A Flat Screen TV needs to be mounted

We are Television Viewers. We love TV, who doesn’t? My mom loves to watch her favorites shows in TV5 such as “Face to Face” and “Wil Time Big Time”, while my dads favorite channels are Discovery and National Discovery, I on the other hand loves AXN, GMA7 and ABS-CBN.

So we have 3 TVs in our home, one for my mom’s room, one for my dad and one for my room. We already bid goodbye to our old televisions because lightning struck them, all at once, what a bad luck. My dad bought this one:
And my brother helped him install the TV to his room, the sad thing is, he didn’t bought monitor mounts, which I believe, he really needs. Flat screen TVs should be wall mounted in order to save space and for the TV to be safe(we have children in the house, they might bump on the table and it might fall).

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