555 A Diocesan campaign to raise funds for the Diocesan Pastoral Center

555 A Diocesan campaign to raise funds for the Diocesan Pastoral Center

5 Million

10 Concerts

15 Levels of Giving,

5550 Magnanimous Donors.


Dear Parishioners,

Peace and Love in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastoral care is of utmost importance and priority. As such, our Diocese has made every effort to make pastoral services more available and within reach to all of you, my dear parishioners. It is for this reason that the Diocesan Pastoral Center (DPC) was built right at the heart of the Diocese and of Bukidnon, in Malaybalay City, beside the San Isidro Cathedral. The DPC holds the different offices of the diocesan commissions and committees, and all – lay, religious, and clergy alike – who are involved in these commissions and committees for easy coordination and collaboration.

This idea was conceived during the time of my predecessor, now bishop-emeritus Honesto C. Pacana, SJ, DD, and the construction started during his time as well. By the time I assumed office, the accounts payable already reached Php 22M. Thanks be to God, our many local donors (organizations, parishes, schools, and individual families) plus, when I went to Rome for the gathering of the new bishops, the Italian Bishops’ Conference, through the kindness of His Excellency Msgr. Giovanni Battista Gandolfo, President of the Comitato per gli Interventi Caritativi, contributed a lot to help defray the cost of the construction. However, upon the completion of the project, we are still left with accounts payable in the amount of Php 10M.

Given the importance of the Diocesan Pastoral Center and the outstanding accounts payable, I am knocking on your generous hearts to help us settle tese accounts ONCE AND FOR ALL.

This is our Pastoral Center. Our Catholic Pride. Our own.

In line with our vision as “One family of Basic Ecclesial Communities,” together, I believe we can do this!

“That God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ” (1 Pt 4:11)!

Cordially Yours in Christ the Good Shepherd,

Jose Araneta Cabantan, DD

Bishop of Malaybalay

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