A Romantic Night with David Pomeranz

David Pomeranz Philippine Tour 2013 hits Valencia City, Bukidnon and I am so thankful that BukidnonOnline.com gave me a VIP Ticket to the show. My ticket says that I am to be seated in Row A, seat 13 and I didn’t expect that I will get this lucky that I could almost touch David Pomeranz if I want to. I am just scared that he might ask me to sing with him and I’m gonna found myself in YouTube singing so out of tune with David Pomeranz (ROFL).

The show started at exactly 8:00 pm (glad me and my friends arrived just on time) with the performances from “Jazz Upbeat”. Watching these kids dance makes me remember my grade school and high school days. They are full of energy and big smiles.



When Giselle Sanchez made her way out to the stage, I was stunned. I mean, I know she’s not that ugly but I didn’t know she’s this beautiful. And as I quote her saying “Ako si Giselle Sanchez, ang babaeng pangit sa TV pero maganda sa personal(I am Giselle Sanchez, the woman who is ugly in TV but pretty in person)”.
Giselle Sanchez is a great comedian and a good singer! She gave us a lot of things to laugh about and she even invited people in to the stage for a more fun night. She taught us how to speak the French Language and called up on the stage Mr. Gamboa and taught him well. We were laughing our hearts out because Mr. Gamboa knows how to play the game too.
Miss Giselle Sanchez walk around the gym to look for another person who wants to join her in the stage. She asked two men but they declined it until Giselle saw Honorable Babba Garcia and ask him if he could join her on the stage for a song number. Honorable Babba Garcia was hesitant at first, but his wife convinced him. Giselle told us that Honorable Babba Garcia will do everything that she told him through a song of course. And I really thought Giselle would sing “Rolling in the deep” lucky for Honorable Babba Garcia, Giselle chose to sing “Put your head on my shoulder” by Paul Anka.
And it was a laugh trip to heaven because Giselle kept on bullying (not the bad way though) the 2 people who said “No deal” to her requests.
After the 2 minutes of fame for Honorable Babba Garcia, he and his wife laugh together watching the video of him with Miss Giselle on stage.
When DAVID POMERANZ (the International Balladeer) went out and sang “Got to Believe in Magic) I almost cried. I mean, I am not in-love and I am not brokenhearted either but I was overwhelm with his presence, singing LIVE in front of me with this amazing love songs that I grew up with. It was so PERFECT. The night, the moment, the concert!
He is a musician, an artist, and aside from the fact that he have a good voice, he knows how to play the guitar, piano and even beat the box that he was sitting on. Where can I find one like him these days? I can see in his eyes that he really want everybody to enjoy the night, and I can sense it that he is enjoying the show too. He told some jokes but the audience didn’t laugh maybe because they were also overwhelm with his presence.



Then David Pomeranz told us that he didn’t get a chance to attend his prom night, and I almost told him that I was not able to dance on a prom night too because our school don’t have a JS Prom. I really, really, really thought that he will ask me to dance with him (insert rolling eyes here) and then he asked Mrs Gamboa (this woman was sitting beside Mr Gamboa) to dance with him and even serenade her afterwards.
And before David Pomeranz could left, Mr Denver Pagonzaga (one of the sponsors I believe) gave him a big bouquet of flowers and it made David smile.
I think David Pomeranz sang more than 10 songs for almost two hours and it was all worth it!
Aside from David, for the first time, I finally met my long-lost fashionable blogging cousin Shugar and we were sitting almost beside each other! Once again Thank You BukidnonOnline.com for the tickets that made my night!
Autograph signing and picture taking was done right after the event. And of course, I will not let the night end without a picture with them.

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