555 thru 1 Bishop, 13 Priests, 5550 Donors

5 Million to raise

555 aims to raise 5 Million Pesos worth of donations, either in cash or pledge,to defray half of the remaining debt (10 Million pesos) accumulated through the construction of San Isidro Labrador Diocesan Pastoral Center in the Malaybalay City, the Seat of the Diocese of Malaybalay. The other half will be raised through the Concert Tour of Paring Bukidnon in Canada and USA.

10 Concerts

The amount will be raised through at least 10 concerts of 13 Paring Bukidnon and Bishop Jose A. Cabantan, DD himself scheduled in different parishes within the Diocese of Malaybalay. The concert series will serve also as preparation for their Concert Tour in Canada and USA.

15 Levels of Giving

The project encourages everyone to participate by offering 15 “Giving Levels” to choose from. (a.25,000 b.20,000 c.15,000 d.10,000 e.7,500 f.5,000 g.4,000 h.3,000 i.2,000 j.1,000 k.500 l.400 m.300 n.200 0.100)

5550 Magnanimous Donors

5550 generous donors will be tapped throughout the fundraising project; 555 in each concert. Donors can be individual or group.

Pledging period and Paying period

The night of each concert serves as launching of the pledging period which will last until August 31, 2012. The Month of August is the beginning of Paying Period and will end on December 31, 2012.

Distribution of Donation

The individual participating parishes will get 50% of their respective net collected pledges. The remaining 50% will be for the DPC. Moreover, if a concert raises a net amount of Php 1Million of collected pledges, the amount in excess of Php 1M will be shared by the participating parishes according to their percentage contribution to the total gross amount.

How to HELP

You can participate through any of the following ways:

  • AS DONOR – donating any of the amounts listed; or
  • AS SOLICITOR – soliciting donations from relatives and friends, or getting your family, clan, class, group of friends, BEC Cell, organization, or company to contribute to raise any of the amounts listed.

For more information

For further information, you may go to or contact the following offices:

  1. Diocesan Pastoral Center Office – San Isidro-Murillo Sts, Malaybalay City Contact Person – Mrs. Teresita Quijada (09052929105/0882212606)
  2. Bishop’s House Office – Mampaalong St, Malaybalay City                            Contact Person – Ms. Lizel Wabe (09158692424/0888131403)

Find them on Facebook – 555Malaybalay-Official

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