A Mother Like No Other

This is a Tribute to my Mom.
Ma, you are the best mother of the world for me.
Without you, I will not be who I am today.
Ma, I may have hurt you so many times,
But again you didnโ€™t give up on me.

You give up your dreams for us to be called a family.
You leave your princess-like life and you welcome your new life as a housewife.
Being a housewife and a full time mother to us you did without hesitation.
You clean the house, cook the food, prepare our things, do the laundry, and everything else.
Though we know it was hard for you, we didnโ€™t hear a thing or two from you.
You became our first teacher, our mother, our friend.
And up until now that we are old enough to fend on our own, you are still there for us.
Telling us to reach our dreams, to achieve our goals, to be who we want to be because you love us and you want us to be happy.

Thank you Ma, thank you so much for being the perfect mother the world could offer.

Started by Dindinโ€™s Mama

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  1. i also joined the said contest. one’s thing’s for sure, we’re all making our moms proud. visiting thru TBE and followed. ‘hope you’ll do the same:) thanks in advance!

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