Random Rant

The hardest part of forgiving is when the people who did you wrong didn’t ask for forgiveness. It is a slap on my face when I learned that I have been lied for more than a year into my past relationship. That my so called “Friend” was sleeping with the father of my 2nd child even before she was born. It was a slap on my face because I was too trusting, too loving and too humane. I did not expect that these people could do this to me, but hello, nice to know that they didn’t only exists in teleseryes, they are also real.

I was what, 6 months pregnant when the affair started. That he only stayed because of the baby and that he doesn’t love me anymore. Bullshit. What a crap. I never felt so betrayed in my whole life but now. I may have not been the best girlfriend in the world nor a wife material but I do not deserve to be treated like shit. A lot of immature reasons have been thrown at me when we broke up, and I cried every night because I was thinking that it was my entire fault but now that I know the real reason why, I realized that you have said all the bad things about me to JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS. To justify why you have fallen for the trap that bitch has prepared for you.

Imagine how thick faced that bitch was, she even visited me at the hospital when I gave birth to our daughter. And WOW, she was with us during our baby’s Christening. I should have known. I should have felt it when the affair just had started. But NO, I was blinded, with my love for you, and my longing for a complete family.

I am not saying that I have no faults, or that I am clean, but you should have look at the mirror and asked yourself too, if ever you are perfect. I have been living a LIE all this time. That I have belittled myself because I believed that I was the reason why my past relationship didn’t work out because of my fault. But now that I know the TRUTH, I could stand up with dignity and pride to say that my daughter doesn’t deserve to have a FATHER like you. You have no balls. You have no guts. You cannot even stand up on your own and make your own decisions. YOU have no right to tell me that I am the reason why you lost interest on me, you have no right to tell me that I don’t know how to take care of you, and you have no right to tell me that, because the real reason why is that because you are too WEAK. You are too KIND that you can’t even say NO.

I am not a saint, I have made a lot of mistakes too but at this point in my life, but into this past relationship that I had, I can say that I am not the GUILTY one.

This is not me, sour graping, I just want the whole world to know what I have been through. I am not cleaning my own ass up because it does not need wiping. And NO, I don’t want him back; I didn’t even realize that he is WORTH something, because he is worthless just like you. A man is PRICELESS when he has PRINCIPLES and he has DIGNITY and that he can STAND UP ON HIS OWN and MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS in life. Does he have that? Can he do that? When the answer to that question is still a NO, he has no value for me. I didn’t belittle him, HE BELITTLES himself.

What are you Thankful For plus a Giveaway


I received a package from Cetaphil Philippines last Friday. And I didn’t expect that the package will contain a LOT OF GOODIES. Though I already know that they are very generous when it comes to sending such gifts, I am still surprised to see what the package contains. I am a user of Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for so long already and I love the effects of it on my skin. I think I am a user for more than a year now. My two kids are Cetaphil babies too, their Pediatrician recommends Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser because it is very safe to use on their delicate skin.
I am THANKFUL for a lot of things lately. I am thankful that God has given me two adorable kids. I am thankful that my blogging life is colorful and that I have made a lot of friends. I am thankful because finally I have walked the runway and experienced how it feels to be a ramp model for a day. I am thankful that I won a lot of giveaways from the time I learned that online giveaways are real.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comment section below with your name, location and email address for a CHANCE to win this Cetaphil LOOT.


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Happy 3rd year ZoWanderer!!!

Hello Friends and Readers of this blog. I checked out my old posts and I realized that last September 17, this blog, ZoWanderer, turned another year. I have made a welcome post in here (ZoWanderer is BORN), three years ago and I didn’t know that I could go this far.

I didn’t thought that I would still be blogging after three years, but I am glad that I am still blogging and that I am still trying to be a good blogger. I have met a lot of online friends through blogging, I have won a lot of online contests because of blogging and I have learned a lot about the virtual life through blogging.

I am thinking of having a giveaway because I am on my 3rd year blogversary but I do not know what to give away or how to do it. Maybe I can fix one before September ends.

Thank You for staying with me my dear readers and thank you for sticking with me my blogging friends.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013

Every year, I am looking forward to this Writing Project simply because I could see a lot of new blogs created every year with FULL potential because they are owned by good bloggers. I am not a good writer that is why I don’t consider myself a great blogger. But I do write some nice articles once in a while, but I not every time. Some of my posts are lousy (haha). Anyways, without further ado let me present to you my choices for this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.


My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 are as follows:

