekend
This Valentine’s Day falls just before a holiday weekend. Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, and many people get the following Monday, President’s Day, as a paid holiday. Sneak away to a nearby town or bed and breakfast for a fast, easy vacation that doesn’t require catching airplanes, extensive packing, or added stress. Or, if you’d like, spend some time together at home. Just be sure to carve out time within the weekend to focus on each other rather than getting distracted by the things you need to get done at home. And send the kids to grandma’s house.

Get a New Dress — or Undergarments
A great way to boost your confidence is to invest in some new clothing items that will spice up your appearance and love life. If you’re going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, get a new dress, shoes, or bag that will add a fun touch to the evening. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do it — we’ve found these Express promo codes at the Sidepon website, which you can use on the websites of many favorite brands. If your evening will be a little more private, invest in some new lingerie sets or a sexy nightgown. Just be sure the lingerie matches your personality and personal style.

Pamper Yourself
Go get a pedicure, manicure, haircut, waxing, or whatever else it will take to impress your significant other and make you feel sexy too. If you can, get a facial and massage, which will help relax and rejuvenate you. You’ll appreciate how beautiful you’ll feel, and your partner will love the effort you put into looking beautiful. Enjoy Valentine’s Day in whatever way you choose to celebrate.




My daughter is now 10 months old and she loves to play with me. She loves playing peek-a-boo and though she does not know how to say “Peek-A-Boo” yet, she shows that she knows how to play that game with a matching “hmmm”.

As a mother of two beautiful kids, I realized that you really should spent a lot of time with your kids so that you will not regret it when they grow up, when the time comes that they don’t like playing games with you anymore, when the time comes that they will not need you anymore.

A Care for my Hair

Some time ago, I’ve been crazy over taking care of my hair. I see to it that I get regular haircuts and hot oils. I just wanted for my hair to look good, because for girls like me, the hair is our crowning glory. So aside from having these trips to salon, I also bought a Mason Pearson brush so I can still take care of my hair while I’m at my house. I can say that it really did good job of keeping my hair untangled and smooth. Now, I’ve been thinking of buying this type of brush and give it as a gift for my friends.

From Grandma



Thank God for Grandmas!

My mom gave my daughter a pair of white sandals, it is still a little bit bigger though, but we will wait until these fits Chicay. I just wish that she could use this on her birthday, perfect for her Tinkerbell costume.

Thanks mom for the sandals, I’m looking forward for more. LOL!


Thinking of a New Guitar

A few days ago I’ve been thinking of buying a new guitar for my family, I’ve been thinking that maybe having a new guitar would encourage my son to start learning at an early age. So, I’ve been checking out online shops where I can buy great Martin Guitars, as I am not sure if we have it here in our place. I’ve heard that these types of guitars are well known of its sound quality and durability. There are a lot of styles to choose from their top seller collection. I bet my son’s going to love it if I’ll buy a new one.

Coats and Books



My Chicay got some gifts from Karen, the wife of my high school classmate. Such a generous lady, she remembered my daughter and gave her these. I love the coats, they’re pink; so girly! And the books, I can’t wait for her to enjoy all of these. It’s going to be one of our bedtime session, I’m going to read the books for her.

Thank you Karen!


Organizing My Dad’s Tools

It is not easy living in a home where MEN rules. Yes, my father’s voice is always right and we always need to listen to him. But just recently, I told him that this could not go on anymore. I need him to listen to me, that he needed tool cabinets or perhaps a tool shed where he could keep all his tools. Our home doesn’t look like a home anymore, it looks like an auto-shop or a vulcanizing shop because of the tools that I could see anywhere I look.

Sometimes he lost some of his tools simply because other people would borrow it and will not return it. He cannot keep track of his tools because he didn’t keep a list of all the things he own and he does not make a list of people who borrow some of his tools. He has a lot of tools which needed to placed in one place because it is quite expensive, having a tool cabinet or tool shed will make it more safer than before and our home will be more comfortable to live in if we do have a place where my Dad could keep his tools.

This coming Father’s Day, I am thinking of buying him a gift that he could really appreciate, a tool cabinet where he can keep all his things together in one place and safe. Then maybe we will put a notebook beside it where people can sign and write the tools that they borrowed so we can keep track of it.


New Year, New You Giveaway

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Accessories for your Appliances


Each one of us has his or her own favorite appliance in our home. Or perhaps we do love a lot of our home appliances because they help us in our household chores. And one brand of home appliances that I really love is Electrolux. Why? Because they have all the products that I really need. Some of these products were microwaves, dishwasher, refrigerator and they even have wine storage which is quite perfect for my dad’s wine collection.

Another great thing about Electrolux is that they sell filters and accessories and electrolux spare parts for your home appliances that needs one. I mean, hey, it really sucks when your home appliance needs a new spare part and you cannot easily find it in a hardware or stores near you that you have to check out every one of them for you to find that tiny little part to make your appliances work. So the good thing with having an Electrolux product in your home makes your life more comfortable when you lose some parts or accessories of such appliance because you can order for it online. Appliance accessories can easily be chosen in their online store because they have a different division which focuses on such products believe.

So the next time you buy that much-needed home appliance, you should check out and choose in an Electrolux Store because you know that they are the perfect appliance provider for you and they have all you need to make your life more comfortable.

iPod Touch 5th Generation



We have a new gadget in our home, it is the iPod Touch 5th generation in PINK. Yeah, a friend of mine is selling this online and when I saw it, I just couldn’t say “NO”. I have been longing for an iPod so that my little girl could listen to different music and lullaby when she’s asleep.

The iPod sure looks like the iPhone 5 and it has the same screen size I believe. We still need to download music into it and given that we have a very slow internet connection in here, we needed to visit the city which is 60 kilometers away just to download different apps and songs.

I have tried out the iPod’s camera and yes it is a good one. I will try to show you some photos for the next few days.