Find the Perfect Swing Set

Today, new parents are investing in a swing set to put in their backyard or elsewhere on their property. They have discovered the many benefits of having a swing set available at all times for their children to use. One of the benefits is that the children get plenty of fresh air as they swing with their siblings or friends. Check out some of the other benefits that are prompting parents to add a swing set to their property.

Swinging is a fun activity for kids, but what they don’t know is that it helps them develop their gross motor skills. They have to learn how to push their legs forward and pull them back in order to make the swing go higher. Also, they have to learn to grip the side chains as they are propelling the swing. This activity also helps with a child’s coordination and balance.

Parents appreciate that their children can participate in an energetic activity with friends in a safe environment. This is especially important with younger children. They are in an area where they away from streets, cars and other traffic. Parents and others who are interested in getting some swings can find swing set swings at

A final benefit of having a swing set at home is that parents are able to avoid having to use gas to drive children to a local playground. Busy parents can just send the kids out to play on the swing set and supervise them from there.

10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Homes

Houses nowadays can range from simple to extravagant. While average people prefer to have simple homes, most wealthy individuals prefer extravagant structures, and they put large amounts of money into creating their homes. The most expensive homes tend to have lots of interesting features and amenities such as beds like those sold by Bunkers Sydney, basketball courts, function rooms, swimming pools, and many others. Here are some of the most luxurious homes in the world.


This is currently the most expensive home in the world. This is located in Mumbai, India. This is a 27 storey mansion which features a lot of interesting amenities like a health floor, a ballroom, a 4 storey garden, and a 6 storey parking lot. This is owned by Mukesh Ambani who is also the world’s 5th richest man. The estimated cost of this home is $1 billion.

Villa Leopolda

The cost of this villa is estimated at $506 million. This is considered as Europe’s most expensive home. It was King Leopold who built this home back in 1902. This 27 storey high home is located on the French Riviera. The current owner of this home is Mikhail Prokhorov who is also the owner of the Brooklyn Nets which is a basketball team.

The Penthouse

This may not be a mansion but this flat actually costs $200 million. This flat is overlooking the Hyde Park in London. This flat features a lot of interesting amenities like a panic room, a wine tasting room, an eye scanner, bulletproof windows, and a squash playground.

Fairfield Pond

The Fairfield Pond is worth $198 million. This mansion is considered as the most expensive residence in US. This is located in Hamptons, New York. This remarkable mansion features great amenities like a basketball court and a bowling alley.

Hearst Mansion

This mansion has 29 bedrooms and this was used as honeymoon site by US president JF Kennedy. This mansion costs a whopping $165 million. The amenities of this mansion include a unique disco room.

Franchuck Villa

This villa costs $161 million and this is located in London, UK. This was once used as a preparatory school for the girls. However, today, this has been converted into a mansion with lots of modern facilities like a panic room, a movie theater, an indoor pool, a personal gym, and a sauna.

The Pinnacle

This house is worth $155 million. This can be found in an exclusive residential neighborhood which is the Yellowstone Club located in Montana, USA. This mansion has lots of great amenities like fireplaces in every bathroom.


The Manor

This home is priced at $150 million. This is situated in Los Angeles, California. This was built for the famous Aaron Spelling. This home also houses 123 bedrooms.

Updown Court

This mansion is priced at $139 million and this is located in Surrey, England. This home features extravagant amenities like a private cinema, a large horse barn, a tennis court, and a garage which can fit 8 stretch limos.

Bran Castle

This castle is also referred to as the Castle of Dracula. This home is a $135 million real estate that is located in Transylvania, Romania. Even though, this structure has been made into a museum today, this was once a residence for the royal families. In fact, the most popular resident of this home was Vlad the Impaler. Vlad the Impaler is associated with the infamous count Dracula.

Native Shoes – Corrado and Miller

I shared My Favorite Summer Experience in my Travel/Fashion Blog for Nuffnang’s Native Shoes Blog Contest and I won a 2500php worth of GC. Some of my friends already know that I love to join online contests so they supported me through liking my blog post, sharing it on twitter and Facebook, and by leaving a comment or two to make me feel that I deserve to be chosen as one of the 20 bloggers who will win a gift certificate from Nuffnang.

When I learned that I won, I was ecstatic because I have been longing to buy Native Shoes for my kids but just couldn’t afford it ( I mean I don’t have the budget yet to buy for two pairs of Native Shoes). I checked out Native Shoes online to see what style should I buy for my two kids. When the GCs arrived, I was happy and sad at the same time. Why? Because the GCs can only be used in the Trinoma branch.

I live in the province and if I have to use the GC in Trinoma, I need to book a flight and that would be very expensive for me. True blogging friends came in the picture to rescue me from my predicament. Sis Sam told me that she lives near Trinoma and that she could buy the pairs for me, actually I asked her to buy it for me (hahaha). Sent her the GCs and the shoe size of my two kids and told her the style I want. I am so glad that I have met online friends who are really nice and kind, and trust worthy too. Though I have not met her in person, Sam treats me like a sister already and I am glad I have found gold nuggets in a stack of hay.

I have chosen the Miller in Pink for my baby daughter and Sam chose Corrado in Sky Blue for my son. When the Native Shoes arrive, my two kids cannot wait but open the package without me!