1. WoMom – The WoMom is a blog owned by a dear friend of mine. She created this blog, though she already had old blogs, because she feels like she needed to create one for a greater purpose. Not for advertorials, or for rambling and bragging, but for sharing her thoughts about being a woman in process.
2. The Posh Traveller – I am a trying hard traveler and sometimes I am lost. I am glad that there are a lot of travel blogger online who share their experiences with different places such as the Post Traveler.
3. Definitely Librarian – I love LIBRARIES. I used to have a good relationship with our school librarian because it is my second home. And I am glad to see that Definitely Librarian has step up to the next level. This is my first time to encounter such amazing blogger.
4. Teresay – Tere Say is another fellow blogger that I met online through blogging groups. Relevant information is a strong point but what captured my attention is that I have learned a lot through reading what Tere Say online.
5. iWander. iExperience. iKwento – This is another great travel blog. I love bloggers who showcase their travel experiences, good and bad, online. How they conquer their fears, how they capture the photos, and how they enjoy traveling the Philippines.
6. A Letter Writer – I love to write letters. Love letters and friendly letters. I often leave love notes in different places when I was in college. I like this blog because it revives the old school art of courting and maintaining relationships, through letter writing.
7. Business What Ifs – I am a business owner that is why I do read a lot about business things. I came across this blog and I loved it. A lot of things are happening around us and I am glad that this blog opened my eyes about the small things that matters most.
8. FilipiKnow – This is my first time to LIKE, and actually read a trivia blog. The TOP TEN about everything and anything is just simplly awesome not to share and not let the world know about it.
9. San Josenyong Gala – This blog opened my eyes, yes. I am a Filipino and I would really love to travel the whole Philippines starting off with the tourist spots. But then again, this blog have opened my eyes to visit the less-traveled places because there are beautiful hidden places in the Philippines that we, Filipinos, should be the first to set foot at.
10. Online Geek Chic – I am chick but not an online geek, I love this blog because she’s a chick and she’s good at blogging, social media and SEO.

Of course, this Writing Project will not be successful without our SPONSORS namely : Optimind SEO Company, Infinity Hub, E-Commerce Boot Camp, and Digital Influencer Boot Camp, and more to be added.

To Choose Group or Private Safaris in Tanzania?

The planning and selling of tours / itenararies by the safaris in Tanzania are usually done 2 calendar years ahead. Thus, the details of it are already considered as fixed and cannot be adjusted such as the number of days on safari, hotel and lodge choices, meals and other details. What is left for the traveller to decide is up to only the safari start date of the travel or adventure. Another choice is if you go for group or private safaris in Tanzania.

Group Safaris in Tanzania

As expected, group safaris are less expensive than the private ones because of the wholesale deals, hotel group discounts and regular schedule reservations. If this option is selected, the process involves first selecting a safari operator and an itinerary. An email then is needed to be sent to the operators for a total costs requests. Sometimes, group safaris in Tanzania can be changed into a private involving a small additional fee. The cost differences would be on the type of accommodation and alternate park routes.

Private Safaris in Tanzania

The best thing about private safaris is its customized itinerary modified according to the participant’s interests and choices unlike from what is mentioned earlier. It includes a safari guide and 4WD vehicle for personal and exclusive use. 1 passenger or 2 can already avail this one.

The big advantage of private safaris in Tanzania is one is not depending on a rigid time schedule. Such is perfect for a novice explorer as it gives them solitude and freedom and away from problems such as “worrying of taken / available seats”.


Where to Find Gold and Silver

Located at 2486 Times Blvd., in Rice Village, Houston Numismatic Exchange has been buying and selling precious metals for nearly 5 decades. It buys and sells a large line of gold and silver coins, including rare and ancient coins. As an authorized dealer for PCGS, it is authorized to buy and sell certified rare coins. Whatever the purchaser’s needs are in the precious metals market,he or she can Find gold and silver at HNEX.com.

US Eagle gold and silver coins are bought and sold in addition to a large variety of foreign coins. Mexican Pesos, Australian gold coins and South African Kruggerands are available. Collectible coins from all over the world are available for purchase, serving the beginning collector to long experienced ones.

As Texas’ largest gold and silver dealer, HNEX also carries a large selection of precious metals in bullion, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Bars are available at 1 oz. 10 oz. and 100 oz. Troy weight. It even carries foreign bars, such as Credit Suisse and PAMP bullion. All bullion has been properly certified and weighed for the purchasers protection.

Hnex is also authorized to buy or sell fine diamonds, including EGL and GIA certified. In addition to single stones, Hnex has a wide selection of engagement and wedding rings, tennis bracelets and necklaces. It is also a purchaser of fine diamonds, diamond jewelry, swiss watches and estate jewelry. Hnex assures that top prices are paid for fine jewelry. Hours are convenient, open Tuesday-Friday from 10-5 and on Saturdays from 10-4.

Baby Furniture’s Room Decorating Ideas

At first, the idea of designing and decorating a baby’s room sounds simple and exciting. While the adventure may remain exciting, the decision-making process isn’t always as easy as you first anticipate it to be. That’s why you may be relieved and delighted to find some expert advice to help you with your furniture selections.

Baby Furniture Plus is a top kids furniture store in Greenville SC. A resource such as this can help you decide on the most budget-friendly furniture options. They can also direct you toward specialized pieces that address the amount of space you have in the room you are furnishing. Some baby furniture is designed to convert into toddler beds. Features such as this may be something you had not considered until the experts pointed out their advantages.

A business that specializes in kid’s furniture understands the type of use and possible abuse the furniture is likely to be subjected to. Stains, scratches, nicks and dings can easily happen to furniture in a kid’s room. Having the option of purchasing an extended protection plan is a feature worth considering.

You will most likely want the furniture in your baby’s room to fall into the same design category as the other furnishings in your home. Coordinating the design and selecting the right pieces is much easier when you have a knowledgeable professional helping you. While this may be your first time designing a baby’s room, it’s a task they have been trained to excel in.