My Adventure as a Blogger over the Last Decade

I started blogging because of online giveaways. I didn’t blog for money, fame or because I want to share my daily life to other people. I blog because I needed to. There are a lot of online giveaways that gives out additional points if you can blog about their blogs. So basically, I am an online giveaway/online contests addict who wants to win and created a blog in order to earn more points, because more points means more chances of winning.

Then, I learned that I can earn and that I can connect with sponsors, companies and other websites who wants their products to be featured in different blogs, to be honestly reviewed by real people who blogs like me. So , I bought a domain of my own and hosted it through a friend.

I met a lot of friends online, I made friends with people who also blogs, who live far away from me and who shared their experiences on blogging and how to earn from it. From there, I made money in order to pay for my domain name and for my hosting and some I kept to pay for my wants.

I was at peak of writing, sharing away my journey, my every day struggle, my life, my everything in my blog. Showing who I really am. But eventually, writer’s block happens from time to time, I sometimes do not update my blog because I don’t know what to write anymore. That maybe sharing my life do not encourage readers, I need them to connect with me so I need to write something they really want to read.

As of now, I am trying to find my “WHY”, why I am into blogging, why I need to write my thoughts and share it to other people, why I should be writing in my blog.

I wish I could be like Jessica Strange how she realized that she is an INFLUENCER, because I still cannot see myself as an influencer and that I sometimes shy out from myself thinking that I am ahead of myself. I am ashamed of claiming that I am indeed a blogger and an influencer at the same time.

One thing is for sure though, I know I am authentic in what I wrote and that is why readers would read blogs of people who share their personal journey, their stories, their own life because the readers can connect with them. And I love how there are ways to empower bloggers and influencers nowadays. Back then, nobody cared about us, if there were, just a little percentage to the number of companies who wants to support bloggers and influencers from different walks of life and different regions of different countries.

I have been on hiatus for a year already and I guess it is now time to start all over again, writing my thoughts, my life, my journey in between, my love of life and how I deal with struggles in my everyday life. The pandemic may have taken its toll on me but I will not dwell on my failures instead I will continue to strive and do more because I know I can rise above my writer’s block.