Too Much Love will Kill You

Do you believe the line of a song that says “Too much love will kill you”? I do not know why this line kept on running on my mind right now, but NO, I don’t believe that too much love will kill me or someone I love. Too much love will not kill you, not literally though. Maybe it will kill your beliefs, principles and even your pride but it will never kill you, unless of course you kill yourself.

I have fallen in love and fall out of love and fell in love again and lost love again and I still believe in love. I may not be lucky in love but I am happy to say that I am lucky to have two fruits of love in my life right now. Too much love will not kill me and I will give my 101% love to my two precious angels and I will still have faith in God that He will make my life more happier each day that will come because of them.

For those who have found their one true love, who makes them happy, sad, smile and cry at the same time, hold on to them, because you don’t know if they are their for a moment or for a lifetime. I suggest that you love them truly and do not be afraid to love too much because it will not kill you but it will make you realize that love is not love until you give your whole heart away.


Photography and Weddings

I am a wedding planner want-to-be (wanna-be) but I just cannot find the time and try to be one. Maybe because I don’t want it that badly that is why I cannot find the time to try it out or maybe I have no close friend or relative that is soon to be wedded couples that is why I have not try my skills in planning a grandeur wedding.

But still, I am a sucker for weddings! I love to see people getting married and I love to attend wedding receptions. I always bring my camera with me and capture a lot of beautiful memories for the couple. Of course, I also take photos not only of the couple or the entourage and guests but also of the dining table, wedding arrangement, and of course the wedding centerpieces. I love the way wedding caterers choose their table arrangements and designs to match it with the wedding couple’s wedding theme.

And speaking of wedding themes, the wedding couple should decide early or even before they have started to prepare for that big event in their life so that they will have the perfect wedding that they have been dreaming of. Matching up everything will make the wedding more splendid.

EQ Birthday Party Raffle Promo

Promo Period: January 14, 2013 to April 15, 2013

Promo Mechanics:


a. You can participate in the nationwide raffle promo by submitting the required number of EQ packs such as EQ Plus with soft cottony cover, EQ Colors and EQ Dry with magic tapes in an envelope, together with the following information: name, address, contact numbers, e-mail address if any, signature and your baby’s name and birthday on a piece of paper.
b. You can submit your entries through a) drop boxes at major McDonalds Stores and b) mailing or hand-carrying to JS Unitrade (JSU) Office
c. One Raffle Entry is equivalent to any of the following EQ Packs:

i. EQ Plus Baby Diapers with soft cottony cover – Number of Packs Required
• EQ Plus Mini Packs (4s) – 2
• EQ Plus Budget Pack (12s) – 1
• EQ Plus Big Pack (36s, 32s, 28s, 24s, 20s) – 1

ii. EQ Colors Baby Diapers
• EQ Colors Budget Pack (18s, 16s, 14s, 12s) – 1

iii. EQ Dry Baby Diapers with magic tapes
•EQ Dry Mini Packs (4s, 3s) – 2
•EQ Dry Travel Pack (22s, 20s, 18s, 16s, 14s, 12s) – 1
•EQ Dry Econo Pack (40s, 36s, 32s, 28s, 24s) – 1
•EQ Dry Jumbo Pack (60s, 54s, 48s, 42s, 36s) – 1
•EQ Dry Mega Pack (84s, 72s, 60s) – 1

d. Your entry should contain the number of corresponding EQ packs. Chosen entry with incomplete number of packs will be disqualified.
i. Only entire wrappers will be accepted.
ii. Entries containing soiled wrappers or wrappers with erased number points will NOT be honoured.

Each winner will receive one (1) McDonalds Birthday Party Certificate worth Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000php)

a. Entries will be classified into five (5) areas: GMA, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
b. Deadline for submission of all entries for the Grand Draw will be on April 25, 2013.
c. All entries will be drawn at the following JSU Offices at 9am and will be attended by JSU and DTI representatives


The City

I’ve been frequently going to Cagayan de Oro recently. I’ve been catching up with my friends, taking some time off, and bonding with my siblings. Since it is a 4-hour drive away from our home, some of my cousins asked for a favor to buy something for them that can only be found in the city.

I had parker teflon hose, wrenches, clothes, flip flops, kitchen supplies, and the list goes on. My mom even asked for her favorite cake that can only be bought in the city. It was all fine with me, I love running errands for them, because they also do that for me if they’re the ones going to the city.

Year of the Snake

It has been two months already, but let me welcome you again to a new year wherein the Chinese Calendars says that this year will be the Year of the Snake. Wives and official girlfriends, better hold on to your man and WATCH OUT for snakes.

Just kidding, this year I think, will be a lucky year for all the people who are born in the Year of the Snake. Seriously, this year is their year, right? I am not a feng shui Master nor a “Manghuhula”, but I just feel that this year will be better for them. I am born in the Year of the Ox, and I read in an online website that this year I will be lucky in my career or business and that sounds great. I haven’t checked yet if I will be lucky in love for this year.

Have you read your horoscope for this Year of the Snake? You don’t have to believe in them but it doesn’t hurt to check what the stars have prepared for you.

Relax and Unwind

These past few days I have been so stressed out that I badly needed some time alone so I can relax and unwind. I am thinking to drive alone going somewhere, by the beach maybe, watching the calm sea. Or I can hangout at a coffee shop and bring my favorite book there. Or perhaps go to a spa and have a relaxing traditional Chinese massage, where they will use vacuum cups.

Nevertheless, I just needed to clear my mind off, so I can think straight and can make my best decision regarding my business.

Sweet Surprise


Valentine’s is just around the corner, and of course happy hearts will definitely celebrate it with their better half or partners; having dinner, roses, and chocolates. Well then, who says I cannot celebrate Valentine’s while being single? For me, I’m fine with these chocolates. Aren’t you all thankful for sweets like these? Oh, I just love them all! I’m glad that they were given to me in perfect timing, such a stress reliever. Thank you my dear friend for giving me these chocolates. You made me and my sweet tooth so happy!