Kab Scout Jb

Last week, Pangantucan Central Elementary School held a BSP and GSP camping event. My son being a first grader had joined the activities as a Kab Scout, basically he is a Boy Scout yet because of his age. As a supporting mom, I went to their school and showed him that I am there to celebrate the event with him, and cheer him with all the activities that they have prepared. They had a program and my son had memorized some of the things they need for their presentation.

Are You Lucky in Many Ways than One

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Pose for a Cause!!!


Been thinking of having your photos taken by professional photographers but just can’t afford it? Or perhaps you can’t find the time to have it done? Now is your chance!!! Join our pose for a cause to help Bohol!!! Christmas time is fast-approaching and it is the season of giving!!! Be a generous Sponsor!!! For only 300 php (solo shots), 400 php (couple shots) and 500 php (family/barkada shots) !!!


Organizer : Joanne Gonzales
Photographers : Jesse Raxis Pepito and Darrel Uy
Make Up Artist : Maycee Siojo Garces
Stylist : Kor Jeanne Benison Garces – See more at: http://stylishvoyager.com/#sthash.BX2ACmUK.dpuf

Contact us now!!! Kindly send me a private message or comment below or send us a text message at 09176226431 and look for Joanne.

DR. Fresh Orthodontic Kit

After months of deliberation, I have finally decided to have braces. Yes, it was quite hard at first, I cannot eat properly, I have to choose what to eat, I have to endure the pain, but I know that after this I will have that perfect “Toothpaste model” smile in no time.


After my first visit at the dentist, his secretary gave me this Orthodontic Kit which contains 1 toothbrush, dental floss, dental floss threaders, timer (2 minutes), travel toothbrush, dental mirror, proxy brush with case, and mint wax for Braces.

Guitar Case

Guitar has always been a common musical instrument that can be easily learned. As long as you know and got the chords correctly, you can definitely play your favorite song. But it takes experience and real talent to play amazing songs on a guitar, just like the artists in the music industry.

But of course, a great talent should be paired with a very nice guitar to produce such music. And that guitar should have an exceptional fender jaguar guitar case at musicians friend to keep it safe and protected. You see, nice guitars are quite expensive, so you got to have a good quality of guitar cases that you can use to store your precious guitar, especially when you travel.

A Long-Time Fan of Panasonic

My mom is a fan of Panasonic. Almost all of our appliances (since my birth) are made of Panasonic. I can’t blame her, it was the only affordable brand of appliances without sacrificing its quality that was and is available in the market.

Our washing machine died two weeks ago after 10 years of service so I decided to buy a new one. Of course I am a fan of Panasonic too, so I brought this washing machine home.


My mom was so happy because I have made the right decision. I guess being a Panasonic lover runs in the blood.

Christmas Souvenirs

Christmas is the season of giving. Giving back for all those blessings we received throughout the entire year. To some, they do it by donating to their favorite charity institutions. Others do an outreach program, medical missions, etc. However, for us, we give back by organizing a Christmas party for our employees. Without them, our business won’t be successful. So it’s time for us to pamper and make them happy.

In preparation, we made sure we created a menu that would make our guests full and satisfied. We also had a program with games, production numbers and awarding or some kind of recognizing our promising employees. Of course, to complete the event we will have customized mugs, bags, and usb here that will serve as our Christmas Party souvenir.

I’m sure it will be a blast!

Goodbye My love

I met Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner while watching The Fast and The Furious. He was one of the reasons why I loved watching The Fast and The Furious series. I have save all the movies in my hard drive because there are times that I feel like watching it all over again. Paul Walker died recently and I am in shock, why do he has to leave so soon. I haven’t met him yet in real life. I do not know him personally but I adore him simply because I can see and feel that he is a good man. That even before he died, he was on his way or from a charity event to gather help for the Typhoon Yolanda victims.

Rest in Peace Paul Walker. A lot of people loves you and you will always be remembered.