5 Years of being a Globe User and Counting!

I got my first cellphone when I was a freshman college student and I don’t care what service provider I used, back then. The important thing was I have a cellphone, I can text and I can call. But when I was in my senior years, I realized that I am not satisfied with the service that I am paying for so I SWITCHED.
I was a prepaid Globe user and I do register to Unli-call and Unli-text all the time because I need it. I need it because I came from the province of Bukidnon and our place is four hours away from my school and being home-sick kills me. I always call my parents and my siblings every time I got the chance to call and I always text my high school friends to check if they are on the city so we could get-together from time to time.

When I started my business 5 years ago, I realized that I need to have my own postpaid line with Globe because I need to connect with my customers and with my business partners.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE  because it was so easy to apply for a Postpaid Plan with them. Believe it or not, I have 2 personal lines, 5 plans under my business name, 1 unlisurf, 1 my family circle plan, and I am still planning to apply for a new line. I even convinced my relatives to apply for a Globe postpaid line because you get more than your money’s worth.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it brings me to my first Smart Phone, my iPhone 4S. I cannot afford to buy an iPhone and I am glad that Globe has made it possible for me to own one with their affordable postpaid plans. I didn’t regret making the switch 5 years ago.


I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because I am allowed to have another iPhone 4S postpaid line that I have given to my dear brother who wants to own one too. He was so thankful that I have applied for a postpaid plan for him alone, it is unli-call, unli-text and unli-surf so that he can enjoy using his smart phone.
I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because even though they provide priority numbers when paying for your Globe bill, you don’t have to wait that long. They have very efficient employees around the country. The first photo below is a Globe store located in Valencia Bukidnon, and the second photo is another Globe Store located in Lim Ket Kai, Cagayan de Oro. Of course you can pay your Globe bill through Bayad Centers and Bank transactions, and I can even auto-charge it with my credit card if I want to.
I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it paved the way to my LOVE for Apple products. If Globe didn’t approve my application for an iPhone 4S plan, I couldn’t appreciate Apple products because I have not tried using it.
33978_10151293846247499_1892445549_nI am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because they have made a BOLD MOVE in upgrading their network in the whole Philippines. Dropped calls were reduced, text messages arrived on time even during holidays, and internet is FASTER compared to other network service providers.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE because it doesn’t only connect me to my love-ones and friends but it allows me to connect with my readers and social network friends.

I am GLAD TO BE GLOBE and I have been for the past five years and I will be for the next coming years because NOTHING COMPARES TO GLOBE Services. They have stood by their promise, they connect people, they bridge communities, and yes they care for their subscribers.


18 thoughts on “5 Years of being a Globe User and Counting!

  1. I was with Globe for the past 9 years. Unfortunately, late last year I had problems with their service. I switched to a different provider. But, honestly, I want to bring back my Globe line now since according to them they already upgraded their system. I am more comfortable and at home with Globe.

  2. It used to be Smart during those years but i guess Globe already took over lately. As long as they have great service to the costumer than they will be in business for a long time.

  3. I was a Smart subscriber when I had my cell phone when I live in the Philippines 🙂 Now I am in Verizon 🙂 I am glad that you stay with the company that you like and their service as well
    🙂 Communication is very important especially having a business of your own 🙂

  4. I was a Globe subscriber too back in the Philippines and did like it. Yours sounds like an awesome deal. If you don’t mind, how much did it cost you? My mom and dad has Globe Connection for their landline and internet though, but not mobile.

  5. Yahoo! what a treat 🙂 you surely are fond of apple brand. They do have good phones and I love my iPhone4 so far, yours is better because its 4s.

  6. Iphone? I sure want it. I have two phones, one is smart and the other one is globe, i used globe to send sms to my boyfriend as it is cheaper and smart for my friends for most of my friends are smart user.. and yes, been smart user since i got my 1st phone, it the ex-bf who bought the sim card eh!

  7. I was Globe user when I was in the Philippines. I am not sure what my sister’s provider is right now. I may have to let her check out Globe and their postpaid plan for my parents.

  8. I am a globe user too since the time I started using a celphone. But to enjoy the perks, I only experienced it when I applied for a plan almost 2 yrs ago. 🙂 After July, I will be able to apply for a loyalty phone or have the rebates. But most of us here are going to upgrade so I am sure Id pick a phone. I still haven’t decided though what model should i get – Nokia or Samsung one.

  9. Thanks for the positive testimony. I’ll convinced my father to switch to Globe and apply for postpaid line . IT’s not for luxury but very important for the kind of career he is in now as supervising minister in our region.

  10. Globe provides better customer service. All our mobiles with unlisurf, unlicalls/txt are postpaid and we were recently awarded with mobile pocket wifi 645. My husband is already 10 years with globe and still loyal since globe has great rewards for loyal ones. I had smartbro 2 accounts b4 but i closed all of them & switched to globe because i had terrible experience with their customer service frontliners twice.

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