Officially Engaged

Dear Omman,

You gave me more than what I have expected and more than I have asked for. I have no idea about the surprise you have prepared for me last night, you managed to do it even with your busy schedule. I am not disappointed with how it happened, in fact I am so surprised and happy, I do not know what to do and say. ( We should have a practice-proposal at least twice so we could have a perfect surprise-marriage proposal ). I know, this might be so cheesy it sucks, or people might think that I am a show-off, or that this is uber-PDA already, BUT I don’t care. I am happy and I want to show the world wide web that I am. I could be the best girlfriend or wife the world has to offer but I could be the worst too. And yet, you still chose to love me and to ask my hands for marriage. My Love, there is nothing I could ask for from God above, you are, indeed, the One that He has prepared for me. I love you more than you will ever know.