A Better Christmas for Everybody

I have seen this image many times already in Facebook because a lot of my online friends have shared it. I took a photo of it using my iPhone because I wanted to share the message to you my readers in case this photo have not reached you in your Facebook account.


After reading the message in the photo above, what are your thoughts? Will you do the things listed above? As for me, I WILL. Yes, my nephew’s wife knows how to bake cupcakes and chocolate moist cakes so this coming December instead of buying cakes in big bakeshops, I will order from my nephew’s wife for my son’s Christmas Party. And yes, I will continue buying the vegetable this certain Grandma who comes to our house everyday selling her fresh produce from her backyard. Moreover, I will buy most of the gifts that I need from a cousin who owns online shop.

Let us all be mindful of where our money goes, in this way, every body will have a better Christmas.

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