A Few Tips on Decorating With Dust Ruffles

Make the most of your decorating ability by sprucing up any bed with a stylish dust ruffle. In addition to gracing beds, dust ruffles, also known as bed skirts, help prevent dust from collecting underneath them. They are essentially a fabric sheath that wraps around the box-spring mattress or bottom part of the bed. It has a frill or decorative appearance, and hangs loosely to the floor from all sides. Typically, it has an elastic, string-gathered or Velcro top border for a tailored fit around the box mattress. It is easier to position and remove a dust ruffle than a bed skirt since there is no need to lift the mattress in order to install it.

The sizes of bed skirts vary widely, ranging from crib to king mattress fittings. Coordinating them with sheets, pillows and comforters can complete the look of any bed and add a touch of glamour to the rest of the furnishings in any bedroom. One interior design trick is to choose a solid-colored fabric that picks up a tone in a printed bed topper and use it to fashion matching curtains, pillow shams and valances.

How can you decorate loft beds with a dust ruffle in small apartments or for the teenager in the house? Light, breathable fabrics work best, since loft beds are smaller, thinner and closer to the ceiling than traditional beds. Elegant cotton percale, sheer voile and cotton blends can provide beautiful, non-bulky cascade effects. By lengthening the pleated portion of dust ruffles to hang further from loft bed frame, you can fashion them to serve as ornamental cover-ups for shelves and other storage units under the beds. They are available in natural fabrics and cool colors to suit any taste, from embroidered dust ruffles to themed and ultra-modern ruffles.

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