Miss Earth Giveaway

My cousin, Gayle Suzette Yu, is Bohol’s representative for Miss Philippines Earth 2015. I love her so much and I am proud that she was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2015 – Bohol , last March at Island City Mall. I really want her to win this coming Miss Philippines Earth 2015 Coronation Night. I know that it is not easy to win that crown but I am praying and hoping that she will win and bring glory to my Mom’s home town Calape, and to the Bohol Province as a whole. I am asking you to support my cousin, I need you to like her photo for the Miss Photogenic Award and also to vote for her for The Face of Colour Collection award from Tupperware Brands PH. I am running a giveaway here in my blog to support my cousin. I am giving away a FASHION SWIMSUIT by Hans Coquilla worn once by my pretty cousin. missphilippines Requirements : Vote GAYLE YU for the Miss Philippines Earth Photogenic Award on Facebook :

  1. Like Miss Philippines Earth (official) fanpage on Facebook
  2. Go to the album Miss Philippines Earth Miss Photogenic
  3. Look for Gayle’s Photo (Calape, Bohol) and click LIKE.
  4. Share the photo to your friends.

Vote Gayle for the Miss Philippines Earth Online Photogenic Award on the Website :

  1. Go to http://www.missphilippines-earth.com/photogenic.php
  2. Look for Gayle’s photo under VISAYAS (Calape, Bohol).
  3. Click Like below Gayle’s Photo.

Vote Gayle to be the MPE Face of Colour Collection : (you cannot vote using mobile devices)

  1. Like Tupperware Brands Philippines page on Facebook
  2. Look for the app ‘Face of Colour Collection’
  3. Register
  4. Vote for Gayle Yu of Calape, Bohol (Page 7)
  5. You can vote 3 times a day and vote everyday!

Check out the rafflecopter for easier navigation! a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be adding prizes and more winners aside from the one who will receive the Fashion Swimsuit in the coming days, so stay tuned. Invite your friends to join, additional points will be given to those who can invite more people to like my cousin’s photo.

Preserving Mandarin Chinese Heritage in Young Children

Parents of Chinese descent living in America have a desire to see their culture and language preserved in the minds and education of their children. It isn’t always easy to keep children interested in or understanding of the language of their heritage when they’re surrounded at all times by English. Parents can certainly keep the Chinese language alive in their homes, but they may not have the time to make such studies as inclusive and valuable as a full immersion program.

At schools such as http://www.bambooshootseducation.com/, children from two to seven years of age are exposed to learning Mandarin Chinese in language classes as well as in all other school subjects. This keeps the study consistent as well as to easily provide them with Mandarin Chinese words in a variety of real-life situations. To ensure that the students don’t lose sight of the language of their current country, either, it is a dual immersion program, with English language lessons as well.

Students are provided with many important items to assist in study, including textbooks, workbooks, and materials created by teachers. The classes for the youngest age group, dubbed Little School, are heavily activity-based, while the Pre-K level begins to have actual, dual language classes as well as to study other subjects in Mandarin Chinese. This is expounded upon each year, through Second Grade. There are also after-school programs for children who already have a foundation in Mandarin Chinese, and an eight-week summer day camp with weekly themes.

Cool Beddings To Keep You Tuck At Night

Have you ever slept in the most comfortable bed? Can you still remember how the sheets felt against your skin? Is it soft, luxurious, inviting or all of the above? Whether one chooses a bed for warmth to hid from the howling cold winds or just loves a set of cool, breathable sheets as protection from the scorching summer sun, it goes to show that a perfect set of beddings are vital to get that restful night sleep.

Setting aside of what materials the beddings are made of, the way it looks or its design also plays a major role to your mood to sleeping. This is where creativity then, takes place to avoid that boring old sheet that, instead of getting you to sleep, would just add up to your stress giving you a hard time sleeping. With the numerous styles and designs of bedding sets from Bedding Australia from beformal store, you don’t need to look any further for there is always one for everyone that sets moods from emergence of vibrant colors down to fine color tones. Your bedroom is considered as one of the most private places in your home, defining it who you are through choosing the http://www.beformal.com.au/ keeps exactly that way, calling you at night for a good night sleep.

It is so hard for people with insomnia to sleep at night time or any time of the night because of their condition but I bet that they could go to sleep well when they have cool and great bedding at their disposal. Everyone should really invest on a bedding that would not only make their bedroom look conducive for sleeping but will also make them feel relaxed and have that perfect good night sleep that sometimes only infants would enjoy.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Sleep Comfortably in Amsterdam

There are many hotels in Amsterdam to choose from. You can enjoy staying in some beautiful and unique places in this area. If you browse around, you can find many good deals online. You can look at a travel website to compare hotels and prices until you find the right one for your stay.

Find Great Places to Stay
There are many different types of places to stay in Amsterdam. You can rent a house boat or enjoy a leisurely stay at a bed and breakfast. Some people enjoy renting apartment buildings in this area or staying in hostels. There are a variety of choices available whether you are looking for a five star hotel in the heart of the city or a small complex on the outskirts. You can choose a luxurious room or decide to save money and stay in a unique place for the length of your visit.

Types of Transportation
A travel website can help you figure out to get around. You can walk around to most places if you decide to stay in the middle of the city. Even if you stay on the outskirt, you can still rent a bike to get around easily. Public transportation is also available.

Things to Do
There are all sorts of exciting things to do in this area, and a good travel website can give you tips and advice on where to start your activities. You can visit one of the famous museums or gardens in this area. You can also enjoy concerts, art galleries, and shopping in the open-air markets. Amsterdam has all sorts of winding canals that you can gaze at or travel on. This scenic area is great for nature lovers and offers many modern attractions for those that enjoy indoor activities as well.

When you search for a hotel on a travel website, you can learn all about the city that you are thinking about visiting. You can choose the exact area you want to stay in before you reach your destination with the help of a good travel website. You can also plan out where you are going to eat or if you are going to be cooking meals in your room. You can plan on having a good time in this area and enjoy finding the best accommodations for your needs and budget.