Season of Snow

One more to go to December, Christmas is so near it definitely excites all of us. I have friends from other part of the world who joyously announced that it’s already snowing there. And I know they’re planning to go on snowboarding, which can only be done during winter.

I can’t wait to see pictures of them with their snowboards displayed in a snowboard storage rack together in their snowboarding suits, happily enjoying the snow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have snow in here too, where we can do snowboarding and skiing? Oh well, I might just plan a trip someday to go at my friend’s hometown and have a first hand experience of snow.

Drypers Bathe With Love Prizes

I joined an online giveaway hosted by Lovingly, Mama last month and I was so lucky that I won. I love receiving prizes at my doorstep especially if it is something for my kids. Lovingly, Mama hosted a Drypers Bathe With Love Giveaway in her blog last September and I was one of the lucky winners. These goodies was delivered to my doorstep by LBC and my baby girl is currently using Drypers Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath. IMG_1988 My friends kept on asking me why I am winning a lot of online contests, the answer is really simple it is because I joined! You can’t win if you wont join. I choose the online contests that I joined. I usually join those online contests wherein the prizes will be products that I will really use.

Sale at Primadonna

SALE is always an opportunity especially for a cheapskate like me. I am not used to wearing branded clothes simply because my Mom didn’t raised me to be conscious about the prices of the things that I am wearing or using. We live a simple life and we always wear the clothes that we are comfortable wearing, branded or not. My mom used to shop in Ukay-Ukay stores and up until now, we are still buying in different Ukay-Ukay stores if we can find the time to do so (you need to have a lot of time when you shop in a UK store). And now that I can afford to buy my own clothes, I developed the habit of buying for the things I need and wants when they are ON SALE. Branded clothes sometimes go on SALE and that is when I get the chance to own them. I am not ashamed of buying things on sale as long as I didn’t stole it.

When I visited CdeO City 2 weeks ago, I saw the 4 letter word in my favorite store, so I decided to drop by and check out if they have something that would capture my heart. Nevertheless, I found this beautiful pair of sandals and decided to buy them, I don’t know if King Instruments go on SALE, but I am glad that princess’ items like this one goes on SALE.

I Love Sample Room

I love Sample Room. I think EVERYBODY does. For those of you who does not know what SAMPLE ROOM is, let me introduce them to you. Sample Room website has started late last year and I have come to know about them June this year. The website’s motto is “Try before you Buy”. I thought this kind of thing is only available in other countries, I didn’t expect that it will click here in the Philippines.

I am not a VIP member, but I was given 100 points to start with. The only catch is that you will have to pay for the shipping fee which costs around 130 to 190 pesos and it depends on the products weight. From June 2013, I have received these products for FREE from Sample Room :

  • Physiogel Cleanser 60ml
  • Azzaro Chrome EDT 7ml
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Kissmark (Matte)
  • Colour Collection Vitamin-E Lipstick – Red Wine (Satin)
  • Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream SPF 25 30ml
  • Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Radiance Body Cream SPF 15
  • Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30
  • Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate
  • Carbtrim Iced Tea Mix (Lemon Flavor)
  • Inti-Mate Bra Converter
  • OraCare Merrymint Mouthwash
  • Godiva Licowhite whitening lotion with SPF 15
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Premium Base
  • Vidal  Sassoon Premium Base Care Treatment
  • Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Make Up Remover Wipes


I have only paid for the shipping fee usually 130php and whenever I ordered for a sample I see to it that the cost of the sample is higher compared to the cost of ordering the products. Sometimes I also check if I could order more than 1 product so that I can save on the shipping fee.

Moreover, I have finally decided to become a VIP member. Why? Because I realized that I could always get my money’s worth being a Sample Room’s VIP member.

Perks of being a Sample Room VIP member:

You earn 1000 points, that can be used in 2 months
You get to avail sample offers from premium brand partners (sometimes even a full-sized)
You get more products/ samples
Receive earlier notification of our product uploads
Exclusive contests, promotions and events only to Sample Room VIP members!

By the way, if you want to be a member, leave your emails below and I will invite you to JOIN ME in trying out the latest products available in the market right now!!!

I invoke my right against self incrimination!

“I invoke my right against self incrimination” is the “statement of the day” for today’s Senate Hearing. Yes, aside from “Hindi ko po alam” (I do not know) and “Hindi po totoo yan” (that is not the truth) , Janet Lim Napoles (The Queen of all SCAMS and the Queen of all LIES) used what Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago told her “I invoke my right against self-incrimination”.

I am so disappointed, I mean I am so ANGRY while watching the Senate Hearing because obviously, Janet Lim-Napoles is just driving the public nuts and she is making the Senators crazy. She definitely is not the mastermind because she doesn’t know what she was doing all along or perhaps she knows but she couldn’t fathom what to say now that everything is out in the open. How could she sleep soundly at night when the people who deserve all the money that she and her cohorts have stolen have nothing to eat and no decent home to call their own? Janet Lim-Napoles is not the mastermind of these scams, she was only used and there are people or person who is behind all these things and the Filipino people are hoping that Janet Lim-Napoles would spell their names out to save herself. I am not quite sure if Janet Lim-Napoles is scared for her life that is why she’s lying or she surely believes that she will emerge as an innocent woman after all as promised by these persons.

Nevertheless, let us all witness what the Social Media People have done during the Senate Hearing through these PHOTO MEMES.


Sutla and Flawless Papaya Soap

Sutla products and Flawless Papaya Soap are “in” these days. A lot of people are selling it and a lot of people are actually buying and using it. My online blogging friends are selling it and so I joined the bandwagon. I tried the products first to check out if it really has a positive effect on my skin and I am glad that it is really effective. Most people are buying it because it is affordable, Philippine-made and effective.