Choosing the Right Investment

If you have enough money to start your own business or to invest it into something that will give you the right income, where will you invest it? Choosing the right investment is the key to earning the right income or give you the right ROI in a specific period of time. I am not claiming or saying that I am a good investor of money but I don’t hastily invest my money to different business proposals that comes my way. I meticulously choose where to invest my money and if I do think that it is an income generating proposal then I would go for it.

One way to invest your money is through buying gold. Gold is a good investment because its value always appreciates. But before you start investing in it, you should first know how to buy gold bars in order to maximize your investment.

Another good way of investing your money is through opening a new business. A new business that has a fast ROI. If you are investing in a new business make sure that you know the ins and outs of it.

Turn OFF that Location Services Settings for your Photos

You have probably seen that VIDEO about how scary it is to take our photos using our cellphones. And just like you, I am scared to death too. Imagine how easy it is for criminals to look for us just by looking at our photos that we have uploaded in our social media accounts. Some of my photos are posted publicly, because I need to and I want to, though I am not a celebrity or a famous person, I have my own reasons that is why I cannot simply upload it privately.

Here let me show you how I turned off my Location Services setting for my photos in my smart phone. Some people might think this is stupid (my HOW TO turn it off) but believe me, there are people who doesn’t know how to do it simply because they don’t care much about their cell phones, they just use it for making calls, for texting, for taking photos but they don’t check every thing in their phones, they don’t even know what is the IMEI number of their smart phones and doesn’t even care where they can find it.

First, you need to go to your iPhone’s Settings, it looks like this:

Then look for the PRIVACY. When you are in the privacy settings, tap that Location Services:


You can choose to TURN IT ALL OFF just by touching that circle beside the ON. But please, don’t because you need the location services when you use the Google Maps, and it might come handy when your iPhone gets stolen.
IMG_9834You just have to turn the Location Services for your Camera and other Photo editing apps in here:


This might sound or look ridiculous for those tech savvy people out there, but for those who don’t know what to do, this might be of great help to you.

My Super Circle Plan GLOBE

It’s been two years already.

That is why I have called Globe Hotline to renew my contract with them, with regards to My Super Circle Plan. I applied for a Super Circle Plan with Globe two years ago because it is a GREAT offer. Imagine, 3 phones, 3 numbers, 3 unlicall and unlitext line for only 1500php per month! It is a great saving as long as the other two users, including you of course, will not SUBSCRIBE to ring backs, club media content, and other ADDITIONAL subscription that will make your BILL soar higher than the 1500php plan bill. We had three (3) Samsung Corby II phones back then, and now I ordered for two (2) Samsung Kyle and one (1) Blackberry 9320. I don’t have to pay anything or there are no CASH-OUT for the 3 units but I need to pay for additional 99php per phone as a TOP-UP of the bill because the three phones I ordered are internet capable.

I am glad that the Talk to Globe Specialist is so helpful and a very good agent (I am sorry but I also have bad experiences with other Talk to Globe hotline agents who are so arrogant and over-bearing).

Pasko sa Agosto!!! Win 1 Beauty Bundle from ZoWanderer

PASKO SA AGOSTO is here again to make everyone HAPPY. Yes, It’s Christmas Time in August once again and ZoWanderer in collaboration with other Filipina Bloggers is having a GIVEAWAY CARAVAN this August. 1001531_395101183926468_1485076488_n All you have to do is to LIKE and SHARE. It is so easy like singin DO-RE-MI. Just wait for the rafflecopter and you are good to go. 1 Winner will receive this Beauty Bundle from ZoWanderer: IMG_9500 a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is OPEN to Philippine residents only, or if you can provide a Philippine address where I can send your prize for FREE, it is alright with me. The giveaway will run from August 7 to August 28, 2013, and the winner will be announced on the 31st. I will notify you via email and you need to reply with your contact details.

Babies to Toddlers Giveaway Winners

The moment that we have all been waiting for is here. Babies to Toddlers have verified the winners and I am announcing it now.

Eloisa De Jesus is the Aqueduck Children Faucet Extender (worth P780) winner and Ruby Papio for the Potty Covers (worth P699). CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners!!!

Both winners will receive an email from Babies To Toddlers on how to claim their prizes. Thank you all for joining and we are cooking another giveaway for you my dear readers.

Mommy Bright Side: A Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign

I am a Proud BREASTFEEDING MOM to two kids and I am not ashamed of it. When I gave birth to my first-born, I was not scared to breastfed him and even though it hurt so much, I still push through with the breastfeeding because I know he will greatly benefit from it. And because I am a breastfeeding advocate I am inviting you all for a Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign that will happen on August 3, 2013 at Centrio Mall from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This event came about through Mommy Bright Side’s idea in cooperation with the German Doctor’s Mother Club and and Breastfeeding Pinays.

The activity or project is entitled, Coming Together, Feeding Together – “A Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign” that aims to promote the importance of providing a stronger support system to breastfeeding mothers and their babies. This activity will simultaneously take place in 5 key cities in the Philippines: Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.


Mommy Bright Side is one of the proponents in cooperation with German Doctor’s Mother Club, A club of mothers coming from grassroots in Cagayan de Oro City trained to give peer support to mothers in need; Breastfeeding Pinays, A Facebook online support group that provides support and information to Filipino families who are interested in breastfeeding in which the community is supported by trained peer counsellors and is open to all Pinay breastfeeding mothers.

For donations and inquiries contact Mommy Bright Side below:
Contact numbers: 09154868868/ 09327990112
E-mail address:
Facebook page: