Best Way to Use a Video Editor

Video Editor

How do you get the most out of a good video editor like the Movavi Video Editor? What’s the best way to use it so that you’re able to generate professional and high quality videos? If you have no prior experience it can be tough knowing where to start, and you may even find conflicting advice about the best way to use a video editor.

Before you begin, there are two things that you should ensure:

  1. Be familiar with the software. A good video editor is only going to be ‘good’ for you if you know how to use it and so before you start on any project you should spend a bit of time playing around and making sure that you know (at least roughly) how to use it and what it is capable of. Don’t be afraid to look up instructions on the internet if you need them.
  1. Plan your video. Once you have the source that you’re using, you need to plan out what sort of edits you intend to do. There’s no point loading it into the editor and starting to slice and splice it if you don’t know exactly what sort of end result you’re going for. If you plan your video out, you should know exactly which parts you want to edit, and exactly how you want to edit them.

Assuming you’ve already done both those things, you should already have a course of action laid out for you. The only thing left is to follow through on it.

While you do so, be sure to be open to maybe adjusting your plan as you go along. The plan that you’ve come up with is basically just a guide and an outline – it shouldn’t be set in stone. By allowing yourself a certain degree of flexibility, you’ll be open to options as and when they crop up throughout the editing process.

Before you finalize any change, be sure to preview it. Also, be sure to save multiple backups so that if you don’t like a change that you’ve made you can always load a save from before you made it and you won’t end up losing any progress.

Remember: Don’t rush – especially if you’re new to this. Although at times you may get impatient while using a video editor, it is always best to just take a step back, relax, and take your time. After all, the video isn’t going anywhere and so you should have ample time to slowly work your way through what needs to be done. If you rush, you could end up doing a slipshod job and that would be a lot worse since you’ll waste more time going back and trying to fix it.