Quietly Listening to Music

I listen to music regardless of what mood I’m in. I even bought a pink iPod Touch so I could enjoy my music more while my daughter is asleep. However, listening to good music is not complete without a good pair of headphones like the Noise Cancelling Headphones guitar center site offers. I wish I could get hold of those as soon as possible. Or perhaps, someone could give it to me as a birthday gift, which is just a few months away from now. I would truly appreciate it. LOL! Anyway, earphones are fine, as long as I can listen to music without disturbing my daughter’s sleep.

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The Perfect Bed Mate

Last December, my dear friend Amor gave my baby daughter a beautiful gift. A 2-in-1 piece perfect bed-mate for her. This cute little pink stuff toy looking is not really a stuff toy but a blanket. Yes, I didn’t know that it existed but all you have to do to make it look like a stuff toy is you just need to roll the blanket and tie it up together.

My daughter Chicay loved it and she kept on holding into it before she sleeps. Sometimes she talks it like she does with her stuff toys. During cold nights, I let her use it as a blanket.

I really appreciate it when my friends gave me things that we could really use. This one is a hand-me-down but me and my child loved it because she can use it as a toy or as a blanket whenever she needed one.



Start Your Own Blog

Are you the type of person who owns a journal or a diary, and always writing your thoughts and daily activities on it? Or just simply loves to write anything under the sun? If so, you might want to consider on creating your online journal/diary, or what we simply call a Blog.

There are free blog platforms that you can use, or if you’re serious about it you can buy your own hosting and domain. If you don’t know where and how to start, you could always ask your blogger friends or you could refer to blogs or websites that gives pointers on starting a blog. You can check the IMcreator blog for some guidelines in creating a website for your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Create and join the fun now!

Handmade with Love from Sassy Hairsies

I have been dreaming of having a hair accessories perfect for my daughter. I have been checking out a lot of online stores and shops but I have no extra money to pay for one so I decided to join online contests last December. After joining more than 4 online contests hosting a giveaway with hair accessories as the prizes I finally win in one. I won a hair accessory of my choice from Mommy Chris’ giveaway which is sponsored by Sassy Hairsies.

Oh I love the designs from Sassy Hairsies and I have chosen my most favorite design. See our prize here:


Lighter Collection

One of the few things that people collect are lighters. Although, lighters are associated with smoking, that doesn’t mean the collector is a smoker. It’s just that these collectors are fascinated with the design; down from the generic disposable lighter up to the most complicated and grandest design you could ever think of, just like a torch lighter.

Lighter also has different type of fluids; butane, naphtha, and kerosene are some of the examples. There are also different colors of flame, in which blue is the most common of all, and there are well-known brands of lighters as well. Regardless of the type of lighter you have or collect, these are still hazardous, so proper and utmost care should be done. And remember, to keep this away from children.

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Canon IXUS 300HS

Okay, I am a self confessed online-contest addict. And I am thankful that I am because I am winning a lot of goodies and gadgets. And last December, I won this cool Canon IXUS 300HS which is worth around 10,000php. I am not selling it because I needed it. I have a a Canon digicam before but it was not in good condition anymore. I bought it for almost 20,000php and it served its purpose for almost 5 years.

I am thankful that my luck in online contests came back and made me won this cool digicam which I can bring anywhere without the hassle of its weight.

Laptop Over Desktop

It’s been a few years already that I’m using a laptop, I have replaced it a couple of times already, but it didn’t occurred to me to buy a desktop computer. Well, we have one in the house but it’s not really working well. Plus, having a laptop is more convenient for me because I always travel. And I can’t bring my desktop with me anywhere, right?! That’s why I really prefer using a laptop.

However, thinking about it that my son and youngest brother are now grown up, who loves playing online games, I decided to have my desktop fixed. I brought it to a computer shop for some pc tuneup and I hope it will get fixed soon, the boys will be happy to play with it.


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Unpredictable Weather

I thought summer is here but I was wrong all along. As a matter of fact, heavy rains fell from the sky just now. And I realize that I needed a sheepskin bomber jacket to protect me from the cold weather. This is the perks of living in a tropical country, you don’t have four seasons that you can trust to arrive (summer, spring, fall and winter), you only have two weather seasons (rainy and sunny) which sometimes cannot be determined when they will arrive and when they will end. So having the typical clothes to wear for both seasons should be kept in your wardrobe cabinet all of the time. Unlike when you live in a country where the seasons happened when they are meant and determined to happen, you can keep your winter clothes tucked away during the summer season.

The weather is so unpredictable these days, I don’t know if this is truly what climate change is all about or perhaps, this is just another of Mother Nature’s mood swings. But anyway, I am still thankful whatever the season or the weather is as long as I am ALIVE because I get to appreciate the beauty of nature itself no matter what happens.