Why It’s Worth It to Live in Banff

Banff National Park, straddling the line of Alberta and the USA border, is a park unlike any other.  This park has something for anyone less expensive than other parks while still delivering on views, activities, and people.  Living here is like taking a permanent vacation, and here’s why.

The Views

In Banff, you’re in a fishbowl of mountains.  This mountain range stretches on seemingly forever and cradles rivers and plains in their midst.  Because of this, regardless of the weather or season, the views are gorgeous.  Snowy peaks that slowly turn entire mountains white are so beautiful it’s like being surrounded by postcards at all times.

Many take up hiking in all seasons so that they can take in the beautiful surroundings without having to move as fast as skiing or snowboarding.

The Full Seasons

Many think that mountain cities only have one season: snow.  That’s not true!  In the summer, temperatures reach a warm 22°C (72°F), which makes outdoor sports more fun and hiking even more exciting.  Of course, winter hits hard with temperatures averaging around -30 °C (below -22 °F), but in between these two seasons, you get incredible weather.  The mountain trees turn shades of orange and red in fall, bringing through autumn views more beautiful than anywhere else, and in spring, as the ice and snow thaw out, lush green mountains are revealed underneath.

New Interesting People

Because Banff is a tourism town, you’re guaranteed to meet new and exciting people every day when looking at Banff homes for sale.  Without being as overwhelmingly commercial as most tourism areas, this national park offers visitors a touch of comfort and relaxation while giving residents the same thing year-round.  Tourists can be exciting and fun, and living in an area that gets a lot of them means that you’ll never grow bored of where you live!

Delicious Food

Good food is a must!  Banff has unique, delicious restaurants like The Bison Restaurant, which serves up delicious Canadian classics while keeping itself affordable.  There are a couple of chain restaurants for convenience and the comfort of recognizability. Still, the unique restaurants in the area are as exciting and memorable as those who live there.

Of Course, The Fun

You’ll never run out of things to do in Banff.  Although it’s a relatively small national park town, there’s no end to fun and excitement.  Of course, the area is famous for skiing and snowboarding.  Winter sports are a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some physical activity.  On the other hand, there are also spas and retreats for those who would instead pamper themselves than run themselves ragged on a mountain.