A Decent Post

I have been thinking about this blog of mine. Because it seems that I have not posted a blog entry which is more than 250 words. And people might think that I am just posting nonsense things here because I always make a blog entry which is all about me, my collection, my son, my relatives, my all, my etc. Well, as of now, I cannot think of a decent post for a certain topic that can tickle my readers mind. It is not a writer’s block because I am not a writer, sometimes a dozen of ideas came running into my mind but suddenly I have forgotten to write all about it. So here I am, writing nonsense again. I don’t know what my readers would like to read that is not all about me.

0 thoughts on “A Decent Post

  1. hahah yeah right 🙂 I guess so. ehehe

    but then again, it would be nice if I can share something different, like what I should be doing in my travel/fashion blog 😀 I should post more about my place and what to expect here. ahaha

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